KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 15


Recap: Abhi to take Mukti, Aryamann to convince Aisha ,Sid to approach Soha ,Cabir to convince Navya for a ROMANTIC DATE. As they have lost the bet with Manik and Dhruv

Scene 1: Theatre

All get into the mall and head directly towards the Box Office.

Aryamann: So our dearest Sparkling 6 what movie you wanna watch??

Aisha: We watch all kind of movie so anything will go.

Aryamann: No generally…like what is your favourite genre.

Nandini: We all love to watch Horror and Action movies…but sometimes comedy is also fine.

Abhi: Seriously is this the kind of movie you all watch. I thought you must be watching Romantic and tragedy Movies like twilight and titanic.

Mukti: See…we told you na..We are different we have a good taste of movies. Usually our passion are like boys I know it’s weird but it is what it is.

Alya: So tell me one thing since the great Fab 6 has some passion of girls. So do you guys watch romantic and Tragedy movies?? I am damn sure you all must be watching that.

Sparkling 6 burst out laughing at Alya’s hilarious comment while fab 6 frowned and gave them death glare.

Cabir: Oh please Shut up Okay…It’s nothing like that. We so watch Horror movies but less.

Nandini: Okk then it’s final we will watch Horror + action movie.

Sparkling 5 (in unison): No

FAB 6(in unison): No

Nandini: I really don’t care what you all want but we will watch Horror + action movie and that’s final.

Manik: Look who’s talking. You want to watch a horror movie when you are scared of a tiny mouse. Funny…

Nandini: At least I accept that I am scared of mouse unlike you. Haaa….Now I know why you don’t watch horror movie as you are afraid of darkness and ghost right…loser. (whispers in his ears)After all my dare us left. I dare you.

Manik(gulps): Don’t dare me….I can watch.

Nandini: Then let’s watch. And remember last time I compromised with your taste at Panipuri stall so it’s your payback time.

Manik: Okay fine…Go ahead..

All head in the hall. They too seat in the pairs like manan beside each other followed by Mukbhi,Dhrulya,Sohaant and then Aishmann.

Dhruv(poking to Alya): Hey, Why were you protesting when nandini said of Horror + Action movie??

Alya: Actually we all get so engrossed in the film like the things projected in film is happening with us in real and then we react. Even we don’t know what we do.

Alya said it so loudly that all of Sparkling 6 and fab 6 could hear that. And Sparkling 5 gave her a frown for revealing their weakness. Alya realizing what she did make puppy face which was pleading for forgiveness.

Aisha(whispers to Aryamann): Why don’t you guys like Horror+Action movie??

Aryamann: Actually we all are scared of ghosts and vampires and stuff

Aisha: Really…I am pleased that you confessed it to me instead of some fake excuse due to ego problem.

Aisha tells it to Mukti then Mukti to Alya and so on..Soon Sparkling 6 get to know that. And all of them give a satisfied sigh as the score was settled now.

Movie starts and then from there starts the fun ride of 2 long hours of Sparkling 6 and fab 6.

When the ghost came to attack the protagonists our hero and heroines would react like

Nandini and Navya(screaming loudly and their voice was echoed in the entire hall): Hey you idiot dumbo…Turn around look the ghost is attacking you…hey turn …

Soha And Aisha: Hey you fool attack….attack like this and they would start kicking and moving their hand and do some karate moves.. In fact start hitting the person next to it.

Mukti and Alya(folding their hands): Ohh God..please save him..or please send someone in the nick of time…Please turn…please……

While our Fab 6 were just staring them in shock and hiding their faces with hands just to avoid the consequence. Sid tried to calm Soha and got 3 slaps and 1 punch.

When Ghost showed his real face

Sparkling 6 goes: Get out of my face.You son of trash..Ugly b*t*h

Fab 6 used to hide their face and hold each other

When Hero would overpower the ghost or was about to kill him

Nandini: Yeahh…Very good That’s like my boy

Soha: I love you…I am proud of you

Navya: Yes very good..complete that verse fast

Alya: OmG OMG……Very good

Mukti: Yes come on come on..You can do it…

Aisha: Yeah….faster..faster…Yes yes yuppie

Fab 6 will just close their eyes…

Seeing them all began to shout

Boy: Hey you dumb people…sit down let us see

Girl: Hey are you crazy??

But our Sparkling 6 doesn’t like when someone disturbs them so they got really angry and when they get angry they are uncontrollably hazardous. Mukti went all the way up near the girl and pour the drink in the can on her.

Mukti: This will teach you A lesson that never disturb anyone while watching movie.

Girl too got angry and threw drink in her dress.Sparkling 6 and Fab 6 join her and soon there was a great havoc. Luckily,The film was already finished. The security guards came but Navya threw chilli spray on them and all of them escape grabbing the opportunity. The security chase them but they escaped. They got in to the car and drove to restaurant and then home.

Scene 2: Home

Cabir: You dumbos because of you we were in great trouble.

Aisha: Don’t forget that if we got you in trouble then we only got you out of it so shut up

Sid: Tell me one thing..Are you all crazy..I mean who would react like that while watching a film

Navya: At least we were enjoying rather than getting scared and hiding their faces and closing their eyes.

Abhi: Shut up okay….Anyways Good night..

Mukti: Fine….Good night.

Fab 6 got into their room while Sparkling 6 still was in the hall.

Navya: Good night..Your night will be good but I will make sure that your meningitis won’t be.

Soha: What are you conspiring??

Navya whispers something and listening to it all laughs and have a wide grin on their face.

Scene 3: Morning

Nandini went into Manik’s room, Navya to Cabir’s, Alya to Dhruv, Mukti to Abhi’s, Aisha to Aryamann and Soha to Sid. All went and did the boys make up like lipstick,nail paint and all that stuff carefully making sure that they don’t disturb their sleep and went back to their room and slept. And making sure that they look like a girl and clicks their pictures

After sometime Manik went into Nandini room and same followed by everyone. Manik and all were staring them lovingly seeing them sleeping peacefully looking like just an angel. They jerks their thoughts thinking that they are not at all angel when they wake up. It would be worse if they found them there. So they completed their work that is to make moustache and beard on their faces.

Scene 4: In the hall

All wakes up and goes straight to the kitchen as they have the habit of drinking bournvita first then brush just like small kids. Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 see each other and bust out laughing.

Manik: Buddies..What happened to all of you??

Cabir: What happened to me…What happened to all? All of you are looking so funny.

Mukti: Girls are you ok….What have you done??

Navya: Are you all ok….What is all this??

Just then they see each other and laughs loudly…

Nandini: Guys…look at them they are so funny

Dhruv: First look at you

Mukti: First look at you..You should change your name to Dhruvini…hehehee…lol

Dhruv gets angry listening at this and immediately goes and brings the mirror and immediately shows it to them.Girls look at at them in astonishment and they too do the same. All laughs loudly and clicks selfies with this new avatar. And goes to their respective room to freshen up. While going Manik and cabir collides

Cabir: Bro careful

Manik: Don’t worry about me…You better be careful

Cabir: Meaning

Manik: You forget about the bet….

Cabir gets tensed listening to it and starts sweating while Manik leaves with a smirk….


Credit to: Diya

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