KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 19


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Recap: Dhrulya,manan fight and Sohaant fun
Scene 1: Aishmann
Aisha and Aryamann reached the venue. While Aryamann treated her like Princess. Both were at the entrance. As soon as they entered there was a shower of rain on them.Aisha was dancing like a little girl.An when it stopped she looked for Aryamaan but to her surprise he was no where t be found.

Aisha: Aryamann..Where are you?? Listen,come out or else…..(she couldn’t complete the sentence)

She was happy as well as shocked seeing the arrangements and the stalls of her food items that too on a beach. She recalls the moments where they both were eating food with some chit chatting away from their groups. She had a wide grin on her face. The she went towards the place where there was pillars with bunch of beautiful bouquets giving accent of Royal. And then she heard the voice just behind her and turned to find Aryamann on his knees with one extended hand.

Aryamann: So princess of tonight. It will be my privilege if you allow me to guide you throughout this place holding your hand.

Aisha: Hmm…I am not sure..Let me think…Will you take care of me nicely..I am not suree..Haa.. idea let me ask nandini she will surely give some perfect idea.

Aryamann(shocked as hell at her reply): Are you serious…Drama Queen. Okay fine. Even I am not interested in holding the world’s most ugly girls hands. I will find another hand.

Aisha holds his hand and pulls him into a hug.

Aisha: Do not ever think of that. If you did I will kill you.

Aryamann: Why??

Aisha: Find it yourself. Wait I won’t kill you if I will murder then I will go to jail..No..No….Yes, I too will find someone to go on a date.

Aryamann: Trust me..I will surely cut your date’s throat.

Aisha: Why??

Aryamann: Did you tell me no..right?? Then why should I??

Aisha: No can we eat my favourite dishes…please…

Aryamann: Yes..but before that I need to tell you something. He too tells everything about the dare and Aisha appreciates it and then both enjoys it.

Scene 2: Mukbhi

Abhi takes Mukti to a race track.
Mukti: Are you serious? Is that the place where we are going to do our first date??

Abhi: Yupp…

Mukti: oh my gawd..(hugs him)Thank you so much man..You don’t know how much I was dying to race.

Abhi: Shall we??

Mukti: Are you sure you are gonna race with me?? Then get ready to lose.

Abhi: We will see.

Both of them settle on their bikes and begins to race. Both of them gave each other a wonderful competition. It would be a thrill to watch if they had an audience but unfortunately the didn’t. Finally,Mukti wins.

Mukti: See i told you….Don’t challenge me.. Always win. So Mr.Abhimanyu how it feels after tasting the defeat.

Abhi: Hmm..Impressive you are the first person to defeat me out of fab 6.

Mukti: I never thought i would say this to anyone. But you have definitely managed to impress me. Nandu was right.

Abhi: Well..I knew that. As i Know that Sparkling 6 are the weirdest girls I have ever seen. As the way nandu got impressed no girl does. In fact,they start hating that guy.

Mukti: Well..I agree that we are different from other girls. But you guys are not so bad. As nobody has ever managed to escape from our pranks or dare to play it upon us. You know what..i thought that you must be arranging all that boring cheesy date arrangements like flowers,romantic music and all that.

Abhi: As I told you before. I knew that if i would arrange that you will probably run away. So…here you go. Well..there’s one more thing. I know you love hip hop dance and so wanna dance.

Mukti: Sure..But thought that people prefer couple dance on date.

Abhi: So do you wanna do couple dance??

Mukti: No way..thank god. You didn’t ask for it. Let’s rock and roll.

Both of them dance and enjoy together.

Mukti: Do our date has something called food..

Abhi: Of course. Let’s go…

Mukti(seeing the food): How do you know that I like authentic Indian food??

Abhi: I have my own sources.

Mukti: let’s go….I wanna see my Sparkling 5 so badly..i missed them. It’s been so long talked to them. You know we never went to one place at all. It’s always all of us or none.

Abhi: Really..It’s only 4:30 hr Mukti..Ok..let’s go.

Scene 3: Cavya
Cabir and Navya went to a dhaba which right in the middle of the deserted jungle.

Navya: Seriously Cabir..Is this the place where one come on their first date.

Cabir: Oh hello..don’t underestimate this place. This serves the best food ever. And you are talking as if you were really eager to come on this date. If I am not wrong you came here forcefully.

Navya: Shut up Okay….I just came here for Nandu. I don’t like to bring her judgement down. Anyways,let’s see if we can enjoy. I bet we won’t.

Cabir: I know okay…you are not at all interested in date. You just want tasty food that’s why I brought you here.

Navya: I like frank people.

Cabir: Did I tell you that you are looking gorgeous?? But why are you so dressed up when were….(oops interrupted)

Navya: I just did this stuff for Alya and Nandini. I didn’t wanted to break their heart.

Cabir: You really love them don’t you.

Navya: Of course,I do. In fact, everybody does. Even you love your friends.

Cabir: Of course I do. But tell me doesn’t New york residents have manners to compliment when someone is looking so hot and handsome and sitting right in front of you.

Man: Can you place your order mam and sir??

Navya: I will take dahi puri, pani puri,chhole bhature, Lassi, Jalebi, Papdi chaat, veg.biryani samosa and yes of course some Manchow soup.

Cabir(shocked): I will just take some noodles and fried rice.

Navya: What? Don’t stare me like that?? You only told that I came here for eating right..

Cabir: You know there is thing called fitness and health and most importantly dieting which most of the girls do.

Navya: I haven’t done dieting in my life. In fact,none of the Sparkling 6 did.

Cabir: Are you sure??

Navya: Yup…And What were you saying? You and handsome?? Just see your gorilla face in the mirror once.

Cabir: Ohh please..(pointing towards girl) see how she is staring at me continuously. Wait I will impress her by my charms.

Cabir goes towards the girl and says

Cabir: Hii, Cabir. I am sure you know me. Fab 6..I am member in it?

Girl: Hello..Who are you..

Cabir: But you were staring at me.

Girl: I wasn’t staring at you I was just seeing the dress and hairstyle of the girl with you. Just see yourself in mirror. You look like a fool.

Cabir was shocked and Navya was laughing her heart out. At that time the girl’s dad and brother comes and misunderstands that cabir was harassing her and The girl was pointing at navya and the also thought that Navya was with him. Dad approaches the Navya

Dad: Don’t you have shame. A boy is harassing the girl and you are laughing.

Navya: No..Actually

Brother: Shut up.

Cabir tries to interrupt but they slap him while Cabir punches him. Seeing that man more man came and Caya decides to escape. Both of them starts running holding their hands. A man comes towards cabir he punches it. Navya sprays the Chilly spray. She even sometimes scratches them with nails. Somehow both of them manages to escape and lands up in their car and drives off like a missile. Both reaches a safe place and stops. Both of them look at each other trying to figure out what just happened and soon both of burst out laughing.

Cabir: What was that??

Navya: I don’t know. But whatever it was it made my first date memorable and epic. All thanks to you. No actually thanks to your idiotic face.

Cabir makes faces while Navya laughs and pulls his cheeks and soon both drive off to home.

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Credit to: Diya

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