KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 14


I know you all are feeling like to kill me but I am sorry. I was extremely sorry. I kno all want to see their romance I promise it will come But have some patience. My characters nature doesn’t allo them to fall in love so easily. They strong-headed,clear, brave and confident unlike other girls. Moreover, My ff name is KYY:THE MODERN LOVE STORY FULL OF MADNESS so I need to do justice with it. So I request all of you to have some patience and enjoy. So guys,here is the next episode.

Recap: Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 decide to play prank on each other besides their friendship and it is made official by a group hug.

Scene 1: Dining hall

They broke the hug.

Aryamann: Guys,Can we eat the real lunch now. I am dying. But what will we eat now.

Navya: Hey dumbo…Just call Dominos pizza and order Pizza. And make sure that you order a double cheese margherita pizza.

Aisha: And a choco lava cake.

Cabir: Eww…Choco lava cake… It’s disgusting..It’s better I will make a chocolate cake.

Navya: Oh..Please..Eating a chocolate baked by you it’s better that I leave it. And First of all, Do you even know cooking.

Dhruv: Don’t underestimate Fab 6 Navya…All of us are passionate for cooking unlike other boys.

Soha: Wow…impressive. Even we don’t how to cook.

Alya: But tell me one thing do you guys do only girls stuff or any boy things too.

Abhi: Hello….we can do everything..At least we are all rounder unlike you who cannot do even girls stuff then boys forget it.

Mukti: Excuse me…What is this girl’s stuff. Even we can cook if we want to bu twe don’t like it so we don’t know. And stop talking like 1960s. This is girl’s thing and that boys.. And talking about boys stuff. We can do everything that boys do. We fact Sparkling 6 has a collection of cars and bike as we are passionate.

Nandini: Looks like we are going to have another challenge to complete.

While they were discussing Manik drags Nandini out of the hall and takes her to his room.

Nandini: What the hell is wrong with you..??? What do you think you are doing??
Manik: Will you just shut up and let me speak.I just wanted to clarify that between these group pranks and dares we won’t forget our dare challenge.

Nandini: I know…, And for your kind information you lost the dare. So now it’s my turn. I will give it. And trust me you will regret playing challenge game with me.

Manik: We will see. You really don’t look dumb but acting like it. You really think there is something which I can’t do.

Nandini: I will get your nerves…Wait and watch.

Saying this she gets out of the room while Manik is thinking.

Manik: Pretty interesting. I am enjoying this game now. You won’t get mine but surely I will catch hold of yours. Even if you get mine I don’t care as soon as you are with me. Wai..Wait What are you even thinking manik…..Shut your mind and go downstairs.

Scene 2: Drawing room

Dhruv: So guys go get ready we are going to hang out.

Navya: Okk…Byee…..See you later

At 5:30 pm

Sparkling 6 were already there..All had decided to wear short jumpsuits with black color in it. While our Fab 6 had decided to wear Black T’s with their Fab 6 band. Sparkling 6 were losing their patience.

Alya: They don’t have any the thing called punctuality or what.

Mukti: I know yaar…We are waiting for so long.

Nandini: They even don’t have any manners.

Soha: I know they don’t even know that keeping the girls waiting is being ill-mannered……that too Sparkling 6….

Aisha: I agree…I swear I am not gonna leave them just let them come in front of me.

Just then our Fab 6 arrives with their signature cool dude attitude. They thought that the girls will get mesmerise seeing them. They were talking while descending the stairs.

Abhi: Come on guys…..Just look at them they are staring at us…I told you all right..

Dhruv: Come on..Don’t act so desperate. I have learn one thing until no that they all are crack. They don’t react like normal girls. They all are big bizzare.

Cabir: Dhruv.Stop being a spoil sport. I am telling you they are impressed by our charms. Let’s have a bet.

Manik and Dhruv: Okk..But you are gonna lose.

Abhi,Aryamann,Sid,Cabir: We will see.

Manik: Okk but if you all lose you all have to do this

He whispers something. Abhi,Aryamann,Sid,Cabir gets shock listening to it but nods as they are confident actually over-confident. Actually Sid and Aryamann were super happy listening to it but keeps their emotions in check.

They reached and were expecting to get compliments. But to their surprise they got something unexpected.

Nandini: Don’t you guys have manners. blo*dy ill-mannered people

Listening to this Manik and Dhruv burst out laughing while Abhi,Aryamann,Sid,Cabir were in shock.

Sid: But what did we do??

Navya(making a face like they have committed a serious crime): Seriously, you are asking us what did we do/ You don’t even realize that you came late.

Alya: I guess you have not even know the meaning of punctuality. And talking about Manners just forget that. Don’t strain your tiny brains you won’t understand let me tell you. Don’t you know that keeping girls waiting is considered as ill-manner.

Cabir: How come we are late?? We are on correct time see.

Navya: I told you beforehand only please get yourself checked. You seriously need the guidance of eye-specialists. We all are waiting for you idiots from past 8 min. You all are 8 min late.

Soha: Usually girls keep boys waiting but you all are just….Nevermind. Now let’s go.

Sparkling 6 gets moving but our Fab 6 were in deep shock so they didn’t even move a bit. Sparkling 6 comes to them and shakes taking them out of their thoughts.

Manik murmurs to Abhi,Aryamann,Sid,Cabir(controlling himself while Dhruv was still laughing): Get ready to pay for the bet rather I should say biggest challenge or dare.

Abhi,Aryamann,Sid,Cabir gets tensed listening to it and remembers about Manik’s bet.

“Flashback Starts”

Manik: Okk but if you all lost then Abhi you have to take Mukti, Aryamann you have to convince Aisha ,Sid you have to approach Soha ,Cabir you have to convince Navya for a ROMANTIC DATE.

Cabir: Okk…done..But you too have to take nandini for a date if you lost and Dhruv you have to take Alya for a date.

“Flashback Ends”

They gets tensed thinking how will they convince them. But somehow composes themselves and starts moving as our girls were shouting at them.

Guys…Sorry once again but please have some patience more fun ahead.Hope you all like my updates… Don’t forget to DROP YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS.

Credit to: Diya

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