KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 16)

Read your comments. Sorry no time to reply. But I saw you all guys a little confused as Manan left alone. Hows that possible. Everything is not a coincidence. There is definitely some reason behind it. And priya you guessed it right. Its was a plan by…
Keep reading to find out !
Back in the beach house..
The pirates stood there. Fab four comes from the back along with Navya and Abhi. Cabir takes the gun from their hands.

Cabir : Hope its not real ! He checks them. LOL. Aliya where do you find such people from.

Aliya : Contacts !

All laughed.

Aliya : So now Manik and Nandini can spend some time together on the Valentines day.

Mukti : I doubt. I think our plan will fail.

Yes it was their plan. This beach house party and then the pirates attack was all a big plan none other than by Aliya Saxena.

Aliya : Dont say that Mukti ! You don’t know how much I have gone through to switch on the music system which produced fake firing noise.

Mukti : Oh really.

Aryaman : Stop guys. I think Mukti is right. They must be fighting for a silly stupid reason. Tomorrow is V day. I hope they sort out their differences.

Abhimanyu : They will dude ! And even if they dont I don’t mind because I see love even in their cute fights !

Mukti : Oh my baby can only blurt out such words.

She gives him a peck. Cabir coughs hard seeing this.

Cabir : We should call Manik otherwise he will get tensed for us and we will play a spoilsport unknowingly in their romance.


Nandini was still unconscious. Manik thinks “I guess she will not have a clue about what happened today. And by default she will blame me for everything. But I hope my friends are okay.” He gets a call from Cabir.

Cabir : Dude are you fine ? We cant trace Nandini

Manik : Nandini is with me. I m sorry. I dont know why I left you all and ran away. I m feeling pissed of and I feel like a coward.

Cabir : No Manik. You are not. In fact everything is fine here. We should have take care of you all. So what are your plans.

Manik : I talked with my lawyer because we are going Malaysia without visa. He has arranged everything. We will be back in a couple of days

Cabir : So where you both are staying ? I mean I hope you guys dont land up in a problem.

Manik : No. Dad has a mansion here. So I guess we will be staying there. Its in middle of the woods.

Cabir (in a soft voice): How romantic !

Manik : Did u just say something !

Cabir : Nope ! Okay bye . Take care of your self and Nandini. Bye…

Manik : Bye!

Nandini wakes up and she is scared to see herself in a ship. “What the help ! Where am I now ? Manik what are you upto !” She says.

Manik : We are in a ship heading to Malaysia. And we had a pirate attack. Thankfully I saved the pirates from you otherwise you would have just made them fried with your words

Nandini : Very funny. What happened yesterday ? Dont tell me I was drunk again. Oh this headache.

Manik : Yesterday a lot of things happen.

Nandini : Like for example ?

Manik : You called me HOT and HANDSOME.

Nandini splashes the water she was drinking on Manik’s shirt.

Nandini : What ???! You think I would believe in what you just said. No Manik Malhotra you are highly mistaken.

The are now in Malaysia. Manik forcefully takes her hand. “Now where are you taking me ! I want to go to my home sweet home. Manik leave me !”

He gets her in the car and the driver sent by Mr. Malhotra drives them to the Mansion.

Nandini : Manik Malhotra I challenge you I wont stay here and I would escape from here.

Manik : Nandini I think this place is made for you. In the middle of woods even if you escape where would you go.

Nandini : Lets see.

They enter the mansion which is beautifully decorated with several antiques and paintings.

Manik : I ll get some paper work done. Till then you stay here. (to servants) Just take care she stays here. And yeh please suffer her tantrums.

Manik leaves. “Time for some sweet revenge.” thinks Nandini. She tells the servants to lock each and every door and window of the mansion so that she cant escape. And after doing so just go to the servants quarter. I want some solitude.

The servants do as she instructs. They leave behind and Nandini gives a smirk .

She creates a havoc in the house breaking almost all the antiques in the hall. Now her target was the kitchen where she spreads the flour turning the precious marble into a drudgery.

“Where should I hide ?” And suddenly an enlightenment flashes on her face.
“What can be a better place than this !”

She rushes to the washroom big enough. She gets a stool and sits there waiting for the king’s arrival and his fierce.

And the king (Manik) arrives parking his car. He enters the house and gives a jaw dropping look. “This girl ! She smashed all the painting and threw all my antiques . Today its time to get punished.” he searches for her in the kitchen. Seeing flour in the marble his face turns even more red not out of blushing but out of anger. He searched for her in the library and then in the terrace but she was nowhere ! Now turn for the twenty rooms which made him tired. He went to the eighteenth room and checks the washroom as hr could hear giggles.

