KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 27) (I DO)

The proposal is out but what about marriage.

Manik : Guys. I cant marry alone. I want all my friends to fall in the same pit on the same day.

Nandini playfully hits his bicep.

Everyone with their were there assembled in Manik’s place.

Chachi : So a big fat indian wedding is going to happen.

Manik shouts “No !”

Nandini was shocked and so were the other people.

Manik : I want white wedding.

Cabir, Abhi and Dhruv hit him.

Cabir Abhi Dhruv : Be serious bro ?

Manik whispers in their ears “If we prefer a big fat indian wedding we wont get to see our brides.”

The boys now understand his logic and agree right away. And the others agree too.

Now Manik’s dad (his entry guys !!) knew his Manik very nicely ao he says.

“Rules for the marriage boys.
You went get to see your to be wives’ fave till the wedding gets over.”

Manik : But dad its a Christian wedding. Dont do this torture to us please !

Manik’s dad : No please no ifs no buts. You gotta agree or else I will get you married to Soha.

(he has a very bad sense of humour.)

Manik : Fine go ahead !

Manik’s dad : And you all have to obey your parents and dear ones.

All : Okay uncle. Anything else ?

Manik’s dad : You guys have just five mins to cuddle as wedding will be dated tomorrow.

What ? Yay ! Was their reactions.

**Wedding Day : 29 February.**

Manik asks his dad “dad you decided this date so that I and Nandini cant spend our time celebrating this day ?”

Manik’s dad : Okay son then we will postpone the wedding tomorrow.

Manik : No daddy its fine perfectly okay….

All our handsome hunks come out dressed in white body hugging shirt with black blazers and black pants. Everyone looked wow.

Nandini was a little nervous thinking how Manik would be looking or i should say what degree of hotness he must be having. She face palms herself as a result of utter shyness. The girls get their tiaras on. Aliya a pink one, Mukti gets a golden one, Navya gets a sea green one and Nandini gets a light blue one. The girls surely gonna kill the boys as they looked pretty and irresistible


As the girls walked out of the car they couldn’t stop blushing not even our Mukti thinking about their future life.

They see their father/uncle standing proudly and take their hands and walk down the aisle.

The four guys looked so gentlemen as if they had not killed even a bug in their life. But only our girls knew what they were upto.

Manik whispers in Nandini’s ear.
“Cant wait to call you Mrs. Malhotra. Nandini you have stolen my heart so today I m gonna steal your surname.”

Nandini blushes thinking she’s gonna be called Nandini Malhotra from now on.

The couples stood still and the priest started the ceremony. Thousands of eyes looked at them as they smiled/grinned at each other.

Priest : Manik do you take Nandini to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage ? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honour her and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful to only her for as long as you both shall live ?

Manik : I do.

So did Abhi and Dhruv. I hope you didn’t forget Cabir. But being a prankster which he always will be he didn’t leave even his wedding day.

Cabir’s answer was “I do not…

.(shocked faces)
Just kidding guys ! I do.

All were relieved.

Priest : Nandini, do you take Manik to be your wedded husband, to live together in marriage ? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honour him and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful to only him for as long as you both shall live ?

Nandini : I do.

Mukti, Aliya and Navya also had no choice but say “I do” and blush.

Manik smirks seeing the tinge of red on Nandini’s face.

Priest : Do you mutually in the presence of your family and friends that you will at all times and in all circumstances conduct towards one another as HUSBAND and WIFE .


Priest : Do you mutually promise that you will love, cherish and respect one another throughout the years. ?

“WE DO.”

They couldn’t stop smiling as the ceremony proceeded.

Priest : You may exchange the rings now.

They exchange their rings. Deep and cool Sapphires for the girls; fierce and blazing topaz ones for boys.

Priest : You may seal your vows with a kiss now.

Kiss miss for Manan ? Nah !!!!

Nandini stood there shy as they never shared a proper kiss when they were alone. And now it was like in front of thousands of people. Manik sees her nervousness. He rests his hand on her waist trying to calm her down.

Manik : Think its just you me and the sun.

Nandini : But that’s not the case Manik.

Manik had no time tolerating her nervousness so he lifts her face up and kisses her lips a quick one though. At the same time crackers were bursted making their way to the sky which shone the faces of our adorable couples.

Manik : Mission successful. I have successfully kidnapped Miss Nandini Murthy and changed her as Mrs. Nandini Manik Malhotra.

Nandini : Quite a big name eh ?

The toast was raised and everyone came up with their beautiful wedding speeches. Even Rishab made one for Manan which brought tears to their eyes. Unknowingly Rishab was the person they thought who had brought them closer.

And Manan would be Manan. Forever and always !!

Also not to forget Mukbhi, Cavya and Dhrulya..

So I couldn’t control writing KYY S3 and trust me I wrote this in fifteen minutes without any proof reading and so please bear my mistakes. Love you all !!!

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  1. superb episode please continue please waiting for next update

    1. I ll try to update whenever I have spare time. This ff has always been close to my heart because its my first one. I know it was miserable though. Thanks for tolerating me dude.

  2. The best ff I have ever read… It was amazing… I read it over n over again

    1. That’s a veeeeeeeeeeerrryyyyyy big compliment for me… Tysm for liking it so. much..

  3. awesome…..

  4. That was a great job!!! Well done. Enjoyed reading every bit of it.

    1. Tysm for your support . Couldn’t Ave been possible without it 🙂

  5. Kyy is an wonderfull serial guys

    1. Yep and I miss every bit of it to the core…

  6. Love u anu for such a lovely , awesome and perfect episode…. So when will u start season 4….u start writing and we will help u with their children names… OK or not OK…..

    1. Love I know its lame to start a season 4soi started a new ff Manan : Love on ! I fear you have not checked it out as I never saw ur comment. Do read it dont forget to comment. Maybe I m not living upto ur expectations or something.. I m no good writer…. Still expecting you to read that.

  7. amazing dear… what a lovely wedding…. like a dream ….

    1. Tysm ! I had a bad time writing it though. White wedding are easier to write though. Had it been the big fat wedding wedding at which I possibly snore out I would have failed miserably. Bt I have attended quite a few white weddings. And trust me its freaking awesome !!!!

  8. Yaar Anu this white wedding ? was soooo lovely. I wish MTV wale see ur amazing update and continue our fav kyy.
    Plz continue and don’t stop.?

  9. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding wedding episode. ..I loooooooooveddd it soooooooo muchhhhhh. ….plz it’s my humble request, plzzzz, plzzzz, plzzzz don’t underestimate yourself….you’re amazing writer my dearrrr….I just loved this episode n this ff soooooooo muchhhhhh. …you made my dream come true…this was the bestest dream wedding ever…..and I want more n more n more of manan moments from you…..along with cavya, dhrulya n mukbhi….so beautifully narrated n every details of the scenes n character’s expressions, dresses were awesoooooome. …manik’s dad omg finally he showed up with a bang…..I don’t want you to end this ff here….plz continue dear. ….I’m in love with this n want to see these couples post marriage moments n career heights….plzzzz my sweeeeeet friend. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …I do, I do, I do….muaaaaahhhhhh

  10. It was really really fab anu.. ur doing a fab job wen the makers of kyy broke the heart of their hard core fans.. u give us a oppurtunity to live kyy again … plz keep writing we really appreciate it

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