KYY:The Modern love story full of Madness (Ep 1)

Episode 1
I am glad that glad you all liked it.I had typed this introduction long time back but was afraid that you all will like it or not. And I am extremely Sorry for the mess guyzz…I m really sorry…..for the confusion of pairs…..Okk,so our final pairs are:-
1.Our favorite manik and nandini(Manan)
2. Dhruv and Alya(Dhrulya)
3. Mukti and Abhimanyu(Mukbhi)
4. Cabir and Navya(Cavya)
5. Aisha and Aryamann (Aishmann)
6. Soha and Siddhant (Siddhant)
And one more thing it’s FAB 6 and SPARKLING 6 don’t get confuse.
So here we go…

Scene 1 New York
A window of house is shown which is being opened by someone rather girls.Yes,you all guessed it right it’s our Sparkling 6 who are sneaking out of their house for a late night party organized by their fans as it’s their last night in New York. Just then some beautiful girls jumps out of the window and moves towards their parking lot.Just then a girl wearing a party dress says.yes,it’s our Mukti.

Mukti: Ok guys,let’s move.As usual I will take my bike and Navya will sit behind me.Alya you take your car with Soha,Aisha in it.And our sleeping beauty as usual will come late.

Alya: Ok cool..Let’s go guys enjoy.Let’s rock and roll and enjoy our last day in New York to the as much as we can.

Navya: Guys,For a change let’s have a race.What’s say.

Alya:Alright…But as you all know I am gonna win…Wait and watch…

Mukti:Time will clear your misunderstanding babe..!!

Aisha:Guys..enough of talks now.Can we please move ahead.I am seriously done with your talks and as all of you know Aisha believes in doing instead of saying.So please…Have some pity on this innocent girl and move ahead. I beg you.No one cares about me here.What about me?Did you guys ask me?? NO….A Big NO and turns around

Soha: Aiish I totally agree with you saying this she too turns around.

Alya: Ok.Drama Queens. Sorry and holds her ears.Navya and Mukti does the same

Aisha: Ok Ok..Apology approved My drama Queens.Can we proceed.I am so excited as it’s our last day.I don’t know whether we will be able to attend such type of parties in future.

Navya: Hmm…You are right.So let’s go and rock and roll.

Saying this they take their seats and starts their respective vehicles.
Mukti: Okk,then.Let the race begin…….Get set go.

They start driving with full speed without caring about anything and when they were near their destination and Alta was about to win they heard a siren probably of cop car.
Soha was boggled..she says:What shall we so now??

Mukti:No need to worry..the car is one let’s part our ways…saying this she went left and Alya went right.

Cop car begins to chase Mukti then leaving Alya as she was on bike.
But our Mukti was a professional so she speed up her bike and takes a U-turn and because of that sudden turn car loses her balance and hits in the wall…while Mukti leaves the cop car way behind.

Navya: Mukti that was awesome girl.But how you were so sure that they will chase us.

Mukti: Navya you are just kiddo in this matters.I am a experienced one unlike you freshiee.

Navya: haha..I know that now speed up those 3 Devils must be worrying for us.

Mukti: Ok.As you say my lord.
Saying this she speed up and in 5 min they were on party venue with all.

Soha: Finally,you are here we were so worried.

Aisha:Yes,what happened?

Alya:Chill guys.Mukti is experienced one in this matters.

Naya: You are right Alya.Ok now let’s go in the party.

Saying this they move inside and were greeted very warmly.They were chilling and just then

Alya Says:Mukti Aisha where is our daredevil…?? Or our sleeping beauty is still sleeping??

Aisha: Sorry for disappointing you but You guys know right.No one can predict her doings.She always do what she wants to do at that present moment.But she always fulfill her sayings so she will surely come.

Soha,Mukti,Navya,Alya says: Hmm (as if agreeing)

Just then a boy approaches them and asks Soha’s for dancing.
Boy: Can I have the honor of dancing with such a beauty?

Soha: Sure.

They move towards dance floor and begins dancing but the boy was dancing very closely making her feeling uncomfortable.So Soha pushes him and slaps him hard.

Soha: Don’t you dare repeat that again.Now get lost.

Boy:You slapped me(shouting).The heir of one of the top businessmen of the World.(saying this he pulls him towards her.

Soha:You jerk.Leave me.(saying this she pushes him and gives another slap).

Navya and all other approaches them:Hey don’t you dare mess with us.Your dad is one of the top but our dad is the at the top.So now just get lost.(Guys their dad are business partners and also the owner best company of the world)

Boy:(in anger now holds Navya’s wrist)

But before she could do anything someone punches him hard.And our Sparkling 5 smiles as they know who the person must be.

Boy gets shocked and turns his head to see the person but gets shocked seeing a girl wearing shorts and Crop Top.Yes,it’s our Daredevil our Nandini.

Nandini:You know guys this jerks don’t know the language of slaps and only understand by punches.Am I right Mr.??

Boy:You have to pay for this.

Sparkling 6(together): We aren’t ’ not afraid of anything.We will see you next time until then Byee. Get lost.

Precap: Intoduction of our FAB 6

I hope you all like this ep 1.Guys I know my introduction was horrible but if you guys want I can repost it.So sorry once again.I was not in my mind..So many errors.I am extremely sorry.And yes let me know your feedback.

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