KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 20


Sorry for late update and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR VALUABLE COMMENTS. So guys as most of you wanted more manan scenes. So here you go and update full of Manan scenes and their cute,wild cat-dog fight. So enjoy the fun ride. Hope you like it. Here we go.

Recap: Unique date of Cavya, Mukbhi and Aishmann.

Scene 1: Manik and Nandini both of them comes back after taking the shower.

Both growls and frowns at each other.

Nandini: Now clean..Because of you we have to clean so much. Now see it’s too late.

Manik: Yeah..right..everything happens because of me. I am stinking because of me. Your friends are on date because of me.

Nandini(chucked): Of course. You were blabbering rubbish so to stop you I had to do it. And yes stay away from me.

Manik: You know what I have a very bad habit of doing the stuff first from which I have been forbid.

Saying this he comes close to her while Nandini moving backwards.

Nandini: Mr. Monkey stop..Idiot..dumbo..good-for-nothing…Stop

Manik: Someone told me that Nandini Murthy is strong and not scared of anyone.

Nandini: Whhhoooo t-t-tol-d-d you I-I-I am scared. I am not Scared.

Manik: I can see that.

Manik comes near her,holds her by her waist and hugs her and then kisses her cheek. Nandini is just left dumbstruck by his actions.

Manik: Now tell me how it feels to be a stinkard…??

Nandini: Seriously Mr. Manik Malhotra this actions doesn’t really transfers the smell. Now just shut up and start your work. You will clean the right side and I will clean left side. Don’t even dare to interfere in between.

Manik: I will try my best. You know I am obsessed with you that’s the only reason I….

Just then he looks at Nandini only to find a “What the hell look” on her face and was clearly expecting a grand explanation.

Manik: What?? I saying that because of dare game. I need think. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with a devil mind like you.

Nandini: At least now stop lying. Anyways, Nevermind.

Manik: Yeah….Clean..

Soon both of them got engrossed in cleaning and then started cooking.

Nandini: Okk..i will make biryani and you cut the palak… I hope you can as this is the easiest thing I can give you.

Manik: Okk fine.

Both of them started preparing the food. Nandini was facing quite hard times making the biryani but somehow she managed it. While manik didn’t even knew how to hold a knife. He tried but failed and cut his finger.

Manik: Ouuchh…aaahh..aah

Nandini: What happened….(seeing his finger) idiot..dumbo..if you didn’t knew how to do it then you should have told me na…

Manik: Stop scolding me and do the bandage.

Nandini: Oh yeah…come

Nandini didn’t even started doing the bandage and Manik was screaming.

Manik: Do it gently…..okay….have pity on me…I am not strong like you. Ahh it’s burning. Oh god…help me.

Nandini: Stop behaving like a child. Well….Someone told me that they are not at all scared of anything now see…

Manik: Huh…Stop okay.. You are telling as if you know and can do anything.

Nandini: Of course..I can. By the way I told you to cut the vegetable spinach not your hand.

Just then Nandini’s phone rings.??

Nandini: Hey..Aloo..What’s up?? What is taking you guys so long??

Alya: Sorry Nandu..As you can see I am late and I can’t make rotis so will you please make them. Don’t worry I will manage the cake.

Nandini: Okay FINE….only for you I will try. But I hope you know that I can’t make roti and stuff. I hate doing and touching that.
Alya: You are the best…I love you so much….You rock..

Nandini went to the kitchen and started preparing palak paneer. And after that she started to make the dough..not started but at least she was trying to

Nandini: Come on Nandu. You can do it. Nothing is impossible for you. Remember you are the Daredevil.

Nandini started and was facing really tough time and was cursing Alya for this.

Nandini: Aliy you are gonna pay for this. Just look at me I am looking(checks her out from top to bottom) trash instead of a rockstar.

Manik enters and is amazed to see nandini in such a state. She had made a bun and her face is covered with flour at parts in the process of adjusting her loose strands which were hanging out.
Manik immediately clicked a picture of her and was looking at her without even blinking his eyes. Finally made her rotis and felt him standing near him.

Nandini: Stop staring at me like that..You are looking like an idiot whose eyes might pop out anytime.

Manik: I wasn’t staring at you. I wa just wondering that if you love getting covered or your flour-make up so much then I would love to do that again.

Nandini: What?? What in the world?? I didn’t knew that getting bruise on your hand affects one’s brain.

Manik(Showing her picture): I think I love this picture. She is so cute na in this.

Nandini(shocked): What the hell?? Monster give it to me.

Manik: I don’t feel like doing that.

Nandini: Shut up..You sure you don’t wanna give it to me

Manik: I am always sure.

Nandini: Then let’s see.

Nandini starts grabbing the phone and manik as usual tries to put it away. Unknowingly all the flour was sticking it to him. Nandini sees him like that and immediately clicks a picture.

Nandini: Mr. Monkey I think you forgot that smells doesn’t transfer but flour definitely does.

Manik(check him): You….

And both of them starts running and the ball was now in Nandini’s hands. Throwing things at each other. But were interrupted by out Dhrulya.
Dhruv: What are you both doing??

Alya: You both were cooking or applying it yourself.

Manan were embarrassed at this. Just then Cavya, Aishmaan, Sohaant came.

Soha: Nandu I know you love holi but still it’s a week away.

Aisha: Exactly what so much craziness that you both were playing with flour.

Manik: Wo..Wo..

Cabir(teasing): Or something else was going on.

Manik(understanding):’s just that.

Just then Boomm………

Manik: NO…….

Cabir: OMG…

Dhruv: Shit man…


Credit to: Diya

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