KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 19)

Its morning a very good morning. Manik wakes up and places his hand beside him but he couldn’t find anyone. “Where is Nandini?” he thinks.

He searches for her everywhere and again starts getting the flashes when he and Nandini were in a similar situation and Nandini got kidnapped.

Manik : Not this ! I feel like Nandini is in danger. I have to find her.

His head starts paining. His mind was playing with him showing the face of Pandit Chaurasiya.
“What nonsense ! Who the hell is he now ? And who is this girl. Why cant I see her face properly.”

Nandini hugs him from behind. “What happened Manik ?”

And Manik jerks her away. “Nandini why do you always do this ! Go anywhere without telling me. I told you ..”

Nandini was puzzled and so was Manik after he said this. “What’s happening to me ? I feel I m going lunatic.” says Manik.

Nandini : No Manik the air here is like this full of negativity. Lets go back to our friends…

O2 office.

O2 manager : What is this Fab five .. Or should I say fab four ? I told you right that your band can’t exist without Manik. I think these days Manik is flying too high right ? And where is your band manager ?

Cabir: Sorry sir. But I promise we will start practicing in a couple of days.

O2 manager : No way ! I have already given you enough of time. But don’t think that I m terminating your contract. When it comes to my ego I will not leave you all so easily. I will launch two bands. I have already been getting many offers by people. And I think they are more worthy than you all.

Mukti : Enough sir ! We weren’t running behind you to get the contract. In fact it was you ! So don’t you dare to talk to us like that.

Aliya : Yes. And you know who is Manik Malhotra. He is the hero of our band. He doesn’t need any practice sessions to prove himself. Music is in his blood. So you don’t have to worry.

O2 manager : Lets see how Manik will tolerate this new competition ! You all can leave.

Fab five leave. O2 manager calls the receptionist and asks her to let the boy in. The boy enters and hi is none other than Maddy.

O2 : So Maddy. Manik is your new challenge. Will you be able to defeat him ?

Maddy : You think I can’t ?

O2 : Ofcourse not ! It’s only you who can bring that Manik to the ground.

Maddy : You know what Manik is a great guy and he has an excellent voice but the reason for his destruction would be his friends. And friends make you weak and then people call you a loser. Just look at me. I m never dependent in anyone for anything. And that gives me an edge.

O2 : Proud of you. !

Maddy leaves.

O2 thinks “In your fights you will prepare great music which will bring me a huge profit. After all I have brought worlds most talented musicians under a single roof.”

Manik and Nandini go back to the mansion and Manik constantly calls his lawyer telling him to get rid of that place.

“Nandini who are you. Do I know you. Why I feel so weird when I m around you.” he thinks.

He sees someone peeping through the window. “I think its the attacker” and he runs behind him.

Precap : Manik comes with a wounded hand. Nandini takes good care of him.

Sorry I know this is v v. Short…

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  1. It’s just beautiful yar….
    But little short…..
    Bt it’s okk….i understand……
    All the very best for ur studies….

  2. Yeah it’s short….I was waiting for ur update for a long time but it’s ok I love it

  3. Good..but who’s this attacker…who’s this villian that too in Malaysia…. what happened to maniks hand…will manik ever be able to remember his past…pls keep updating i will be staying tuned…..

  4. Who is that villian

  5. That was rreally guuud I. Think. Its soha. ……loveely and yyess. It was tooooo. Short. U
    Write really well nice


  6. So nice ??
    Just loved it Maddy’s entre now its going to be so much fun ??
    Loving your work anu truely u are such a amaging writter
    Such a nice episode.
    Watting for another episode nandu to take care of manik dying to read their romance ??

  7. Who is the villain?????????

  8. Short but sweet yaar i loved it………nice keep going

  9. Awesome episode

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