KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 25)

Manik gets a call in the morning. He is shocked to hear whatever the guy tells him. He gets angry but calms himself down for the sake of performance.

“Nandini wakey wakey !” he tries to wake up Nandini.

But she doesn’t wake up. He sprinkles cold waiter on her eyes but she continues her drama.

Such a drama queen ! He kisses her on her forehead. Still she does not respond.

Now he kisses her cheek. Nandini starts blushing a little but tries hard to hide her smile. Now Manik inches towards her lips. Nandini’s heart starts racing and as soon as he is just few millimetres away she wakes up.

Nandini : What the hell were you trying to do ? Trying to take advantage of a sweet innocent girl when she is sleeping.

Manik : Nope I was trying to wake up a drama queen. Het ready band manager. We have to rush to SPACE.

Nandini : Oh yeah !

She rushes to washroom to freshen up. Meanwhile Manik arranges his bag and mistakenly he keeps a bag which belongs to Nandini in his oversized duffle bag.

Nandini gets out ready in a floral top and white jeans. Manik couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Manik : Beauuuttiiiifffuuulll

Nandini blushes and asks him to get ready. “you are the show stealer. So you need to look your best.”

Manik : Dont worry. I always look handsome. (so true x x )

Manik gets ready in a white t-shirt and a black blazer with light blue denims. And he looked perfect.

They go to SPACE and when they reach all throw daggers at them for being so late. Manik tries to search for someone but couldn’t find.

Maddy starts his performance “Jee Karda” . Its liked by everyone.

Nandini is asked hy a peon. “Dr. Rythem is looking for you in the campus near the store room.”

Nandini thinks “might be urgent. I needa rush !”

Manik stops her. “where are you going ? You cant go anywhere.”

“I have to. I cant control. I need to go to washroom.”

Manik starts laughing and let her go. Manik again moves towards his bag and spots a red bag. “this is Nandini’s. What is it doing here in my bag ?” He wonders.

He removes it and finds pictures of his and Nandini. He is startled seeing at them.

“I was right ! I had known her before. Hut why was she lying ?” He keeps it in the bag and tries to get away to get an answer to his questions. But Mukti drags him to the stage

And they start performing on “Jaise mera tu.” Manik slowly gets flashes of Nandini and his moments.

He tries to search for Nandini in the crowd but cant find her. Their performance ends and Manik runs away. Fab four follow him.

Dhruv : What happened bro ?

Manik : Buddy look out for Nandini. Mukti check the washroom.she told me she would be there.

Mukti searches for her there but cant find her.

She tells Manik.

Aliya : Where she would go just like that !

Manik : I know its Soha behind this.

Cabir : Soha ? Have you regained your memory Manik ? Tell us the truth.

Manik : Not totally but I got a call from Malaysian cops. I and Nandini got attacked their twice. So I had asked him to give me the list for the people who have come there in that week and I was shocked to see Soha’s name. That’s when I realised soha was behind all these attacks. Guys we have to find Nandini.

He closes his eyes and remembers last time Soha had locked Nandini in the store room. He runs there and finds Soha almost giving an electric shock to Nandini.

He pushes Soha away and Mukti switches off the main switch.

Manik unties an unconscious Nandini.

Soha : Manik . I was doing this for us. I love you Manik.

Manik : You douche. I love Nandini I have told you this before too. Last time also you tried to harm her. Why don’t you get this in your little mind of yours. You mean nothing for me.

He hugs Nandini tightly and Aliya and cabir hold Soha.

Manik : You tried to get me by all your lying but you know what. I never believed an iota in your lies. Somewhere, I knew that I can never fall for a girl like you. After meeting Nandini I was sure that I had known her before. I tried confronting her many times but she never replied.

Cabir : Because she wanted you to be fine. Doctor had told us not to stress you so much.

Manik : It has always been you guys and Nandini my life. I am glad that today we all are back.

Nandini slowly opens her eyes and gives Manik a bone crushing hug.

Manik : Nandini look you are okay. Stop crying. I m not a monster anymore.

Nandini : You remember everything ?

Manik : Yes except our kisses. So lets make a new memory ? After all I was stopped by you in the morning.

Nandini blushes and everyone start teasing them.

Nandini : Before that I think we should take her to the cops. The place where she deserves to go !

Soha is in jail and Fab five and Manan are complete. Maddy found a new partner in Rythem. Life could not be perfect for KYY than this.

But its not the end. More manan moments are yet to come. So keep reading !
. I know you all must be awaiting for Manik to get back his memory. Now he has. And sorry if you didn’t like this episode. I wrote it in hurry. Biology exam next. So the next update might take longer.

This is the second last episode. And check out my new ff Manan : Love On !

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  1. i hope u r not ending this ff n u know everyday i am eager to know what will happen next n manan scene was awesome loved it n try to update next part today itself plzzzzzz…….

    1. yeah me to kriya….

  2. Plz dont end ds jus continue plzzz plzz

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  4. Why u stop writing this ff yar…..this is one of my fav ff……
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  5. plzz dont end this ff…
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  6. are yaar plzz dont stop it..! your r doing an amazing job! I’m a silent reader… the reason m writing is because it seems like its actually a new season.. n nt just a ff.! so plzz keep writing.☺

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  9. Awesome episode dearrr anuuuu. …my lovely friend. was just mind blowing how manik got his memory back …..nandini was always in manik’s mind n heart….now he remember her n all ….just loved it ….waiting for more manan n fab5 also mahem scenesss…plz continue dear, don’t end it dear. …I was hoping for century (100 episodes)…but u stopping it now on 26 , that’s not fair….plzzzz continue dear, pretty plzzzz. ….n I love your other ff also that is very interesting. ..just addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your stories. you it very much. …

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