KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 2 Part 2

Guys…Sorry for parts it’s all because of word limit.Or else it was all ep 2

Scene 1: Fab 6 chilling in cafeteria.
Cabir: Guys,I am getting bored.Let’s do something interesting..please…

Abhi:Hmm…Bro..I agree with you..I a’s like ages we haven’t done anything interesting.

Dhruv(gives him strong glares as if shocked): Seriously?? we just played a prank on couple people 4 hours back.

Aryamann: Dhruv,What is wrong with you bro?? It’s just 4 hrs. Why are you being so serious.Yes,Cabir I am in but what?

Sid (Seeing Cabir’s face with a wide grin on it): Bro,seems like something is cooking in your head..Share it with us…what is it..Manik What is wrong is with you Bro..Why are you so silent??

Cabir: wow..!! I am impressed. From when did you become smart?? I mean how did this miracle happen?? Yes,I do have a plan in my head.

Sid: From my childhood boy.It’s just that you didn’t notice and I am kinda modest so you know what I mean…

Abhi: Hey.Shut up,Cabir.Tell us what is it??

Cabir whispers something to them and after hearing that everyone burst out laughing.

Manik: Ok,then I am gonna execute the plan(winks) and leaves.

Sid: Ok.Guys,disperse.

Manik goes and bribes the peon and tells him to get the Principal’s office key. Then FAB 6 sneak into the principal’s office and gets the stamp on the white sheet as a proof of approved.The sheet has printed on it that the college is planning a small camping trip for all students except Seniors as they have to concentrate on studies and they will leave for the trip today by 6 pm sharp. All of them spread out in the college and pinned it on all the Notice boards secretly and waited for the fun to begun.

Dhruv(excited): Now let’s wait and watch.

Aryamann: guys, I am so excited.i just can’t control my laughter thinking about the consequences.

Cabir: Guys,I know I am superb.Thanks,no appreciation please.You know right.How much I hate it.

Sid: Ok. So now let’s wait.

The news spread like a fragrance.Freshers and all were very excited but Seniors were disappointed.Then manik got an Idea and went to the and said

Manik: Guys,this is injustice.You guys should protest.

Boy: Yes, we should. I will just go and meet the authorities.

Manik: No,No. You know what it’s too late see everybody is in preparation and it’s already late.I mean just check the time.It’s already 4:30 so there is no point.Do one thing gather some people and stop the bus from moving.

Boy: Seems like a plan.Manik smiles wickedly and leaves.

At 6 pm
All freshers had already reached the assigned place and were waiting.Authorities got to know about it but it was too late.They were trying to convince them and were facing a lot of difficulties. Just then the hear some noise and saw all the seniors rushing towards them protesting.There was a big chaos as none of them were willing to listen.

Between all that there was only one group who were laughing their heart out seeing all the mess. Of Course,it was our FAB 6.

Cabir: Seriously guys this was an epic.Amazing..Simply amazing.

Manik: I know right.

Sid: But bro.(to manik) your idea of protesting was amazing

Manik: I know.And Thank you so much.

They were talking and then Aryamann gets a message from his dad.He widens his eyes seeing it.All were perplexed seeing his expression.

Dhruv: Bro is everything alright.Anything serious.

Aryamann: Nothing much guys.Dad just messaged me that my cousin and her friends are coming from New York tomorrow and will stay with me until they get their accomodation ready which is our neighbours house.

Hearing this all gets excited : What..Girls…?? Wow..!!!

Aryamann: Guys,stop it. It’s my cousin.Don’t even dare to flirt with her.I have heard a lot from mom and dad that She and her friend are very short tempered and dangerous.And are called ‘Sparkling 6’. So please.

Cabir: Hey,It’s your cousin not ours.Anyways but the way you describe them;they looks pretty interesting.We have to meet them.

Precap: Pairs encounter each other.

Guys..!! hope you all like it.

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