KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 14)

Its evening time. All are still in the party mood.

Navya comes all rush to her.

Mukti : What is this Navya why so late ?

Navya : My Khadoos boss. You know right ? How will he give me a half day. After all he rules the office and he would never let me go till I finish my work.

Aliya : Okay guys ! We had enough. Now time for some drink. I ll bring.

Aliya offers everyone. Everyone accept except Nandini who says “I don’t drink !”

Navya empties the whole bottle. All stop her. “You will puke if you drink more Madhubala” Cabir tells her.

Navya sees Manik. “Manik !” She goes there and whispers something in his ears. “That’s my challenge. And yes you can do a little bit of cheating.”

Manik : No I cant do this.

Navya : Fine then accept your defeat.

Manik : Okay okay. I will do it.

He goes to the kitchen and grabs the bottle of cold drink and pours wine in it. After this he goes and offers the bottle to Nandini. Nandini who seemed to be very thirsty empties the bottle.

All dance for some time in the party song.

Everyone go to her house to grab a room as they were really tired. Nandini was now drunk totally and she goes yo the garden. Manik follows her. “Navya what have you forced me into !” He thinks.

Manik : Nandini come lets go ?

Nandini runs away. Manik follows her. “Fish ! She cant control at all. Now what’s going to happen.”

He catches Nandini.

Nandini : Manik Malhotra. Why are you so stubborn ?

Manik : Nandini Murthy why are you so crazy ?

Nandini : Never mind !

She sits down. “Today my task is to count the stars. You like them ?” she tells him in her obvious childish voice.

Manik : How you know this ?

Nandini : Dont you remember you told me when I got drunk previously.

Manik was puzzled.

Nandini : Manik now you close your eyes.
She puts her hands on his eyes. She slowly keeps her head on his chest. “See Manik I can hear your heartbeat.” Manik starts caressing her face. He then brushes her soft hair with his hand. Nandini stops talking. Manik raises his head a little to see what happened. He sees Nandini had slept.
“Even if I move a little then sh might wake up and then start eating my brain again !” thinks Manik.

He comforts himself and sleeps.

Dhruv sees Aliya near the balcony.
Dhruv places his hand on Aliya’s shoulder.
Dhruv (to Aliya) : Aliya what happened ?

Aliya : Nothing much. Just feeling a little depressed thinking about the men in my past.

Dhruv : Listen Aliya. I m sorry for whatever I did. I just thought you would be happy with Varun. I never knew he would turn out to be such a cheat. I m really sorry…

Aliya : Fine I forgive you !

Dhruv : Really ??

Aliya : Now you want me to write it on a stamp paper ?

She turns away

Dhruv : Aliya wait. One more thing ? Can we be back together ? You still love me ?

Aliya gives a bone crushing hug to Dhruv.

Aliya : Stupid ! How could you even think I can live a moment without you ? You have something which always forces me to love you !

Dhruv : O god. This all seems like a dream. I don’t believe this.

They wraps their arms around each other facing the balcony.

Cabir lifts Navya who was lying on the floor full on drunk. She kept smirking and muttering something in an unconscious state.

He makes her lie on the bed. “Just four more days Madhubala then I will tell you everything!”

Its morning. Nandini finds herself in Manik’s lap. She tries to recollect the happening of yesterday. “The drink ! Manik gave me a drink after which I don’t remember anything. Wait Mr. Malhotra now my turn !”

Manik wakes up and couldn’t find Nandini. He finds Nandini in the kitchen preparing lemonade for herself.

Manik : Nandini one for me too ?

Nandini ignores him.

Manik : Nandini you hearing me ? I m asking for a lemonade ..

Nandini leaves from there. Manik follows her. “Fine you dont want to talk to me? Then I wont ! Manik Malhotra cant run behind any girl for forgiveness. Get that in your mind!” he says and leaves.

Nandini (in mind) : Aww Manik you look so cute in anger. I don’t want to lose this angry Manik.

Aliya and Dhruv come there and announce “Guys we have sorted out our differences. We are now together.”

Everyone clap and hug them.
Dhruv : Guys. We have decided to give a big bash. After all its valentines week. So we are going to party hard.

Aliya : And I have a big surprise. We are going to my beach house today !

All are excited. Manik and Nandini eye each other with anger.

Mukti : Alright. Meet you all at 2: p.m.

2:00 p.m. Outside Aliya’s place.
Mukti : Only seven people can sit on the jeep.

Manik : Okay then. I and Nandini would travel in the jeep.

Nandini : Excuse meh ? I ll go with Aryaman. My bestie ! You go with your fab five.

Manik : Alright !

Cabir starts the jeep. Manik asks him”Cab I drive it ?”

Cabir : You sure ?

Manik : Yes ! (looking at Aryaman and Nandini) Lets have a race.

Aryaman : Alright bro.

Both start their car and jeep. And then starts a sound and wonderful road trip ! Nandini opens the wind shield of the car. Manik sees her enjoying swaying her hair in the blowing wind.

Aryaman overtakes Manik and Nandini boos at Manik. She shouts “Cabir I think you should drive. Looking at Manik I think he is ageing.”

Manik accelerates his car and smiles back at Nandini who was a way behind. After this Aryaman couldn’t catch up his speed.

They reach the beach house.

Mukti : Aliya this place is so pretty ! I m in love with it.

Abhi : Baby I m here . Dont forget about me.

Manik tries to trace out Aryaman’s car but he was not able to trace. He gets worried and tries to call. No response.

He runs to the gate and finds Nandini and Aryaman walking together with their hands folded.

Aryaman (to Manik) cl: Bro actually the car stopped in the mid way. We came all the way walking.

Manik : Why are you explaining and giving me justifications ?

He leaves.

Nandini : Manik will always be the attention seeker. Huh.

Aryaman : I always think of him as your lover. Cant help it.

Nandini laughs hearing LOVER..

Precap : Fab five host a big bash for all the SPACE students. Pirates attack !

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