KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 18


Recap: Aishmann, Cavya, Mukbhi and Sohaant went on a date and Dhrulya and Manan to cook food.

Scene 1: Kitchen
Dhrulya went out to get the necessary ingredients for the cake. While Manan was alone in the entire mansion. Both were staring at the vegetables.

Nandini: Hey good-for-nothing do you know how to cut vegetables??

Manik: What did you just called me good-for-nothing,right?? How am i supposed to know anything?? Even if I knew then I wouldn’t help you.

Nandini: for your kind information Mr.monkey you too are going to eat with me, that too the same dinner so it’s not for me it’s for you.

Manik: Whatever..Ms.mice

Nandini: dare you call me that..

Manik(extending his tongue out and then pointing towards it): With the help of this. And talking about dare..the same way you called me Mr.Good-for-nothing and Mr.Monkey

Nandini(growled): You idiot…

As soon as she completed this sentence she picked up the potato and threw at him. Manik got angry at this and threw the bottle guard at her. Nandu threw tomato at him which sprinkled some water at him due to pressure. Manik then saw knife and picked it up.

Manik: I swear I will kill you with this.

Nandini: Mr.dumbo you seriously think that I will get afraid with your childish thrills. First of all,you don’t have that much of guts. Secondly,I save myself from you. I am very well aware how to protect myself. Thirdly, If you will do this then you will only be booked under cold-blooded murder. So think wisely.

Manik was shocked by her argument. Instead of getting scared she insulting him and was popping offensive arguments..What a girl??

Manik: What kind of girl you are?? Instead of getting scared and pleading me you are insulting me. Like are you for real??

Nandini(acts): OMG..OMG.. Please don’t kill me…I am so scared..Take whatever you want…But please spare me…..(she said in her style)Were you expecting this from me.Seriously…You know that’s why I am called (quotting by her hands) Daredevil.

Manik: I always thought that you are different from other girls..Today i figured out Why..? It is because you are mentally unstable..You need guidance…

Nandini frowned at his latest statement and then her eyes fell at the eggs and she immediately took one and bashed him with it picking one after one another till it got finished. Thankfully,there were only 5. Manik lost his control and immediately took the bowl of flour and poured on her. But still it wasn’t equal after all flour was nothing compared to annoying sticky eggs which was all over him. So he took some oil and drenched her with it.

Nandini: Are you crazy…..Now you only are gonna clean this mess

Manik: No way…it’s you started it……

Nandini: We both will….is that okay??

Manik: Perfect.

Saying this both of them went towards their room and took a shower to clean themselves.

Scene 2: Sohaant

Soha: Sid,why have you blindfolded me??

Sid: Will you shut up..?? You have asked it for a zillionth time now.

Soha: Hey..Don’t lie okay..I don’t speak too much. An even if I spoke at least zillionth time then I would have been tired and slept until now…but see I am here all awake fresh. Ad Moreover, you haven’t even answered my question once.

Sid: Sorry…I am extremely sorry..Not zillionth time..In fact,you haven’t said anything since we left. You are so quiet. It’s me who’s blabbering rubbish things.

Soha: Finally, You understand. I told you na be with me. I will transform you from a dumbo to a intellectual person like me.

Sid: You know what your friends have given you a correct name.”Drama Queen” cause that’s what you are.

Soha: Well..Thanks for the compliment..But tell something new as I already know that.(giggles)

Sid: Hmm…so finally,we reached.

He takes Soha out and leads her to the way of destination. And then finally opens her blindfold.

Soha(pleased): god..that’s so beautiful decoration.That so sweet of you,Sid.

Sid: Thank you so much for the compliment young lady.

Soha(making a cute pout face): I am not a lady..I am a girl. Can’t you see i am still so small,innocent.

Sid: No..I can see a horrible,scary witch..who is read to gnaw me.

Soha: What??

She starts chasing him and he runs and then after a while both of them lay down on the grass holding hands.

Soha: You know this is the most memorable evening of my life.. No no not first second.

Sid: Why?? Second…Have you went on a date before.

Soha: Nope..It’s my first one but second because my evening becomes special when I am with my Sparkling 6. I am always protected around them. No worries…Nothing

Sid: Oh yeah…They are most important.. What I am to you..nothing right??

Soha: No…It’s not like that. You too have a special place in my life.

Sid: What place??

Soha: That’s your responsibility to crack it.

Sid: Hmm.. interesting..I will find it out soon..Just wait and watch. I need to tell you something important. That this date is not arranged by my will..I mean I wanted to go on a date with you and the he tells everything.

Soha: It’s okay…But i like that you confessed everything. Now can we eat please.

Sid: Sure…..

Scene 3: Dhrulya
Dhruv and Alya were sitting in the car but their was silence as they never talked to each other except for yelling and shouting at each other. So to avoid it Alya starts the songs but Dhruv changes it.

Dhruv: I don’t like that song. Change that.

Alya: Excuse me..Who are you to order me?? I have given that right only to my friends and you are not one of them so please shut up.

Dhruv: Excuse me…Nobody has never ever talked to me like that. So mind it.

Alya(she again changes to old song): Same here.

Dhruv(he too again changes to old song): For your kind information it’s my car.

Alya: So…..Should I bow my head to down.

Dhruv: I don’t mind.

Alya: Shut up..

Then both of them enters the stop. And starts searching for the ingredients. And then both of them clashes at the choice of chocolate.

Alya: Dhruv,we need semi-shredded chocolate.

Dhruv: No we need solid chocolate plate.

Alya: Dhruv,what did you said that you are far far away from cooking..So please shut up..\

Dhruv: So are you…okk so you shut up..

Both of them get engage in their cat and dog fight. All the customers stares at them amusingly.

Uncle: Boy…Girl friends or wives are always right…listen to them..I am experienced..

Alya: See….even he is agreeing so shut up..

Dhruv: Ok…so let’s do one thing take both of them and we will see who makes better.

Alya: Okk fine….

Shopkeeper: You know what you both look too cute together especially while fighting. Always stay like this. Your argument shows your fondness rather love for each other.

Both of them look at each other.

Dhulya(together): Love that too with you……never..ever in my life.

Alya: Good….you said that.

Dhruv: I am not crazy to fall in love with a mental like you. I am not unstable.

Alya: You

She took the pastry and smeared it on his face dhruv too reciprocated. Seeing their fight shopkeeper threw them out with their stuff. Both of them came out sat inside the car and recalls their first meet and burst out laughing.

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Credit to: Diya

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