KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 21


Hello guys…I am back. I know you all were waiting extremely sorry for that. So enough of my talking here we go.

Recap: Manan teasing each other and Cavya,Dhrulya, Sohaant and Aishmaan caught them.

Scene 1: In the hall
Manik: NO…….

Cabir: OMG…

Dhruv: Shit man…

Lights go off….Just then they see 2 faint figures with long hairs approaching them with the candle in their hands. Nandini saw that just too scream with excitement and happiness.

Nandini: OMG..OMG…look there. A witch or ghost or may be a vampire. OMG..I have never saw them in real life. I always used to wonder how do they look in real life. They look so cool…I can’t believe it. It’s like my dream come to true.

Seeing her going insane all turned their gaze following hers. Girls jumped with excitement while boys were giving are you serious + terrified look to each other and them of course.
Alya: Yes…Oh my gawd…They look so cool. I have been fantasizing about them since childhood.

Navya: Finally,our dream came true…Yaaayyyyy…

Soha: wait but what is it..A ghost or witch or a vampire. We need to confirm that.

Aisha: Oh yess…but how

While our genius Sparkling 6 were cracking the great puzzle. Boys were still not relieved from the shock of their reactions. Finally Dhruv managed to speak.

Dhruv: Till date I had a doubt that you all are mentally unstable or not but today your reactions cleared it.

Cabir: Exactly… I mean who dances and goes crazy seeing the ghosts.

Manik: If you girls don’t know then let me tell you…(emphasizing on the word) NORMAL GIRLS gets scared seeing them

Sid(says in disappointment): and runs towards the boys and hugs them for protection. But I can’t any of these possibilities.

Aryamann: Yeah..Better luck next time bro.

But their complaints are interrupted by Nandu while remaining were still trying to figure out how to identify them.

Nandini: Stop ok..I have told you beforehand only. We are not those timid and naive girls so shut up. And talking about getting scared, I know you all are scared. If you all want to you can come to us, we don’t mind. We are modern and open-minded you know.

Fab 5 whined at her comment but couldn’t argue back as were interrupted by Soha.

Soha: Oh..yes.. Finally, I got this. We can directly go and ask them.

Alya: No need of going to them. (pointing towards the 2 figures who were moving by now)They themselves are approaching us.

As they were close enough to be able to talk Aisha and Nandini goes insane joined by Soha and Alya and Navya

Soha: Hii..Can you please be kind enough to tell me who are you. As you know am not able to figure out looking at your dresses. As you have long hair like witches but don’t have either of log wicked nose or hat. Moreover, your magical broom is also missing. And vampires have long teeths which you don’t. And Ghosts have long nails, white-pale face, reversed legs but you have none…so

Nandini: Or you are another breed. Is there any other breed…?? Please speak nah..

Manik: First of all you shut up. So that he or she whatever it is can speak.

Nandini: Shut up. Oh..Now I got it why you don’t want to speak. You will ask for my blood or will bit me or something like that. Well..can you tell me how did you become a ghost??

Soha: By magic spells or some ghost bit you??

Alya: Do you brush or take bath..?? Most importantly where do you live??

Navya: What do you eat?? Can you all sleep or just wandering like owls??

Cabir: Oh yess..Navya will only ask questions about food. Always hungry girl who is never tired of eating and has appetite like elephant or probably more than it..Yupp..definitely more than that.

Dhruv: By the way, Why are you asking all this??

Sid: Do you all want to become like that??

Manik: actually don’t need to because you already are one..

Fab 5 chuckled while Sparkling 5 shot them a death glare while the 2 ghosts who were shocked till now starts laughing and removes their disguises and everyone is shocked to see them. Yes, it’s our mukbhi.

Mukti: See, Abhi I told you. You lose the bet. I told you that my friends won’t get scared instead will go crazy.

Abhi(raising his hands up as if accepting his defeat): I am sorry. I accept my defeat.

Sparkling 5 frowned as their dreams came crashing down while Fab 5 gave a loud snort similar to laugh.

Nandini: Stop laughing and Mukti tell me what the hell are you doing with him ??

Mukti: Actually what happened was….

Flashback starts

Abhi and Mukti were coming towards the house, of course on bike, racing and stopped the bike right in front of the gate. Actually, was stopped by Mukti.

Mukti: Wait,I have a plan in my mind. Let’s enter the house by jumping off the wall. It’s gonna be fun.

Abhi: Ok..But you know I have noticed one thing about you. That you all love are too adventurous and fond of thrill.

Mukti: Of course.

Both of them jumps off the wall.

Abhi(giving a devil smile): According to you, you all are brave right??

Mukti: Of course, any doubt??

Abhi: Then prove that. Then he shares his plan of scaring them in disguise of ghosts.

Mukti(laughs): I am telling you. You are gonna fail miserably as they won’t get scared but will jump in joy and excitement.

Abhi: Let’s see then.

Then both of them switches off the light and sneak into the house make them ghosts and appears in front of them with candle

Flashback Ends

Abhi: And you know the rest.

Manik: I told you all beforehand only there is nothing like ghosts and all.

Nandini: You better zip your mouth. I could see on your face during this drama. You were hell scared.

Manik: Oh please…Shut up.

Alya: Stop..can we eat please..I am starving.

Manan and Dhruv and Cavya: Me too

Aisha: Why the hell are you all hungry?

Dhruv: My dear friend you all went on date not us. But cavya why are you hungry?? You went to our favourite dhaba. You didn’t had food their.

Listening to this Cavya started laughing while others stared them completely perplexed.

Cabir: Okk..Okk.. Don’t stare us like that I will tell you what happened.

He narrates the full story and all laughs.

Nandini: Okk..then Mr. Chef(referring to Aryamann, Sid and Abhi and Cabir) you all make cake and set the table me and manik will go and get fresh.

Manik: Once again.
Dhruv: What?? Again..??

Manik(bits his tongue at late realization while daredevil game him I-am-gonna-smack-you look but soon covers it): Nothing..let’s go nandini.

Cabi and Dhruv finds something fishy while Alya,Navya and mukti too feels the same.

Cabir: Ahem Ahem Ahem Ahem(coughs to tease just to see 2 I-am-gonna-smack-you look )

All have dinner in the meantime cake is also ready. So seeing the cake Sparkling 6 just hop on it. There were 2 cakes forced by Dhrulya just to prove their point.

Soha:’s so yummy

Nandini: Fabulous.

Alya: Awesome.

Sid: (staring at the cake which was already half done)Guys, we need to jump just like hungry lion or else e won’t get anything.

Dhruv: then what are we waiting for??

All hop on cake. Stealing and snatching from other hands.

Sid: I don’t think you all are fitness freak,are you??

Mukti: What do you think??

Dhruv: I think you should control

Abhi: Or else you will become a fatso and no one will become your boyfriend.

Nadini: We don’t even need one. We all are their for each other that’s enough.

Aryamann: then why did you send them on date?

Nandini: That was only because I had pity on you guys and you all managed to impress me so..other than that forget it.

Fab 6 were disappointed but doesn’t show it.

Aryamann(changing the topic to cheer up): Guys, From tommorrow college starts. So,be ready. Don’t be late. We will pick you up.Alright??

Nandini: Cool

With this all bids adieu to each other and goes straight to their room and sleeps.

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Credit to: Diya

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