KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 26) Its no more Hidden !

Last episode yet special one !

Manik (to Cabir and Dhruv) : Guys. Four years of relationship with Nandini. I want to propose her. But I dont know if she would he ready for getting settled or not.

Mukti comes with Navya and Abhi

Navya : Manik she is ready. She had told me this long before

Manik : Really ?

Navya : Yes !

Manik : Guys you have to help me. Its not going to be me all alone doing everything.

All : Fine.

The next day Manik calls Nandini.

“Nandini get ready in a beautiful dress. We are going out for dinner. Meet me at Peace Park Restaurant.

Nandini is excited and she gets ready in a white maxi dress with golden border. She is looking pretty enough for a marriage proposal but she has no clue about it.

She reaches the restaurant. Meanwhile fab five with Navya and Abhi prepare for everything in the backyard of Manik’s mansion where Manan had been living for three years.

Nandini on the other hand is fuming in anger as she is waiting there since an hour.

Message from Mukti.

“Manik is in rough shape he had a bad accident. We are all at his home right now. Come fast Nandu.”

Nandini is literally in tears and she runs towards the place. She enters there where the entire house in darkness.

“Manik ! Manik where are you. Are you okay ?”

Spotlight on Sofa

Manik : “Nandini you remember this sofa where everytime we cuddle while watching TV?”

Nandini : “yes Manik.”
She has realised that Manik is absolutely fine but she cant find him.

Lights are on in the hall.

Manik: “This hall where we play hide and seek. I find for you everywhere in the our bedroom and even in the washroom. But you always uses to hide in the hall. Being clumsy you used to break my delicate vases and then I used to find you there.”

Nandini : “yes Manik I remember it !”

Manik : “you must not have forgotten this kitchen where you used to make me a coffee.”

Nandini : “and you used to hide the coffee powder in the top shelf. And then with innocence you used to lift me up so that I can get the coffee jar.”

Manik : And you remember our bedroom too right ?

Nandini starts blushing like a red tomato.

Nandini : Stop it Manik.!!

Manik : Come in the backyard.

Nandini enters there and is shocked to see the lightings and the fireflies. It all looks like her dream. The whole backyard is decorated with golden and silver lights. Fire flies are fluttering in the air. The pool is decorated with rose petals. It looks as if she is in the Garden of Paradise.

And then comes the most handsome guy in the world Mr. Manik Malhotra with a bunch of roses.

Manik : A rose for a rose.

Nandini : This is a very cheesy line.

Manik laughs and Nandini makes faces.

Manik gets on his knees and takes out a black velvet box and presents it in the most beautiful manner with his arms swaying.

Manik : Will you, Nandini Murthy be mine and only mine forever ?

Nandini : Um. Ahh.. Uhh.. Ugh… I dont know.

Manik : What ?

Nandini : Of course you Dumbo ! Navya is going to be killed. How could she tell you when I told her not to tell. It was super confidential. I know she must have told you that Nandini is ready to get hitched.

Nandini’s one side of heart was cursing Navya to be so stupid and the other side was thanking her.

Manik slides the platinum finger with a heart shaped diamond in her finger and they kiss passionately. Dont forget the audience have closed their eyes.

Nandini : Where are they ?

Manik : Who ?

Nandini : Your fab five ! You must not have done this all alone.

Cabir : All this is recorded and this will be shown to your children guys !

Aliya : Our sweet Manan. How Manik daddy proposed Nandini mummy !

Manan blush. And Manik drives them away so that he can spend some alone time with the love of his life.

Manik : One more surprise ?

Nandini : Really ?

Manik blindfolds her. And he takes her to the terrace. There is a chocolate cake kept on the table. Manik removes her blindfold.

Nandini smiles seeing the cake.
Happy anniversary.

Manik : Look up.

Nandini and Manik look at the starry sky and beautiful stars.
Nandini : Looking at out past record one could never think that Manik and Nandini could actually be Manan dont you think so ?

Manik : Um. I dont know. When I met you for the first time I could feel the electric spark running in my body. Maybe that was the first signal.

Nandini : Aww. I love you Manik.

Manik : I love you too !

And this is the beautiful story of Manan. If manan have kids what will you keep their names.*

I will miss writing KYY S3 but don’t think that I have stopped writing. I started a new ff and I know it might be the zillionth time I might be telling you this.

I m right now in tears and crying so I would stop blabbering.

And don’t forget Manan’s kids. !!!!

Maybe another episode dedicating them if I get to know cute names. !!!

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  1. Aww….so cute ,i ll miss this ff a lot…..2 gud..

  2. Aww.,…gonna miss this ff so much.. Ua an amazing writer… Plz do update the one with manan kids

  3. Ohhh…why did u stop this….(saaad). It as such a magical ff…:(

  4. awww so awesome the ff was fantabulous loved it to the core
    plz update manan love on
    i love the 2 episodes and very eager to know the next part
    plz plz update
    love u keep smiling

  5. i will miss this yaar…..ur new ff is doing fine. its very interesting.m kip it up

  6. Ended nooii

  7. Aww. Tysm for loving it so much !!! <3

    P.S. I will miss it too.

  8. ur ff was amazing dear…..
    we all luv it…. coz kyy season three was our……
    nd u were our shooting star tht made it cum true… luv u loads dear…. plzz dont end this…
    n how about their daughters name maira…. or naira is also cute…

  9. nd ya… the hidden luv is no more hidden…. u r so damn true…
    hey guys plzz write an ff on fanaah too…. i really miss it….

  10. I really miss this ff a lot……
    But still……thank u for such a beautiful ending of kyy…….
    Ur ff make it soo special…..
    Ab se kyy s3 ki happy ending hi yaad rehegi mujhe……
    once again thanx for everything…….
    Love u
    Miss u

  11. Awww dats soo sweet of manik I llll miss this fff

  12. Am gonna miss this season 3 yaarrrr……our manan are truly inspiration for true love.I really miss Kyy?? just addicted to all the Manan stories especially this season 3 as it is a continuation of season2..and it also ended tooo quickly..??but happy for our Manan as they are together as always forever….Hameshaaaa..??Love you Anu for giving such a beautiful amazing Ff…..???

  13. I will it 2 ANU while reading it having a big smile on my face but eyes full of tears… hope you get soon the names of MANAN children’s n start writing kyy s4…. but keep writing ur new FF don’t stop writing it plzzzzzzzzz

  14. Love u and miss u…no more words

  15. Awesomeeeeee, lovely, marvellous episode, I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd it. …gonna miss this season 3 ….you really did phenomenon job my dearrrrr anu….this whole epi n kyy 3 was really incredible. ..manan date n then manik’s accident prank, then manik’s surprise…nandu blushing. …wowwww it’s superbbbbb. ….ni finally manik proposed her….wowwww..under the shining stars these two lovely souls manan together foreverrrrr…hameshaaaaa…I’m speechless and overwhelmed….running out of words now. …fab5 n manan along with navya n abhi…you brought everybody together with most beautiful happy ending. …I’m blessed to read such an amazingly awesoooooome story. …your second ff on manan is also really cool…thx honeyyy n take care. you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

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