KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 13


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Recap: Sparkle 6 and Fab 6 convince to give chance to each other.

Scene 1: Dining Hall
All the new friends came towards the the dining hall chit chatting to take the lunch. All were surprised to see each other.

Aliya: Mukti,how and when did this miracle happen?? You didn’t even tell me anything.

Mukti: It happened the same your miracle with Cabir happened. Yo both (quoting it by her hands) TOGETHER…Unbelievable

Soha: What…. You didn’t even tell me anything.(acts to cry) I am not at all important to anyone.(Takes Abhi’s shoulder) Thank god..that got a new friend. My friends ditched me.

Navya: WHat happened.,Drama Queen.
Soha: See na..Aliya and Cabir together. No one even told me.

The sentence ’Aliya and Cabir together’ choked Navya. She growled and glanced a Cabir who gave her a puppy expression. She wasn’t even angry at Alya but mad at Cabir.

ALya: For god sake will you stop it. One more thing even you didn’t tell me about you and abhi.

Mukti growled listening to this. Just then Nandini-Sid and Aisha-Manik arrives.

Nandini: What happened girl.

Soha(shocked seeing Nandini with Sid): Nandu,you betrayed me…You too..

Nandini: What?? Are you nuts??

Soha then goes to Aryamann.

Soha: I am extremely sorry your and ,your friend betrayed us. See na Mukti-Dhruv, Alya-Cabir, Nandini-Sid and Soha-Aisha Manik and you with Navya.

Aisha frowned.

Alya,Nandini,Mukti,Navya,: Shut up Soha..There is nothung like that. We jus became friends. I swear I will smack your face if you spoke one more word.

Sid and Aryamann were enjoying their jealousy. Soha and Aisha beamed. And both began to laugh leaving all perplexed.

Aryamann: I am calling to mental asylum to tell them I have 6 girls who really need some serious attention.

Fab 5 laughed while Sparkling 6 gave him a death glare.

Sid: Yeah..Yeah…right bro..please call them or else we too will get insane living with them.

Soha: We are Crazy,right??

Nandini: Ok then,let’s show them proof….girls..The real naughty side of Sparkling 6.

Sparkling 6 smiled naughtily and Fab 6 starred each other. Then Sparkling 6 began to chase Fab 6 but our Fab 6 were nowhere to get caught. So they started throwing pillows and cushions on boys.Finally, all got tired and threw themselves on couch.

Nandini: Don’t worry. Our revenge is not over yet

Manik: Don’t worry…We are Fab 6..Nobody can threaten or scare us.

Soha: Then we are Sparkling 6….New York’s best University’s most famous Pranksters..So BEWARE.

Alya: And talking about being scared. We saw last night.

Nandini: Ok….guys. On a serious note I am starving..Let’s have food. And I will make it.

Aisha: OMG…I am getting another shock. Nandu is cooking food.

But Alya,Navya,Mukti understood that something is cooking in her hand.

Mukti: Nandu not only you today Sparkling 6 together will make food.

Sparkling 6 heads towards the kitchen while Manik grows suspicious.

Manik: Guys,I think we should their warning seriously. I mean they are just like us.

Abhi: Come on, Bro. They will do anything but after lunch. so just chill.

Scene 2: Kitchen.
Navya: Nandini will you blurt out what is cooking in your head??

Nandini: Guys,they spoiled our food in restaurant. Now we will spoil their food. But this is the revenge just for restaurant thing today’s revenge is still left. I won’t spare them so easily(smiles wickedly)

Mukti: Sound interesting and fun. Yes, we know that you will always settle scores with everybody.
Manan: During dare and challenge game.

They get busy in making pasta,noodles and Garlic Bread.

Scene 3: Dining hall
Boys were waiting there impatiently. Then girls arrive.

Aisha(innocently): Guys, You can eat it but give me a promise that you won’t scream or shout at any of us not matter how bad the food is.

Aryamann: Don’t worry Aish. We won’t shout. (sees at all of his friends when all nodes)Promise

Dhruv: Guys,I wanted to tell you that as the college is starting from next week. We have one whole week. Let’s plan it. What’s say Mukti??

Mukti: Sure. Let’s watch a movie.

Abhi: Ok,after lunch we will hangout in the mall and then movie and dinner and then directly home. Is that Okk with all of you??

All nodes and then boys start eating. As soon as they put it into their mouth they spit it. As it was extra- mean legit extra spicy,sour,sweet. They only made faces while laughs.

Nandini: Guys, I told you beware of us. Never take us warning lightly.

Manik: You.. I thought that we are friends so you won’t do this. We trusted you.

Abhi: Manik…I am sorry.. You warned us but we didn’t consider it.

Soha: Guys, we are extremely sorry but friendship is at it’s place but pranks are ai it’s. But we played the prank thinking all of you to be our friends,right???

Sparkling 6 holds their face and make a sorry face. While Fab 6 laughs and says.

ABhi: Okk…It’s a deal then we can play prank on each other but you won’t get mad.

Nandini: Deal

then Sparkling 6 starts eating their food. They too spit it out. Now it’s Fab 6 turn to laugh. They flipped the table to their side.

Manik: What do you think you are only the “So called smart”

“Flashback starts”

While Nandu was discussing her plan Manik heard it as he was suspicious and then he went and told it to Fab 6. In spite, of that they ate the food thinking that they too are gonna eat the same thing. When they were busy talking Sid poured the extra spices.

“Flashback Ends”

Mukti: Smart Move…

Alya: Impressive..You know nobody was ever able to do that.

Cabir(boasting): Well, we are Fab 6…You know.

Aisha: So…to mark it..Can we have a group hug.

Manik: Sure cutie…
All have a group hug.

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Credit to: Diya

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