Manik : So miss Murthy nice hide out place. Now this hide and seek will be really expensive for you.

He enters the washroom and his leg slips and falls on the bathroom floor with a loud thud. Nandini laughs and then shows him the liquid soap which she dropped on the floor.

Manik : What the hell you have done to my great mansion.

Nandini : Manik I followed your instructions. You told me to stay here and I did. And I did some awesome renovation only for you Manik. (blinking her eyes often)
She laughed at him. And she tries to escape but Manik holds her legs, she holds the shower button for support but ends up falling on the floor . The shower was on and they get drenched totally !

Manik sees her smiling face and her wet hair. He touches them and starts getting flashes again. Nandini realises this and stops the shower and makes an exit.

Manik : Now you have to suffer your punishment.
He calls all the servants.
Manik : You all can have a two days holiday

Nandini : But Manik I m hungry ! Who will prepare the food ?

Manik : Prepare it yourself.

Nandini : Okay ! As your wish. You will also eat the dinner right ?

Manik : Oh yes how can I forget that.

He remembers Chachi making food for him. No way if she turns out to be like her Chachi in cooking.

Nandini : Dont worry. I m not like my Chachi in case of cooking.
Manik thinks How she always gets to know what he is thinking. I need to be careful from this girl.

Manik : So you even a bigger flop ?

Nandini : Nope I make excellent food ! Just wait today I ll prepare chocolate cake.

(Guys in this ff there’s another thing. Nandini in the past always used to make Manik a chocolate cake and Manik loves it)

She heads to the kitchen. Manik follows her and sits on the platform staring at Nandini. Nandini does not notice as she was a way too busy to look back at him and smile as she was doing some serious job.

She does the icing and the cake is ready ! Manik smells it. “Smells so delicious. I m waiting !”

Lets go to the hall. They keep the cake in the table. “Oh I forgot to bring a knife. I ll just bring it. Till then dont dare to touch the cake !” instructed Nandini.

Manik : Fine !

Nandini goes to the kitchen to get the knife and she screams. “Eeee !”
Manik rushes to help her. He sees there was a mouse there. “See he is looking at me so revengeful are its eyes !” shrieks Nandini.

Manik : Like seriously.
He shooed away the mouse.

Nandini : That’s like a hero.

Both of them head to the hall and are surprised to see the cake missing.

Nandini : You ate it all alone ! I m not going to forgive you.

Manik : No. Trust me. I didn’t even touch it.

Nandini : Now we have to eat whatever is in the refrigerator.

They see some sandwiches and eat them and go to their bedrooms to sleep.

A mysterious person wearing a hoodie is shown. He/she carries the cake and throws it in the dustbin.

Nandini wakes up. Its 3:00 a.m.

Nandini : Today I have to escape.
She sees the car in the parking. She places her hand on it. “This will be my help. But not now. In the morning. Its too dark now and I m very sleepy.”

She gets back to her room.. The mysterious person tampers with the brakes at which Nandu was pointing.

Precap : Valentines day ! Nandini on a drive in a car without brakes . Will Manik be able to save her ?
Cabir proposes Navya . Will she accept?

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  1. Hey! Anu sorry for not commenting hope u remember me…episode was nice….good going….I think the person is none other than soha the evil of love life of manan…plzzz at least on v day make manik remember smthmg about his past

  2. Ohhh no maddy agai kya par kaise

  3. hi! Anu…..I m so much happy….your story was superb. KYY ke makers ko tumse kuch learn karna chahiye tha….I mean after kitni mohabbat hai 2 k bad ab tk ka sabse worst ending tha KYY ka……Mene ye show kabhi nahi dekha but jab mene news me iske bare me pathana shuru kiya to i thought k dekhana chahiye & jab mene ye shou dekhana start kiya to iska end ho gaya…..but iska end mujhe bilkul accha nahi laga….thanx to u ki tumne is story ko FF ke thru contineu kiya…..thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx soooooooooooo Muchhhhhhh. & great going …..pls manan ki ye choti moti fights dikhate rahna……..& i want to know that soha kab jinda ho gayi or agar jinda thi to aryaman ko pata nahi tha kya pls ise story me jarur clear karna ok by.

  4. Awesome episode, wowwww anu my dearyyyy loved it very very much…so it was aliya’s plan…n cabir can never stop teasing these love birds…o now they’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day in Malaysia….wowwww. …loved the mess nandu made in manik’s huge Mantion…hilarious. ..who’s that mysterious person here in Malaysia. …is it soha or harshad???…keeping me glued…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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