KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 2)


I m glad you liked the season 3. I can’t promise it to be super good or something since i m not a good writer amf an amazing creative person unlike other writers with their awesome fan fictions. But Your response made me so happy and confident . But yeah keep commenting and giving your feedbacks. Ty all!! Luv u sm..
I ll try to join all the broken strings broken by the kyy makers in the last few episodes.
Now the episode..

Precap : Manik gets consciousness after almost six months and has lost his memory. Soha whitewashes his mind.

Manik wakes up and gets ready wearing a blue sweat shirt and black jeans. He comes to the hall and Soha waves at him. He replies it with a unflattering smile.

Soha : Are you going out somewhere?

Manik : Yep. A shopping spree I guess. And I need some fresh air. I don’t know why this place suffocates me so much. As if I don’t belong here. Never mind.

Soha : Awwh. Manik. I ll accompany you.

Manik : No Soha. I want to be alone. So I request you. Please stay away from me.
He gives he his old angry look.
Soha agrees seeing his anger.

Manik goes out and has a stroll on the famous London streets.
Manik thinks “Why don’t i remember a slightest thing?!”

A guy is shown who is reading a newspaper hiding his face with a cap. He quietly follows Manik. Manik goes to a secluded place. The guy was just going to pat his shoulder when Manik turns back giving a heavy blow on his stomach.

The guy is none other than Dhruv.

Dhruv gets happy to see Manik. Manik asks him “Do I know you?”.
Dhruv is shocked. He says him “I m sorry I thought you to be another person.”
Manik walks away. Dhruv tries to cope up with what he just heard. “So Mukti was right about Manik’s amnesia. And what is he doing here. I have to figure it out!” thinks Dhruv.

He follows him again this time being more careful. He sees him reaching Malhotra Mansion. Dhruv sees Manik hugging Soha and Manik is talking sweetly to Nyonika contrary to their cold behaviour and hatred for the psycho Soha.
“Now I get this! They are manipulating him. I wont let this happen. Its pay back time Nyonika and Soha. Dhruman are returning Fab Five! I will unite Fab Five for Cabir.”

City Hospital Mumbai.

Mukti admits Abeer to the hospital along with their gay parents as the hospital staff might not agree.

..After admitting him she goes to a vacant room. It was the same room where Abhimanyu slept. She caresses the pillow and talks to it. “I still miss you. Thank you Abhi for making me realise what true love is. Your place in my heart is irreplaceable. Love you a lot” she hugs the pillow tightly.
A hand is shown on the glass of the room. The guy is dragged by the doctor to his cabin.

Doc : Why don’t you tell her you are alive and that you survived Cancer Abhimanyu.

Abhi smiles at the doctor. Not an inch of him has changed. Not even his adorable cute smile.

Abhi : Doc. I m on a mission. I know Mukti is so fragile. She shows as if she is really strong but at heart she misses everyone. Dhruv, Manik and Cabir. She misses the Fab five. I can’t promise to bring everyone back together. But I will do whatever i can. I think god has sent me to earth for this purpose. To bring back the lost friendship bond. I know everyone thinks him to b dead. But he is not. And I will save him. Just a few more days and I will make him free of the Captivation!

Doc : As you say. Just take care its not too late. You don’t lose her.

Abhi nods and leaves hiding his face in a hoodie.

Precap : Abhi follows a guy who is far and is seen wearing spectacles. He goes to a secluded bungalow.

When everyone is trying to unite fab five not even god can separate them. I hope you know who is captivated and Abhi will bring back who??
Sorry for no Nandu scenes. And about bringing back Maddy I think its a nice idea. I might bring his character back. But for now let it only be Manan and Fab five..

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Thanks for taking that Maddy thing seriously..u seems to be quite a good writer..please try to give him a great space and interesting part in the story.. 🙂 and long updates please..mene to bohot kuch maang liya, now it’s up to u hahah!!

    1. ty dea.. its alright

  2. no one can separate fab5

    1. yep. true $ $

  3. It was an nice update plz update regularly i just loved it

    1. tysm… i ll try to update asap

  4. Manisha Rahman

    I love it
    maddy ka rentry
    I like him so much
    what about aryamann dear ?
    Is he is in the story
    I am curious

    1. yep he is! but after a whike when things are on track… till then keep reading..

  5. Oh poor dr so sad na

    1. just for a short time… after that all wud hav a blast!!!!

  6. Abhi out of cancer…and dhruv following manik … So good anu…thanku for this superb update…. Now kyy is going in right track…. Pls update daily…

    1. sure. ty for reading

  7. It’s just awesome……anu…..
    U r doing such a grt job for all kyy fans…..
    Love u dr for this….
    Thank y thank u thank u…..for all this…..

    1. tysm ////////////////////////// dea… love u……………………………

  8. Hey Anu u believe it or not but for a second I though season 3 of kyy has really started…..just superb dear….keep updating

    1. thats a big compliment, i ll try to update asap

  9. Awesome episode anu dearyyyyyy, it’s superb n very interesting twist…you brought abhi many back…seriously I loved his smile so much n was very sad for mukti…but now it’s getting more exciting with each episode. ..dhruv shocked to see manik totally lost his memory and soha n nyonika manipulated him…abhi wants to bring manik n fab5 back…wowwww so cute and lovely episode. …you’re doing amazing job…keep it up dearrryy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  10. Aww tysm dea..

  11. U r soo gud……..hope this wud be broadcasted as kyy s3……..wud luv to watch this on tv………magar oly special ppl get special ideas…..again superbb

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