KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 8)

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Dhruv gets back to Manik’s place.
Dhruv says facing him
Manik.. I know its a little weird since we became friends just now. But can i ask you for a favour..?

Manik : Tell me what got want first..

Dhruv : Nandini told you yesterday how Maddy left our band. Since then we all stopped singing as it was not our cup of tea anymore. But yesterday after a very long break we sang together and all of that happened just because of you.. And…

Manik : And??

Dhruv : And fab five wants you to sing with us. I mean we want to get you in our band..

Manik : No way! Manik Malhotra cant replace anyone..

Dhruv : Please Manik its an ardent request please..

Manik : No emotional blackmailing. I told you I m not going to join your band. Pleas now leave me alone. I want some lone time.

Dhruv leaves and sees Manik standing at the door. He shook his head as she asks him “What happened?”

Nandini gets upset. She thinks to talk to him. She goes inside the house and sees Manik standing beside the pool.

Nandini: Hey Manik!

Manik : What are you doing here ?

Nandini : I was just passing by and saw your house. So I thought to about talking to you .. You stay alone??

Manik : Hmm. My mom and girlfriend stay at London..

Nandini’s eyes come out her sockets as she hears “girlfriend” ” Soha you are unbelievable!” she thinks.

Nandini : Awwh.
She sees the stars..
Stars are God’s most beautiful creations. You know I used to fight with someone. He loved his stars and I loved my fire flies. And see today I m appreciating these stars
Manik : The boy is right. Stars are lovely and no one can compete with the light they bring to our life.

Nandini : And they teach us how people who are so far away still are so close to us all thanks to these stars.

Manik : Yep! But I dont miss anyone
when I was in London I used to miss my life a lot but after coming here I feel better… Have we ever met before? Because whenever I see you I feel like I have known you…

Nandini : Nah.. We never met each other. Maybe you were my boyfriend in our past life.
Manik looks on shocked. Nandini starts laughing loud and Manik smiled seeing her laugh..
“I was just kidding. Don’t rake me seriously.. You know this happens when you meet someone who is like you or who is just like the person who you wanted to meet since ages…

Manik : Yeah! So tell me something about that boy..

Nandini : Which boy ?

Manik : The guy who lived in these stars..

Nandini : He was my monster! We used to fight a lot. But slowly slowly we became friends..

Manik : And then?

Nandini : Then what? Nothing. We are still friends…

Manik : Ohh…

Nandini : Well friendship means only Fab five right now. See how strong their bond is. Dhruv who had left everything and moved on returned back for sake of their friendship. He wants all his friends back.. Bur its impossible.. Maddy will never return back!

Manik thinks “Should I ? No no no..”
Manik : Why don’t you join?

Nandini : No.. I m not that great singer. Plus I m a classical singer. I only know a little bit of guitar. And I don’t want to be a member of Fab five having known them. Moreover I was the band only role was this in Fab five

Manik : You think I should join ? I mean I loved jamming with them the other day. But I don’t want to replace anyone.

Nandini : Manik. You are not replacing anyone. Just the way you felt the magic performing with them they also loved performing with you. To sum up I will say you all guys sounded phenomenal.

Manik : But I have two conditions…

Nandini : What???

Manik : Only after I meet you all!

Nandini quickly dialled Cabir’s number and told them to meet at the Cafe. All reach there waiting for Manan’s arrival. Abhi Navya and Fab five all were there waiting desperately.

Precap : Manik and his two conditions. Everyone hug… a bigggg group hugggg..

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