KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 22)

Manik and Nandini were alone in the room. Soha had gone for shopping. Girls ehh..

Nandini : So hows it to be. Your wife is back.

Manik : Wife huh ! She’s not even my girlfriend

Nandini : Oh really ? I dont think so !

Manik : Yep. If she’s my wife then Maddy is your husband and you have two hundred kids with him !

Nandini : Want me to kill myself or what ?

Manik puts his hand on her lips. Her soft lips. “Dont ever say that you fool ! May your enemies die.”

Nandini thinks “My life is only for you. I wont leave you so easily !”

Manik : Now what’s going on in your small brain ? Tell me.

Nandini : I have arranged a doc for you. You wanted to get your memory back right ? So I guess you should meet her. Dr. Rythem.

Manik : Tell me she’s hot ?

Nandini punches his biceps. “You already have a wife dont forget that ever !” Nandini pouted.

Manik : Okay but you didnt answer me. Is she hot.??

And he runs away with Nandini running behind him both continuously laughing at their not so hilarious jokes.

Soha returns and she sees this and eyes daggers at Nandini. Nandini gets call from Maddy.

Nandini : I have an urgent work ! See you guys !

Manik : Now ? Dont tell me you are getting married !

Nandini throws away a pillow at him and Manik ducks and goes behind the wall.

Nandini leaves and asks Maddy “What happened ?” Maddy says “Dr. Rythem will be here so I just called you here !”

Nandini : She’s not here. Ugh. I could have extracted my revenge from Manik by then ! Hate you Maddy.

And she goes outside the cafe where the meeting was supposedly decided. Rythem makes an entry and she looked pretty. Maddy just couldn’t tale his eyes off him. Nandini comes running disturbing their the moment. She says whatever she wanted to in a hurry and at the end blabbered “Maddy just make her comfy ! I have to rush. Cant keep that Soha near Manik for even a second.”

She ran away and reached O2 office. She saw there Soha tried to getting close to him and she also noticed Manik heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she came.

Nandini : What’s up guys ? Missed me ??

Manik : Not at all. In fact soha was telling me how she and I had a date before.

Nandini : Really soha ? I also want to know it. Please tell me too !

The starts her blabber. “We met in a party there Manik couldn’t take his eyes off him ! It was just so romantic.”

Nandini : Okay ! Fine ! Manik you remember a single vision if this.

Manik : All of this seems so unreal ? I dont remember even Soha no offence tho. But whenever I am around Fab five and You I feel so familiar….

Nandini : Then I think…

Rythem and Maddy enter and Rythem speaks out “Then I think you should spend your time with them. I mean Fab five and Nandini I mean that may help you to get your memory back.

Soha : Who the help are you to command him. He can take his own decisions.

Manik : Exactly Soha ! I think you are right. But who are you.?

Rythem : I m Dr. Rythem a neurosurgeon. I m here to get your treatment started.

Hearing this Soha’s face colour changes. She knew her end was coming soon. She had to stop this but how ?

Precap : Mukbhi and Cavya go on a double date. All shift to Manik’s place.

Hope you liked this episode. Drop your feedback !

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  1. hey annu…. its amazing dear… thanks fr d quick update..

  2. Anu superb episode yar…manik and nandinis conv is superb…

  3. its interesting yaaa

  4. Maddy is not a good guy, He is a Anti-Hero..U made him look too innocent and sober

    1. awesum

  5. manan conversation is awesome

  6. Wow Anu fantastic yaar…though its a small update loved it????keep posting dear…waiting for soha’s end??bechari soha…haha

  7. Manan waa amazingg keep going dear…. .

  8. Good going! Enjoyed every bit

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  10. awesome
    love it
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  11. Superb. …..good going ……continue

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  13. plz upload next episode nd is it true that season 3 is cming soon

  14. Yayyy! ! Sohaa. .. baby ja ja marja tu.. I’ll be too happy if u die???
    MaNan were Damn cute!!! Love them loads
    Though maddy is negative I found him too innocent.. how villain-ish the character might be he’s the largest innocence factory for me so I find him innocent even when he kills someone onscreen! I mean not maddy.. yuvi is the factory? Love him even after the universe gets destroyed!
    Fab 5 n nandini are life of manik n soha is not even an ant for manik! She doesn’t even exist in his life aur yeh psycho is planning something which is impossible even after eternity! What a fool she is!!?????
    You’re fabulous anu!! All the best for the rest of your exams?

  15. Plz update quickly

  16. new episodes plz

  17. Wowwww anu dearyyyyyy it’s superb episode loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh, manik is jealous of maddy…nandini teasing manik with soha…lovely narration. ..maddy looks like little positive in his role…but I’m glad manik feeling some connection with nandini n fab5 alrady….soha so irritating yaar…..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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