KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 3)


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Precap : Dhruv sees Manik alive and is rejoiced. Abhi is on a mission to save someone.

Abhi follows a guy who was wearing spectacles. “Maybe today is the day. I ll save you Cabir. But for that I have to make sure this man doesn’t come to know about me following him.”
He follows his car till it stops at a secluded place. He parks his car at a safe distance and follows the man. The man turns out to be Raghav.

Raghav goes inside a house which was totally shattered and looked no less than a horror house. “I think I should wait till he returns.” he waits for Raghav patiently. Allas he returns and Abhi hides behind the bush.

He quickly rushes inside the house.
He sees Cabir. Cabir was half unconscious demanding water. He gives him the mineral water bottle kept on the table. He gulps down the water and suddenly comes back to his senses. Abhimanyu unties the rope which had made him captivates. He sees red marks on his hands due to the tight way in which the rope was tied. Cabir hugs Abhimanyu.

Cabir : I thought I could never be free.

Abhi : Why did Raghav did all this to you!

Cabir : Long story. First take me to fab five.

Abhi : Its no more fab five. Its just Aliya and Mukti.

Cabir : Manik died in the accident? No way!

Abhi : No. But he left everyone and went to Denmark as he had developed partial amnesia but never returned. He went missing.

Cabir : And what about Dhruv?

Abhi : Dhruv left the group thinking Aliya loved Varun. It was not the case. He was just being so insecure.

Cabir : Insecurities. It already had taken a toll on Dhrulya’s relationship before. Now it has happened again. It seems history is repeating itself. Hoe are Navya and Abeer?

Abhi : Abeer has been adopted and Navya she has moved on. She is now doing a job.

Cabir : I m glad she did!

Suddenly a thud is heard. Its none other than Raghav.

Raghav : Navya Navya Navya! Why cant you forget her Cabir?? Lets get back together. Like we were.

Cabir : No way. Whatever you did to me I will never be with you again. Moreover I have realised I don’t love you anymore.

Raghav takes out a pocket knife and was going to pierce it right away through Cabir’s heart. Abhimanyu holds his hand. Cabir kicks him on his thighs
Cabir : Not even a god gifted dagger can kill me today.
Meanwhile Abhi calls the cops.
Cabir : Mt friends are my life. And till they are with me no one can do me any harm. You have betrayed me Raghav. You should have accepted the rejection and move on. But you…

The cops arrive and arrest Raghav.

Cabir tells Abhi to take him to Aliya, Mukti and Nandini. Both drive away.

Nandini, Aliya and Mukti were in the cafe near Mukti’s place. (Cafe Life)

Abhimanyu comes. Mukti sees him in disbelief. She runs towards him and gives him a tight hug. “Will you kill me today itself?”

Mukti : Where the hell have you been?

Abhi : So Mukti was missing me. Something unbelievable.(He smiles at her. Mukti blushes and lower her eyelids. Nandini and Aliya come there.)

Nandini : I m so happy to see you back.

Aliya : Me too.

Abhi : I don’t see the excitement at my arrival. So I have another surprise for you all.
Cabir comes in front of them. All look at him in disbelief. all the three girls go to hug him. Aliya was in tears and hits him in the stomach. “Why Cabir? Why did you leave us. After you left everyone fall apart. Its all your fault.”

Cabir : Stop blaming me. By the way m really hungry. I have not eaten anything since two days.

Cabir and group occupy their table.
All question Cabir to know where he was.

Cabir : I was almost dead. My life was on verge on vanishing and getting to the world beyond this. But then a devil in disguise came to save me.

All : Who???

Cabir : None other than Raghav. He hid me in a hospital of remote areas of south Mumbai. I was treated there for almost two months. After that he came and asked me to come back together. But I was not sure. I first wanted to meet you all! But he captivated me and kept me there. Daily he came and tortured me asking me if we could be together. He said he loves me but still hurted me physically, mentally and emotionally. I started feeling it would have been better had I die in that blast. And then today Abhi came and saved me from his clutches .

Mukti : Abhi how you came to know about the captivation?

