KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 6)


Sorry couldn’t comment Exams are a little near. Anyways! Happy to see you all still commenting. I feel content ?.
I still wonder how you guys tolerate this stupid ff which I think stands nowhere here… Anyways Ty for the love .. Love you all and btw sorry for this very late update.. Blame my teachers who gave us three sample papers to solve…
Now the episode !

Dhruv comes back to Malhotra mansion and notices Manik fiddling with the swimming pool and smiling looking at the sky.

Dhruv: Hey buddy! Tonight there’s a party at my friend’s place so you ought to come with me. . My friends have kept the party

Everyone were clueless and Mukti all the time looked at the door as if someone was going to come. She had never looked at the entrance of SPACE before this. Abhimanyu comes and pats on her shoulder.

Abhi : All okay?

Mukti : Yes. But why?

Abhi : Well I m here and your eyes are looking for someone else.

Nandini was chatting with Aryaman. Nandini gets a little bored so she moves towards the gate. She sees Manik coming from there. She pinches herself hard.

Nandini : Its really him!!
She runs towards him but Dhruv comes in middle and she collides with him. Meanwhile Aliya and Cabir go and hug him. Manik was confused as to why they were hugging him. Nandini hugs Dhruv and says “where was he.”
She breaks the hug and walks towards Manik.

Manik asks Dhruv : Why his friends are hugging him.?

Cabir : Wow Manik! How can you say this. Now only Dhruv is your friend. What about us ???

Dhruv doesn’t know how to explain everyone. Everyone asks question Manik and he gets angry.

Manik : Are you trying to make fun of me. Oh how can I forget. Fab five famous for pranks! But don’t mess with me. I know I lost my memory but these jokes of yours is making me feel miserable. Stop it guys.!! Stop this stupid prank of yours..

Nandini and group ask Mukti and Dhruv about it.

Dhruv : He still has his amnesia. I found him in London. Please don’t try to make him remember everything in one go! Just give him his own much needed time. Otherwise..

Nandini : Otherwise ?

Dhruv : It may harm him..

Nandini : I think he is right. We can’t take any risks. I don’t want to harm him even in my dreams.

Mukti gets on the stage and says “Sorry Manik . Actually we missed SPACE and all our pranks a lot. Sorry for the prank.”

Manik was about to leave but Mukti stops him. Turning him around she holds her ears with her tongue tweaking out.

Mukti : Sorry Manik. I know it was over board this time. We all promise you that we would never trouble you again.

Dhruv : Yeah bro. Please take this as our last mistake.

Cabir hugs him and says “Common! Just a harmless prank. But next time we will never repeat this.”

Aliya : Please Manik sorry!

Manik : Alright guys. I forgive you all.
All share a YAY moment and hug each other just like the fab five used to. Cabir looks at Nandini who was standing in an isolated corner.
Cabir : Nandu. Come and join us.
Nandini comes closer to Fab five and Dhruv who was standing adjacent to Manik vacates his place and Nandini stands near Manik and they again have a GROUP HUG. Manik finds Nandini’s touch familiar.

Nandini thinks “Manik. I love you a lot. And I promise I will make you remember everything with the flow. It is said na.. That the whole world gets on fire and turns into Star to unite true lovers and I know our love is true.” She steals a few glances of Manik.

Cabir announces “Now that the group is together we will have a group song.”

Dhruv asks Manik “Can you join us? We don’t have our main band member right now.”

Manik : That’s what I was wondering where is the fifth one of this Fab five!. What’s his name by the way?

Dhruv : Ma.. Ma..

Nandini rushes and says “Madhyam Singhania aka Maddy. He has left for US.”

Manik : Ohh. Fine I ll join you guys.

They get on the stage. Mukti Manik Dhruv with their guitars Aliya with the piano and Cabir with his old drums.
Mukti starts with the tune of Kaisi yeh Yaariyan song. Dhruv follows her and Manik follows them.
Manik starts singing..
Tumahri dosti mein bheegi
Si meri yeh zindagi
Tumhari yaado mein simti
Si meri yeh zindagi
Aj main hun yaha
Adhura lage yeh sama
Akela main jaaun kahah
O yaara o yaara o ho
He fumbles but Dhruv cover ups for him.
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
Manik again starts with his lines.
Dosti ka ek jaha tha
Ham sab se jo mil ke bana tha
Tum bin tha amin adhura
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan

O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja

Pure collage mein raj tha
Sabse alag andaz tha
Bas kal ki to baat thi
Jab haatho mein haath tha
Aaj sab ki raahe alag hai
Nayi zindagi spane alag hai
Ab judaa to hona padega

O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara tu aaja re aaja
O yaara o mere yaara
O yaara tu sun le zara
O yaara kaisi yeh yaariyaan.
Manik gets blurry flashes from his past again this time with the Fab five and all their naughtiness, friendship and pranks ..
They end and the audience couldn’t stop applauding. Aryaman lightly hits Nandini on her elbow and says “This is what true friendship is. He still remembers the song. See it looks like he is back with a bang!”

Nandini : Yep. He is my Monster

Cabir : Cant help it ..

Aryaman : Me neither even though he is not my monster.
He imitates her and makes fun of her. Both have a good laugh. Manik walks towards her and looks at Nandini “So hoe did you find my song?”

Nandini : Ofcourse how can Fab five sound bad. You were superb!

Manik : (confused) Yeah right. But I was not asking you madam.
He looks at Aryaman and asks him “How was my song bro? You are Soha’s bro right?”

Aryaman : You know me?

Manik : Yep. Saw your photo in Soha’s album.
He looks at Nandini and makes a funny face.
Nandini thinks” He has not changed an iota!
It wont be tough Manik to get my old Monster back.”

Precap : Party continues…Nandini sings and Manik is mesmerised by her voice!

I hope you like this song reply the kyy song! I miss it so much.. Tell me your reviews on it.. Waiting for it like an insane person!

Credit to: Anu

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  1. So happy such an awesome epi.. Still hav tears !!! Lovly…. Lov u for this Season 3

    1. Tysm !!? keep reading..

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  11. Hey plumppy. Missed u too!! Anyways if u ther in mails i wil mail u for sure after my boards Btw the story of catrina-anju was planned. There is no such person named catrina nor anjanaa.. All was fake stories made by me only.. I sorry so much to u and others also for such fake stories.. i will say it in detail in mails.. Once sara only revealed me here at tu. I guess u might not b knowing what happened that day.. But will mail.. Nd yeah i dont have any contact no. So sorry plus i cant give no. Of parents too.. I hope u understand but if u ther in mails we will b in contact after boards!! Luv you

    1. Sorry for grammatical mistakes and spellings! 😛

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