KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 21)

O2 office. Fab five room

Nandini stood there bored as she didn’t have any role in their music composition and Manik had forces her to stay there. She was really pissed off at him. She glared at him in anger.

Mukti : I think we should now make thatO2 listen to our composition.

Manik : Okay !

All head to a room. It was very big with great amplifiers and a whole set of musical instruments. Fab five came there in their old avatar with the whole of attitude and stared at Maddy as he came His 1 MB.

First Fab five perform on Yaar miltey hai which made Nandini emotional. Maddy patted her shoulders and asked her “Why are you crying ?”

Nandini : You will only get it when you will have REAL friends .

Maddy : I though you were one.

Nandini looks at him. She couldn’t believe her ears. She hugs him. Fab five end their performance.

Nandini walks to Manik. “You performed greatly !” she said.

Manik (curtly): But you were busy hugging that guy ! You actually heard our song ? I m puzzled.

Nandini : I dont believe this you are the same Manik !

Manik goes and sits on the seat and Maddy meanwhile goes there on the stage. Nandini came in the front seat. The spotlight was on Maddy and he starts his song. “Yeh fitoor mera..” After his song ends all give him a big applause including Manik as he couldn’t believe. “He is truly talented !” he thought.

O2 manager gets in the stage. “I m proud of you guys. Now my company will be at the top all thanks to this great bunch of musicians. You all are really too good !”

Fab four (except Manik) leave. Maddy was ahead and Nandini followed him. Manik stares her and sees the light getting a little jerky. He runs and saves Nandini’s head from getting injured and hugs her tightly.

Manik : Are you okay ?

Nandini : Are you. ? Manik you should tale care of yourself. Already you lost your memory. Another jerk on your head and then maybe you would be flat. Why are you doing all this ??

Manik : Because I… I…

And there entered Soha. “Manik!!!”

She runs towards him and hugs him separating Manan. Nandini looked at them in disbelief. “How can she be alive ? How is this possible. There are many unanswered questions.”

Manik jerks soha away. “What are you doing here ?”

Soha : You lied to me and your mom but I came to know you are in India and I love u a lot so I came here running behind you.

Manik : So now Nyonika also knows about this.

Soha looked at him in disbelief. “You just called your mom Nyonika. How could you Manik.”

Nandini smiles and she removes Soha’s hand off his shoulder.

Nandini : Because he is getting his memory back and he will soon remember everything

Soha gets tensed.

Nandini : Soha why are these sweat droplets in your forehead ? Worried about your lies.

Manik : Her Lies ? What do you mean Nandini ? (he looks at soha)

Nandini : I mean nothing. Just forget it !

Soha takes Manik’s hand and takes him away. Manik looks back at Nandini as he goes towards the door.

Nandini : Maddy we have to do something. This Soha will ruin all our plans. We have to do something.

Maddy : If we could bring a doctor and make Manik believe that Soha’s presence will not help him to get his memory back..

Nandini : I think that’s a great plan ! You got brains actually !

She calls Cabir and asks him to arrange a doctor.

Cabir : For whom ?

Nandini : Maddy. (Maddy gives her a tough look)

Cabir (to Nandini) : Okay. I will arrange one.

Cabir calls a young lady doctor.

Cabir : Dr. Rythem. ?

Dr : Yes .

She has a sweet voice and she is no other than our Fenil !

Cabir : Doc actually we need you.

Rythem : Sorry ? I didnt get you.

Cabir : Not actually we its Maddy. You call him I ll give you his number.

Rythem : Fine !
He blurts out some number.

Rythem calls Maddy.

Rythem : Maddy ?

Maddy : Yeah. (He is mesmerised by her voice)

Nandini snatches the phone.

Nandini : Okay doc we need your help for Manik.

Rythem : Who is this Manik now ? You all guys are making me confused.

Nandini : He is.. Is my boyfriend.

Nandini couldn’t believe what she just said.

Precap : Rythem and Maddy meet. Nandini narrates her the whole story. She is ready to help.

Hope you all like this new track and the good news is Manik will get his memory soon I mean in a few episodes. But it has to be a in a special filmy way ! I guess this story will end in its 30th part as I saw many have stopped reading which is really disheartening me. Sorry but I can’t continue if you all don’t like this… I m extremely sorry guys. And a thank you to people who have always read this and shared their views. I cannot express my gratitude that you all kept on reading this really bad story..

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