KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 12


So here we go……

Recap: Alya-Cabir,Mukti-Dhruv befriends each other.

Scene 1: Soha-Abhi

Soha and ABhi were strolling in the garden in their own thoughts. Both of them bump into each other.

Soha: Dumbo,can’t you see and walk?

Abhi: What to do..I have eyes but they were busy as they were lost in your beauty.

Soha: I hope you know that you are such a flirt.

Abhi: Yeah,I have been told. You know what I am good at flirt but best at pranks and arguing. It’s just that you haven’t done anything to me yet that’s why you are spared till now.

Soha: I am very well aware of that. I have been seeing the same thing for 2 days so…

Abhi: I can say that you are a very good observer.

Soha: Yes, you are right. You know one more thing is observed by me that is we both are almost similar.

Abhi: Hmm…Having said that..we can be very good friends.

Soha: Sure(they share a handshake)

Scene 2: Aisha- Manik
Aisha was eating chocolate sitting on the staircase. Then Manik arrives and sits beside her and gives her another chocolate.

Aisha: Thanks for the chocolate but I accept gifts only from my friends hands so…..

Manik: I see..So(extending his hand)

Aisha: Let me think.

Manik lift one of his eye-brow.

Aisha(laughing and pulls his cheek): You look so cute with this expression.Okk..friendship accepted. But according to me in friendship sharing is a must so you need to share this chocolate with me. We should always start a new relation with a sweet.

Manik and Aisha then both share chocolate.

Aisha: Yu know I always wished what is I had a brother. Can i call you bhai(making a cute,childish,innocent expression)

Manik: You know I had always thought of a sister. So from now onwards,you are my “Cutie sissy” and I am your “bhai”.

Scene 3: Nandini-Sid
Nandini was standing on a stool and it began to tremble. She was all prepared to get herself hurt because of her great fall but she felt 2 hands around her. She opened her eyes to find Sid holding her.

Sid: OMG, I can’t believe this.This is like a dream come true for me. Such a beautiful girl in my arm.

Nandini: Sid,Stop flirting and put me down.I am warning you don’t even dare to flirt with me again or else it won’t be good for you.
Sid(putting her down): Areyy, Flirting is good for health.You know like

nandini(interrupting): Yoga. I know,now stop these filmy,cheesy lines.

Sid: You know what your daredevil attitude is the thing that impresses me the most. Can I befriend you??

Nandini: Not so easily. Remember, you called us “Stupid 7” so ask apology for that.

Sid: Okk…

After thinking some time..he sees the bread out and assumes that she was making a sandwich. So he makes a Sorry sandwich and presents in front of her. And then holds his ears making a cute puppy expression.

Sid: I know people presents sorry card but I am presenting a sorry sandwich. But please accept my apology which emerging from the bottom of my heart.

After seeing his plan failing he too sings a song for her like Sparkling 6. But he goes somewhere and comes back to nandini. She is shocked to see him dressed like a dadi amma. He sings
”Dadi amma Dadi amma maan jao….
Chhodo bhi gussa zara haas ke dikhao”

Nandini: Okk..Stop..i accept your apology…I also accept your friendship.I must say you have impressed me. In spite of using the wrong song.

Nandini and Sid have a hearty laugh.

Scene 4: Navya- Aryamann
Navya was doing yoga and was completely engulfed in it. While Aryamann was fully submerged in doing jogging with his headphones on.So he accidently stamped Navya’s hand whle she screamed in pain.

Navya: You idiot..Dumbo…You have eyes right?? Then use them,look before you step.

Aryamann: Sorry…I am extremely sorry..

Navya: What sorry…Will your sorry heal my hand look it’s red,blood red.

Aryamann(holding his ears): I am sorry…I will apply the ointment.

Navya: Okk..Okk..Well…I am pleased and surprised that you accept your fault being a member of fab 6.

Aryamann: Well…Thank you for your Sarcastic compliment…But i would like to say that y fab 6 is not at all bad. Just give it a shot.

Navya: I guess Aisha was right. You are a very nice guy. And only for I will give fab 6 a shot but you have to be my friend.

Aryamann: Sure..Friends. Ok..So friend tell me what Aisha told about me(curiously)

Navya: She tried to convince that You are a very nice guy and we should befriend you.

Aryamann: really

Navya: Why are you so happy about it…What’s up??

Aryamann(stammering): Nothing..Ok bye…(thinking it’s better to get out of here before she bombard me with more questions)See you later..

Navya waved bye raising her eye-brow in suspicion.

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Credit to: Diya

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