KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 10

Sorry Again for the late update guys. I was just tortured by my projects and teachers. But I will make it up to you all. I will post 2 or probably more episodes today and long too.. So enjoy and keep reading.

Recap: Dhrulya,Cavya,Mukbhi, Sohaant and Aishmaan playing hide and seek with each other. Manan dare and challenge game starts.

Scene 1: Dhrulya,Cavya,Mukbhi in kitchen.
While Dhrulya,Cavya and Mukbhi chasing Sohaant and Aishmaan. Each girl,that is, Alya,Mukti and Navya catches hold of some stuff and boys too holds some of the normal stuff.

Navya(trembling towards the noise): Guys, we should have some stuff to protect ourselves.They might be dangerous.

Cabir: For the last and first time, I agree with you.(softly murmurs) Unfortunately.

Navya(hears what Cabir murmured and said she blushes but keeping her emotions in check said): I will take that as a compliment(pokes in his chest.)

Cabir(embarrassed but happy that she heard what he felt): (keeps his hand on his waist and pulls her as quick as he can) Oh really(raising one his eye-brow) Thank you so much for your showering kindness.

But their budding soon comes to a halt when they see other staring at them completely bewildered and their head full of questions.Seeing this Navya pushes him and immediately diverts the topic.

Navya: Guys,Stop wasting time thieves might get successful in sneaking out.(Seeing this she hands girls some balls and itching powder and boys some rope and chilly spray.)

Abhi: Hey,Don’t you think that this is a bit too much. I mean we can handle them easily.

Mukti: Hey, No need to be a hero. You might get hurt.So,le us handle this our ways.

Abhi(grins seeing Mukti’s concern): I like to see this flip and vulnerable side of Mukti.

Mukti(was already confused and trying to sort out why she was worried but Abhi made her thoughts jerk and she was trying a amazing to answer to cover herself up): Concern,That too for a idiot like you,no way. I was just trying to save ourselves as you(pointing him out from top to bottom) have no guts to defend even yourself.So we might get hurt in that process.

Alya and Navya grinned hearing her comment but convinced everybody to move ahead without wasting a minute or so.

Scene 2: Sohaant and Aishmaan

Soha: Guys,looks like someone has sneaked into our house.

Aryamann: No worries.We will handle them.

Aisha: No, you guys won’t do such foolishness. They might be dangerous.

Aryamann(grinned seeing her concern): Well,okk. But what we should we do now.

Soha: I have a plan. Let us spread out some oil on the floor so that they slips. Then,we will drap the long piece of cloth over them and tie them and at last, if there is a need we will beat them with a bat.

Sid: SMart Idea.. No doubt you are practising this for years.(moves his hand on bruises and snorts out in pain) The thing I saw in your room was just a trailer.

Aryamann: I totally agree with you bro. These are girls are treacherous.We have to be careful.

Soha: Well, Since I am so polite. I will take your sarcasm as a compliment.

Aisha(pointing out): Exactly, It’s just for self defense. There is nothing wrong in making sure of self protection.

Sid and Aryamann(joining their hands): Sorry mam. We accept our defeat. No one can win from you both in argument. Now shall we proceed further if you permit.

Soha and Aisha(with attitude): We beg your pardon. And Thanks for the compliment but we already know that no one can defeat us in arguments except Nandini.

With that 4 of them burst out laughing and proceeds further.

Scene 3: Manan romance
While our protagonists were going through so much,our manan were busy in their electrifying chemistry. Luckily,there was no one to disturb their budding romance. Manik has given Nandini the challenge of sneaking out of the storeroom through the window. Nandini accepted it. Nandini
kept the ladder on the window pane. And then started to climb,while she was climbing manik was staring his heart out. Nandini saw him staring her.
Nandini: Stop staring me like an idiot.

Manik: I wasn’t staring you.Why should I??

Nandini: Oh really,Mr.Monkey?? As if you said and I will believe you. I don’t trust you.

Manik(frowned listening to the sentence ’I don’t trust you.’): (picked her up from the ladder,holds her waist tightly and pulled her towards him) How can you say that you don’t trust me? Don’t even dare to say that before. So easily you said that you don’t trust me.(shouting on top of his voice) How could you?

Nandini:(perplexed at his reaction but did not why she get concerned instead of fighting with him for shouting at her): I am sorry..(looking straight into his eyes) I am sorry. I promise I won’t say that again. I trust you.(hugs him)

Manan both were lost in each other’s embrace. And remained in the same for the long time. Then realized it and looked each other in embarrassment and awkwardness. Then manik broke the ice and said

Manik: Let me go first.

Nandini just nodded. Saying this he moves out. And then waits for Nandini. Nandini too climbs the to the pane,got out and begin to cradle on the pipe. She was more than half done but her than her top got caught in the needle. She tried to remove it but in vain. Manik noticed that something was wrong.

Manik: Nandini leave that. I will catch you. trust me.

Nandini: I trust you manik.

Then she was about to leave it then it suddenly itself pulled out due to sudden jerk .Finally,Nandini got down without assistance completing her dare.

Nandini: I completed my dare, Mr. Manik without any assistance.

Manik(grunted): That’s the problem.

Nandini: What did you just said. Anyways Nevermind. So,it’s my turn to give you dare.

Manik: No…No…No so easily..Ms. I got down within less time. So,I won.

nandini: Don’t lie.Ok. We never talked about that. And you know that’s why I give you this name Mr.Monkey

Manik(whined): Very funny.

Just then they heard some snorts and screams from the house. So,with this they move inside.

Scene 4: Face off with their weapons.
All the 5 couples were moving slyly with their weapons in hands as if going for a war.All could hear the nearing footsteps which made them more alert to attack. Now all were just one wall away.And both attacked together at the count of 3. All the groups started at the same time.

Dhrulya,Cavya and Mukbhi: Attack

Sohaant and Aishmaan: Attack.

Dhrulya,Cavya and Mukbhi slipped because of the oil spreaded. But they were also prepared so during their great fall they had threw the chilly spray which luckily didn’t fall in their eyes but itching powder did. And as it was dark especially in that passage they couldn’t see anyone but faint 4 figure. Dhruv somehow manages to get up and drags 4 of them. Then without even seeing who is who all just hop to prey.Sid and Aryamann covered Soha,Aisha and Mukti with the cloth. Cabir has tied himself Navya,Alya,Aryamann and Sid with the rope. And of course, for icing on the cake,all had itching powder all over them. And chilly powder on all faces burning their eyes. All are screaming with pain.

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