KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 18)

The fab four plus Abhi and Navya are still in the beach house. Aryaman left for some urgent work.

The next morning Navya gets a letter.

“Sorry Madhubala. I couldn’t write this letter with blood and stuff . Not as filmy as you. Come straight to the shore line. I m waiting.”

Navya rushes there and sees Cabir standing with a bunch of roses.

“I love you Navya!!” he shouts. Navya looked ay him in disbelief.

Mukti wakes upto find a cute sandwich with a smiley made by tomato ketchup.
“Breakfast for my princess made by me !” says abhi as he greets her with a million dollar smile and Mukti smiles back at him and gives him a bone crushing hug.

Aliya and Dhruv slept on the same bed. Aliya wakes up and sees Dhruv sleeping. “A lil naughtiness is allowed na today. After all its Valentines day !”

She opens the curtain and allows the sun rays to fall on Dhruv’s face. Dhruv covers his face with a blanket.

Aliya gets on top of him and snatches his blanket and Dhruv wakes up to find his wild cat on his stomach ready to eat him. They share a kiss a never ending one…

Cabir asks Navya “Answer ? You love me or not ?”

Navya : Well whatever I wanted to say you today you said it yourself. I wonder how what should I say.

Cabir gives her a tight hug. “Madhubala you should day I love you too Cabir !”

Navya : I love you too Cabir !
She again hugs him and he kisses her on forehead. “I realised today what true love is like !” says Navya.

“Never felt like this before !” says Cabir.

Mukbhi are having their coffee and Mukti peeps out only to find Cavya hugging.

She was startled and asks Abhi to see. Abhi was not precisely surprised as he already knew Cabir liked Navya and Navya somewhere down the heart had feelings for Cabir.
Ao to grab excitement Mukti rushes to Dhrulya’s room without knocking and she sees them romancing. she coughs and they separate at once. They were totally embarrassed and them Mukti tells Aliya what she saw and Aliya was hell shocked. Both the girls jump on the bed saying “Freak !omg!”

The boys smile seeing their gfs going crazy.
Cavya return and Mukti and Aliya ask them where they have been.

Cabir : Nowhere ! Just talking about here and there. By the way you guys have any special plans for V day ?

Mukti : Yes ! What about you two.?

Navya : Us ? How can we have plans ? We are not a couple

Aliya : Dhruv baby today I feel so bad for Cabir. So if you don’t mind we will wake him too with us for our date ?

Dhruv : Sure Aliya ! After all Cabir is our friend. And Fab five first then comes love…

Cabir and Navya shout No !!! All laugh at them.

Abhi : We know your secret !!!!

Cavya blush and rush.

The music us on and so is a couple dance on Tum hi ho. All the three pairs looked fab together. And then they have their lunch prepared by the girls. All boys appreciate their efforts especially Abhi as he never thought Mukti could work so hard for him. Mukti blushes when he praises her.

In the evening they go for a beach walk taking and at the end sharing a perfect valentines day kiss and some beautiful moments.

Overall it goes a great valentines day for all the couples. The only problem is that Manik doesn’t remember anything. And when he would. No guarantee !!.

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  1. oh god… and all… was so romantic… so sweet…. now I think I have to suffer 4m diabetes becoz of unconditional love and sweetest nature 4 each other anyways it was superb and perfect as well…… waiting 4 the next epi

  2. Awww so sad yaar

  3. Awwwww luv it

  4. lovee it yaar awsum ………………….omg freaking awsum v day

  5. Happy valentine’s day dr…..awesome update……
    Keep going….

  6. Its such a amaging episode totally loving it ANU…. you are such a amaging writter….. Cavya are looking so cute together
    Dhruvlya after so long loved their parts
    Mukbhi soooooooo cuteee ???
    One of mine best episode but where is manan and will manik remmember his past or not because it is the most important and amaging couple os manik and nandani. When will manik remmember his past and whattt about our owm aryaman will some one come in his life toooo. But anyways loved this episode plzzzz update fast can’t wait for tommrow

  7. Superb anu….excellent updates for this valentine….but today am so busy with my friends…v had surprise get together so I just read now…its so amazing…finally everyone celebrated valentine but who’s the villain in Malaysia to harm manan…is there any twist like manik regains his memory through an accident in Malaysia…. Fab4 prank is amazing….cavya, mukbi, dhruvaliya are superb and manan rocks….love u anu…happy valentines day…

  8. Awesome, marvellous episode anuuuu my sweeeeeet friend. …cavya confession was really awesome. ..muktbhi lovely scene was quite interesting n dhrulya romantic scene was really good. ..all pairs are lost in love n celebrating Valentine’s Day. ..wowwww lovely episode. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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