KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 7)

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Nandini starts singing in her melodious song. In heart she dedicated this song to Manik. She didn’t announce it as she thought
” her words always touch his heart without invocating. What if he had lost his memory. His brain had lost its some part but still his heart was all hers which beats only for her… She still loved him and will always and she knew he also loved her and only her…”

Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna
Mujhe neend aaye jo aakhiri
Tum khwabon mein aate rehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)
Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehna..

Manik feels her voice so familiar. He looks at her not missing her single glance. He wanted to touch her hands.
Nandini continues… She notices tears in Manik’s eyes as he was totally mesmerised by her voice..
Kisi roz baarish jo aaye
Samajh lena boondon mein main hoon
Subah dhoop tumko sataaye
Samajh lena kirno mein main hoon (x2)
Kuch kahun ya na kahun
Tum mujhko sada sunte rehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)

Dhruv goes and pats Manik’s shoulder.

Hawaaon mein lipta hua main
Guzar jaaunga tumko chhu ke
Agar mann ho to rok lena
Thehar jaungi in labon pe (x2)
Main dikhu ya na dikhu
Tum mujhko mehsoos karna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)
Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)
Main rahun ya na rahun
Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna..

All give a big applaud for Nandini. all shout “Once more!!”

Manik walks to her says “You sang beautifully see everyone is mesmerised by your voice…”

Nandini turns crimson red hearing his compliment. “Compliments all girls love compliment and Nandini was no exception!” thinks Manik. “Wow Mr Manik Malhotra you can understand a girl just in a little time.”
Nandini notices his expressions while he was thinking all of this.. “Manik. Only I can understand you no one else!!”
Nandini : Thanks but no thanks. You know I hate such fake compliments.

Manik : I wasn’t faking out!

Nandini : But exaggeration I also hate that!!
Manik was shocked. “How she came to know I was thinking about this…”

Nandini leaves him in a confused state. Mukti comes there and laughs out loud. “Nandini.. now I know what’s true love. Its between you two. You both can understand each other without expressing your opinion in words..”

Well somewhere else also this true love thing was going on. It was Cavya.
Cavya stood there still not saying a word and staring each other.

Navya says “Sometimes you come to know the value of that person after he leaves you! And after you left I realised how much I lo.. How much I missed you!”

Cabir : Now don’t be so sentimental miss Madhubala. Doesn’t suit you at all. And let me think how to bring Manik and Nandini closer…

Navya : Lets make them stay in the same house.

Cabir : Nice idea but how??

Navya : I don’t know. My work was to give you an idea. That’s it!

Nandini comes there and tells them not to think hard as she already has thought something.

Cavya : What??

Nandini : Fab five! First I want you guys to be united. I miss you guys.. A lot. First it was Cabir who left the group then Mukti Aliya then Dhruv and then Manik. Now that you all are together I want you all first to our Fab five and then I will think about us.

Cabir : Now I get why Manik loved you like anything..
He squeezes his cheeks and says
You are so sweet.. And tour words are more sweeter.. So my Nandini what’s the plan??

Nandini : First let us think how to get him back and I think it will be difficult as he doesn’t know you all. So its gonna be very challenging.

She tells them she has already thought something about the plan and Cabir and Nandini both give a high five.
Nandini messages everyone except Manik to come to her house at Eight a.m. Sharp…

The next morning everyone assemble at their place. Nandini dressed in a white jeans and a black kurti comes out of her room.
She stands on the chair and starts telling them her plan..

“As you all know Manik. Better than me. He can never see anyone broken. So Dhruv will go and tell him how his band is falling apart. Manik will understand this and then we will tell him to join their band as a singer and guitarist.”

Mukti : Bimbo! Will he agree? He doesn’t know us also..

Dhruv : Let us try at least.

Aliya : Fine! Lets give this a shot.

Cabir : Yep. something is better than nothing.. But miss Nandini yesterday seeing your excitement I thought you really had an extra ordinary plan..

Nandini : For now do as i say!
She gets down and places the chair in its place.

Precap : Dhruv requests Manik to join fab five as per the plan he says how his band is falling apart. Manik refuses!

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  1. Nice update yaar manik compliment for nandhini nandu plan to unite fab5 was superb i think navya love’s cabir thats great can not wait till monday for next update

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  10. Awesome episode, wowwww loved it very much. ..loved the song n manik mesmerized by nandini…he still feel connected to her with his heart…nandini knows him very well…she is real gem…want to bring fab5 together first then manan…so selfless…n her plan for that is going to be perfect. ..precap is very interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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