Abhi : I was in the hospital getting treated. And miraculously survived my cancer. All I wanted to do first was meet you all. I went to SPACE that day hidden in a disguise. There I came to know about Manbir’s blast. I didnt know what to do. I left the place as I couldn’t face you. I thought I left you at that point of time when you needed me the most. I could not face you!
After some weeks I resolved to meet you and tell the truth but I saw Raghav sir going somewhere. I wanted to confront him and console him as I thought he truly loved Cabir. But whatever I heard that day was shocking. Raghav was calling someone and telling that person that he had captivated Cabir. I thought god had gives me the responsibility of uniting the Fab five. So I decided I would show you my face on the day when I would bring Cabir before tour eyes. I followed Raghav everywhere till I found Cabir today!

Nandini : I m so happy. You all guys should have a small party. Cabir is alive and is back! What can ve more overwhelming than this…
She stands up and turns away hiding her tears. Mutki stands to console her but Cabir hold her back and signals her no.

Precap : Manik and Dhruv befriends again.

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Nice yaar.plz update soon….I lov the story.waiting for manan.

    1. Sure dea.

  2. Cabir’s epi.plz continue.

    1. Yep!! I ll update asap

  3. Yes we want that our poor nandhu is crying

    1. Manan will meet soon! Till then keep reading

  4. Anu really great!!! Just superb!!! I feel if the director of ky2 is planning to start the third season they must follow it…seriously u killed it..just fabulous

    1. Tysm..dea. Lov u ?

  5. DriShti JaShnani

    Cant sleep after this update.Dhruman being frnds agn. So cute. Go wit the flow.we can wait for Manan.

    1. Aww. Tysm . Don’t have to wait much manan wud meet soon

  6. kyy AC fan everything

    Kyy3 seems not a fan fiction but really I can visualise ff on kyy ever.

    1. Aww tysm that meens a lot to me.

  7. Abhi was awesome 2dae..

    1. Aww he will always beee.

  8. So emotional. cudnt believe Cabir is back… badly wanted this to happen in S2

    1. I also wanted that to happen! Anyways Ty for reading

  9. य।र it was really feienshup. Kyy missing u. Great ff. Please contue.

    1. Sure!! Ty for reading

  10. Awesome trisem yar cabir is back wohoooo!! These update was so emotional but yet full with happiness ..I can’t believe fab5 will be back yeyyy…
    Keep it up dear
    Ur story is really ky3

    1. Tysm! Keepp reading…

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    1. Awwwhh tysm! Lov u. Keep reading..?

  12. hey you are awesome but where is navya will she get to kn abt cabir in the next episode plz write i’m eagerly waiting for cavya’s meet.. 🙂 😀

    1. Cavya in the next epi… They will surprise Navya!

  13. Superb yar… cabir is dhruv kidnap manik from devils yar and bring him back to fab5…pls update daily anu….and anu u r thinking in the way what exactly we want…love u anu.. god should bless u with lots of happiness…

    1. I’m glad I m doing it.. Tysm keep reading.

  14. Can someone please tell me what does kyy stand for? Which serial is it?

  15. Its Kaisi yeh yaariyan and this is a ff.

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    waiting eagerly for ur next update

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  20. I will update the next part tomorrow guyss!!!

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    cabor is back n abhi too am so happy
    now pls manan part….

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    1. Yep they are! Tq
      for reading

  23. Omg anuuuuu, my sweeeeeetu. ..first you surprised me in previous epi by bringing abhi back n now today even more surprised me with cabir being alive…I really cried in kyy2, by knowing mandir death in the blast but cvs brought manik back so was some relief but always missed that cute teasing smile, double meaning funny taunts, sense of humor of cabir… but hats off to you, u made my day honeyyy…I love you loads anu…muaaaaahhhhhh. .lots of hugs n kisses for you my dear…you nailed it honeyyy. ….I’m so overwhelmed, enough of me …take care sweetie and upload the next episode soon, love you loads

    1. Tysm DEA!!! Even I missed Cabir a lot and when he was dead I ws sad actually v v.. Sad.. Ty for reading and commenting …

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