KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 16


Recap: Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 fun movie ride. Cabir tensed to complete his dare.

Scene 1: Cabir’s room
Cabir was walking back and forth in his room tensed and was sweating. Suddenly got an idea and called a meeting of Fab 6. All came

Abhi: What happened bro…Why this urgent meeting.?

Dhruv: Is everything Okay….???

Cabir: No..Nothing is okay..Remember about the dare…How are we gonna complete that?? Navya will kill me if I will ask her.

Abhi(too get tensed): Ohh…damn…I forget….Mukti too will kill me..if I will ask her directly.

Manik and Dhruv were enjoying seeing them in this condition

Manik: Dhruv let’s go…This is your problem not us…

Dhruv agrees while fab 4 whins.

Cabir: You both are such a sadist.

Abhi: traitors….We both are really pissed off and you bith are enjoying. We too will enjoy at your expense one day.

Dhruv: we told you to make a bet….No right…..

Manik and Dhruv leaves while Cabir and Abhi tensed notices Aryamann and sid calm with a grin on their face.

Cabir: What;s up guys? You both are so relaxed. Don’t you have any tension.

Sid: No bro….Getting Soha and Aisha’s consent won’t be difficult for us.

While Cabir and Abhi grew suspicious and look at each other but jerks their thoughts but after so much of brainstorming both of them build up some courage and decided to ask them directly. Both of them went downstairs and saw their phones. And immediately thought of something.

Scene 2: Sohaant and Aishmaan ha decided to meet up in the lawn.
Sid(stammering): Soha wooo…I..II….waaaa…..

Soha: What…speak it clearly

Sid(closes his eyes): Can you come with me for a Date??

Soha was shocked as well as ecstatic hearing this. She immediately nods and hugs him. Aishmann who were beside them were smiling at them. Aisha with a surprised face turned toward Aryamann just to find him on his knees

Aryamann: Miss. Aisha Kapoor can I have a honour of going on a date with you??

Aisha who was on cloud 9 now immediately nods. Aryamann too was super happy in this excitement he kissed her on her cheeks and traps her into his hug.

Scene 3: In the hall.
Cabir and Abhi saw their phones. They got a plan and took their phone and deleted their pictures of make up. Then placed it in the position as it was. Navya and Mukti came and saw them.

Navya: Hii Abhi….Hii…Cabir

Mukti: Hii Cabir…Hii Abhi

Cabir and Abhi surprised by their greetings understood that they are and without wasting any time grabbed the opportunity ask them out.

Cabir and Abhi: Will you both come out for a dinner with us.

Navya: Are you both indirectly asking us to go on a date with you.

Cabir: yes…Navya with me and Mukti with Abhi.

Mukti: Are you out of your mind…

Abhi: Listen or else I will post your this(showing them their beard faces) pics.
Navya: Oh really..then we too have your pictures…

Checks in their phone but is surprised to find nothing.

Mukti: You… deleted the pictures. Ok..fine do what you want… I don’t give a damn.

Navya pokes to Mukti as they still had some fear so Mukti got a plan and tells

Mukti: Ok…Since you have had a lot of courage to ask us out we will come but you have to get the consent of Nandini…

Cabir and Abhi who were happy listening their Yes soon got their world and hopes crashing down listening to Navya.

Navya(beamed listening to Mukti): But let me tell you that she is the the most overprotective friend you have ever seen. For instance, she has punched actually beated all of the guys who have asked us out and she found them some random guy tried to touch Soha making her uncomfortable Nandu literally ripped him off.

Cabir and Abhi got tensed.

Scene 3: In the hall
Just then all the couples joined them. Cabir and Abhi gulps down their their throats seeing Nandini and moves towards her. Both of them holds either of her hands.

Abhi: Would you allow me and Cabir to take Mukti and Navya on a date?

Nandini: Why do you think I will do that?

Cabir: Because we are handsome, famous, friendly,trustworthy

Nandini: Even Navya and Mukti are beautiful,famous,friendly and talking about trust even dogs are trustworthy. In fact, they are most trustworthy animal alive. So I should send them with dogs instead of you. And trust me on this they won’t have any objection as they love dogs.

Sparkling 5 and fab 4 burst out laughing listening her offensive argument.

Nandini: You both need to prove that you are appropriate choice for my sissyy.. In short, prove your talent to impress me. And when I say Impress me I really mean it.

Cabir and Abhi got tensed listening to it as they knew it will be really difficult to impress her. Cabir hit with a plan.

Cabir; We can do anything,Right??

Nandini: Yupp.

Cabir tells Abhi something and both of them goes somewhere and comes after sometime.
Cabir: Are you sure You want me to do this??

Nandini: Go ahead.

Abhi: As you wish.

Abhi keeps a mouse on Nandini’s leg. While nandini shouts seeing this and climbs on a couch And starts jumping.

Nandini: shoo….sho….shoo…what are you both staring at me..take this …

Cabir: Then first five your consent…

Nandini: You…

Abhi: Think before you speak….We can even take this and put this on your couch

Nandini: No…no…please…I agree take them…. But please take this away

Cabir and Abhi gives hi-fi while Navya and Mukti frowns. They finally take the mouse and nandini breathes heavily.

Nandini: Well…i know it’s cheating but i am impressed as nobody thought of it before.

Sparkling 5 gave nandini a frown while ABhi and Cabir shows their triumphant grin to Fab 4

Navya: But that’s cheating..

Abhi: You just said bring Nandini’s yes..How that was on us….

Mukti: We said that cause we thought she will never say yes

Cabir: Hey..No you can’t back off just stick by your words.

Navya and Mukti: Okay fine

Credit to: Diya

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