KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 11

Hope you guys like it.Here is the next episode. As, I promised you all I will make it up. Here we go….Hope you all Enjoy….

Recap: Manan confused feelings. Sohaant,Aishmaan,Dhrulya,Cavya and Mukbhi caught into a mishap.

Scene 1: Sohaant,Aishmaan,Dhrulya,Cavya and Mukbhi.
Just then to get themselves out everybody started pulling and beating whatever came in their hands.Sid pulled Alya’s hair. Cabir was pulling Soha’s hand. Mukti in anger was beating Aryamann(as he was next to her). While Navya was kicking Dhruv and Abhi and they too were giving her some snap in return.

Mukti: What the hell??

Dhruv: I swear I am gonna kill whoever did this.

Aryamann and Abhi: Me too,Bro.

Sid: Just let them came in front of me..aahhh

Soha: oouchh…My skin…

Aisha: Dumbo you are talking about your skin my whole body is itchy.

Alya: My eyes..

Navya: My back…Wai….Wai….Wait a second. Soha,Sid,Aryamann,Aisha..What are you 4 doing here?? When did you came?

Aryamann: Woh..Woh…

Before he could explain the hallway sparkled with light and all were finally able to see each other though not with complete open eyes but were able to figure out the next person. Then Manan arrived and they were hell shocked seeing the scenario and led their jaw open in astonishment. After few minutes of staring they burst out laughing.

Manik: Guys,What is this? Why are you all…..(couldn’t complete his sentence as he was laughing so hard)

Nandini: Guys you all are looking like jokers…No actually more funnier than that.Even they don’t manage to make people laugh so hard. How… really How??

Mukti: Oh come one yaar…Stop acting like a jerk and help us.

Aryamann: Just get me out of this hell…

Abhi: Get me out…I swear I am gonna kill you both once I get out.

Manik: Ok…Ok…Please don’t threaten us..I am getting you all out…Have patience my friends.

Slowly Manan drags all of them out and let all of them to their room. Soon all of them get fresh and hop on the bed to sleep as all night they have been busy.

Scene 2: Dining Hall

All of them woke up at afternoon and got ready. While 5 couples were still bit itchy,Manan was enjoying their poor condition. But eventually,seeing their pity conditions,they came to their rescue.
After this all begin to help each other.

Mukti(was trying to the ointment on the back of her hand but couldn’t and no one was there to help): Oh my gawd…oouch..

Dhruv comes and help her

Dhruv: I can help you if you want to…

Mukti gets on thinking.

Dhruv: Don’t worry..I won’t apply chillies…You can trust me.. You know sometimes trusting can also helps.

Mukti(smiles):Sure.. Are you trying to flirt with me..Even if you are trying to please don’t…It might become a menace.

Dhruv: No..No…I don’t have that much courage to flirt you..I am so innocent..naive kid you know(saying this he makes cute little puppy faces.)

Mukt(grins): You are not that bad though.

Dhruv: OMG…Did you just gave me a compliment..But I would like to make some corrections…It’s not that bad instead it’s so nice..Well,I will forgive as you don’t know me..NEW friend.

Mukti: Friend..When did that happened? Well, I will think about it.

Dhruv: Sure..Take your time.

Mukti sees him scratching his arms.

Mukti: I will help you.

Dhruv: NO..No.. Only my friends can help me.

Mukti: Well,In that case. I would like to inform you that I offer help only to my friends.

Dhruv: OHH..I see..SO… can help me… I don’t mind…Well,I would even like to inform you that not only friends are also good..You know..

Mukti: ohh..really…Even my friends are not that bad.

Dhruv and Mukti(unison): I will give it a thought and then laughs.

Scene 2: Cabir’s bedroom.
Cabir was trying to find the towel as he came after washing his face which was still burning a bit. Alya was just passing by and came to his aid. She handed him the towel.

Cabir(wiping his face): Thank you so much bro.

Alya: Well, I don’t mind bro..You can call me that.

Cabir(perplexed by the given answer and then found Alya): Oh..You I thought it was one of my buddy.

Alya: It’s ok.

Cabir: By the way what are you doing here?? Oh my god..(Dramatically)Did you just came to steal something or were trying to take advantage of me.
Alya:(laughing and joining in his drama): (hold his shirt and shakes him)Yes, I came to take advantage of you. You know you are so irresistibly hot,cute.handsome and dashing that I just couldn’t control myself.Now,you have realized my plans;I will gnaw you completely.

Cabir and Alya burst out laughing.

Cabir: You know I never thought you would respond like this. I thought to shock you but you surprised me.

Alya: Well,Thank you.But all the credit goes to my drama queen friends who made me like this.

Cabir: Pretty interesting. You know after listening to this,I want to befriend you guys.

Alya: Well, it’s not that easy my friend. For that you need to impress and befriend one of our member.

Cabir bents down on his knees and bows his head..takes alya’s hand.

Cabir: Ms. Alya….May i blessed with the honor of befriending the most beautiful,stylish and kind girl of the world.

Alya nods. Cabir stands up.

Cabir: So,did I impressed you? I think I did.

Alya: You very well know Cabir how to impress a girl. I am impressed.

Cabir: I hope so and both of them smiles and talk for sometime.

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