KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 23)

Sorry guys for making you guys wait so much. And I m sorry again if this episode is not upto the mark. I have my exams going on so its really difficult.

Now the episode !

Soha (to Rythem) : Who brought you here ? There are many doctors to take care of Manik. We dont need you.

She looks at Manik making a puppy/bx face.

Rythem : Nandini is the one.

Soha throws daggers at Nandini.

Soha : Who the hell u think you are Nandini. Manik is my boyfriend and I have the rights to tale care of what suits him and what suits him not. And definitely this bl**dy doc is not good for him.

Manik clenched his fist in anger and holds Soha’s wrist tightly.

“Manik what are you doing ? Its hurting me.”

Manik : And you are hurting my friends. So just get lost !

Soha : But Manik you love me right ? You do ?

Manik : You really think. Your behaviour makes me wonder how come I loved you before. And please I m not your boyfriend. And I guess now, not even a friend.

Soha : I m sorry for being rude. Please forgive me.

Manik : Give me some time and peace Soha.

Soha leaves in anger and looks at Nandini with hatred.

Manik (to Nandini) : I hope you are not hurt.

Nandini : I would have been if you would have not taken a stand for me. And about Soha I really don’t care what others think about me. Its always my love, family and friends.

Manik : You are too cute !

He squeezes his cheeks.

Rythem : If you guys are done with your romance I have some serious discussion to do.

Manik : Sorry doc.

Rythem : Okay Manik so do you have ever got any flashes or you have met any people who you think are very familiar ?

Fab four also enter there to join them.

Manik : I know you guys may found it weird. But I feel that I m connected to you all. I mean Mukti, Aliya, Dhruv, Cabir. And the most to Nandini. I dont know why. I know we have never met before but …

Nandini : It happens sometimes. I think you must be surrounded by people who are like us ?

Mukti : Yeah maybe !

Aliya : And what about Soha , Manik ?

Manik : I don’t know. She just does not fit my bill. And I always have to supress my anger whenever she comes. I dont why this anger comes whenever I see her .

Rythem : I guess I have an idea by which he can get his memory back.

Manik : Whaat ?

Rythem : You should stay with the people with whom you think you are connected with. Familiar faces tend to bring memory soon. Ut might help you.

Manik : That will be awesome !

Rythem : And stay away from Soha as much as you can because anger can make you insane. That happens in most of the cases.

Cabir : But he is totally sane doc. And I think Soha can stay in hotel or somewhere.

Nandini : Okay you guys should pack up everything. And yeah one more thing Fab five ! Please miss me !!

Nandini was about to walk away when Manik holds her hand.

“You are also shifting.”

Nandini : Chachi wont allow me.

Manik : I will talk to her .

Nandini : Fine ! (pretends to be frustrated)

Mukti whispers in Nandini’s ears “I know cupcakes of happiness are bursting in your heart right now.”

Aliya : Mukti and Nandini what’s re you guys gossiping about ?

Nandini : Actually Mukti was telling she wants to go on a double date. Mukbhi and Cavya.

Cabir blushes like a red tomato.

Aliya : And what about me ?

Nandini : Aliya Dhruv. I guess we should help Manik in the errands. After all we are shifting.

Dhruv : Yeah !

Mukti : Fine its decides. Cabir lets call them and tell them about our plans.

She moves towards the door and looks at Nandini giving her a wink and mouths a thank-you.

Nandini : Mukti dont crash with poor door.

All laugh at her silliness.

Precap : Mukbhi Cavya date. Fun moments of Manan and Dhrulya when they shift.

Ignore the typos.

Credit to: Anu


  1. damn cute update…..
    luvd it when manik said tht soha doesnt fits in his bill….
    i am really excited for nxt prt..
    plzz update soon dear…

  2. Hey im muskan from England, I would like to say this is aweosme, im so happy soma is gone so Nandini and manik can be together again, Mukabi and cavya are too cute, I love dhruvlya but seriously in love with manan. Today’s episode was aweosme really really like it.

  3. Priya

    Nice episode anu…wow now fab5 and nandu r staying with manik.,..its a superb plan but is rhythema a real doctor…. Soha u r out….ur games r ended… If soha is back then y there are no reactions from aryamann…pls find a girl for aryamann also…keep updating anu…

  4. kavya

    Anu…….u r just too good dear……
    Thank u yar…..for updating this from ur busy schedule…….
    Bt still, plz concentrate on ur studies…….
    Too dear…..
    Ur story is just too good….
    Really very interesting…….
    Love manan
    Love u……

  5. Tanushree

    exceptionally good…. superb story line… pls dnt make us wait for so long. even a small update will do.

  6. deepu

    nice episode giving a small suggestion if u dnt mind this only my perception,if u consider r not it depends n ur way of thinking the story. manik ke flash nandini face dika diya tho it will be awesome.
    tq anu for the article

  7. Roma

    Awesome episode anuuuu my sweeeeeet friend, just awesoooooome. …soha kicked out by…loved nandini n dr rhythem convo…cavya, muktbhi n dhrulya very cute…manan were the best….honeyyyy plzzzz take care of your exams, we can wait dear. ..I hope you get very good grades in your exams, love you loads

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