KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 5)


Malhotra Mansion, London.
Nyonika : But why Manik why Australia?

Manik : Mom. You know I feel suffocated here. I think I will be feeling better in Sydney.

Nyonika : Okay take Soha with you. Then I ll be tension free.

Manik : No mom! Not soha. I mean I know she’s a nice girl and that she loves me a lot. But these days she has been walking around me like a pet. Mom I need my personal space.

Nyonika : Fine! Its impossible to argue with you.

Manik gets ready with his bags and joins Dhruv. Both head to airport. ” Fab five here we come!” thinks Dhruv.
As they were in the Cross street lane they see Soha’s car. Dhruv gets tensed and Soha notices the driver of the car wearing a cap and hiding his head as far as possible. She gets suspicious and opens the door of her car and then comes a big shout “Hey you crazy moron lady! Get into the car and drive quick..” She immediately gets into her car and drives past the driver glaring at him with anger..

“God saved us today from wrath of Soha” says Manik.

Dhruv : I thought u liked her..

Manik : Girlfriends are crazy and I don’t even want her to be one. But she is just my past so I have to accept it.

Dhruv : Sometimes it’s better to forget our past and just move on with a smile.

Dhruv and Manik reach the airport.
They board the flight and occupy the adjacent seats.
Dhruv : I’m so excited. You know I will be meeting my friends after months!

Manik : Months? Why? Don’t tell me you didn’t talk them for all this time!

Dhruv : Hmm..

Manik : Oh wow. The guy who taught me the real meaning of friendship didn’t celebrate his own friendship with his so-called friends.. Can you let your buddy know the reason?

Dhruv : Its a stupid reason. But I think you will be glad to meet them. We all had a band. Fab five. Its was so awesome.

Manik : Fab five. Sounds so familiar! Anyways. I ll be overwhelmed to meet them.

Dhruv : Yep.

The flight reaches India. Dhruv takes Manik to his old Malhotra Mansion. “How you came to know about this place.? Its my dad’s na??”

Dhruv : Sixth sense. Anyways. So you wont mind if I stay here.

Manik : Ofcourse not.

Dhruv : I ll just come back..

Manik checks out the place. Manik sees the swimming pool and remembers A girl playing with colours with a guy. Both are in the swimming pool very close such that not even air could pass through them.

Manik thinks “what’s happening to me? It seems as if I visited this place before. I think Dhruv was right India is a place where even strangers feel so much of belongingness.”

Dhruv thinks “He has to talk to fab five about Manik’s condition. If we try too hard to get his memory back it may harm his life. That’s what the doctor told me. So I cant take any risk.”
Dhruv goes to Mukti’s place.
Mukti sees Dhruv.
Mukti : How dare you! How could you show your face after doing so much. Get lost.

Dhruv : Listen Mukti. I m sorry. You why I did all that.

Mukti : For Aliya. But did you think about us even once?

Dhruv : I know I m guilty. Hows Aliya?

Mukti : Shattered. Unhappy. She feels the worst. She has lost trust in love.

Dhruv : Varun?

Mukti : That cheapo loser was a cheat! He dated three girls at the time when he was dating Aliya.

Dhruv : I don’t believe this. The guy for whom I thought Aliya was made for cheated her..

Mukti : It was always only you in Aliya’s heart. I saw the real smile on the face of my friend when she was dating you.

Dhruv : I promise I will make everything back to normal. It will be fab five again.

Mukti : Oh! It totally slipped out of my mind. Cabir is alive. Abhi brought him back.

Dhruv was so happy to hear the news.

Dhruv : Okay I have also a surprise for you all. I have found Manik.

Mukti : What?!?

Dhruv : Yes and a bad news.

Mukti : What cam be bad? Fab five will be back and think about Nandini. she would be so happy to hear this. Oh she must have met Manik till now. After all Manik would of course meet her first.

Dhruv : No!!!(shaking her body) no. He has lost his memory. And we cant remind him directly as it can take a toll on his health. Plus Nyonika and Soha have played dirty tricks. They have tricked him that Soha is Manik’s girlfriend.

Mukti : Soha? How the hell she is alive? She was dead na.

Dhruv : I have no clue! So here’s my plan.
He discusses something and leaves winking at her.

Hw reaches Malhotra Mansion.

He discusses with Manik about the party that Fab five has kept for himself.

Manik : But how stupid are your friends. A surprise party and let you know all about it.

Dhruv thinks “We have kept this party for you. We want our old Manik back!”

Nandini’s house.
Mukti calls Nandini “Nandu we kept a party that now Abhi and Cabir are back. I know it would be difficult for you but please come today. We have a big surprise.”

Nandini : Why wouldn’t I come? After all my friends are back. And Cabir and Abhi are my friends.
I ll come with Aryaman. Don’t worry.

Mukti : Okay cool talk to you later. Needa call Aliya Cabir everyone!!

Nandini : Bye take care!

Precap : A dashing party. Manan meet. Nandini’s eyes have tears seeing Manik back.
Don’t worry she’s not hallucinating .?

Sorry if you don’t like this update. Wrote it in a hurry…

Credit to: Anu

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