KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 13)

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Nandini wakes up and sees Manik still sleeping with his nose appearing like a snout of the pig. She goes and opens the curtain allowing the sunlight to fall on his face so that he wakes up without much annoyance. To her surprise Manik didn’t move a little.

Nandini thinks “Only you cant play games Mr Malhotra.”

Nandini shouts “freak! A mouse right over there.” She starts hopping and Manik also jumps on the bed.

Nandini : So Manik? Its boy easy to fool me. Your discharge papers are ready. Now no excuses to miss todays practice. You only made me the band manager. Now time to suffer.

Manik : Nandini, you are the BAND manager not a BAD manager. Now let me sleep! I dont feel good

Nandini : Okay Manik. Yesterday the food was so delicious right? I seriously loved it so much. Lets have it again?

Manik : Bye Nandini! I have to change and get back to practice.

He leaves. And Nandini smiles looking at his so many tantrums.

Manik comes back ready in his clothes. “Come lets go!” tells Manik to Nandini.

Nandini : You are throwing ao many tantrums. You are not a rock star right now.

Manik : I m throwing tantrums. Like seriously.
He goes to the parking and gets into his car. “You don’t want to come miss manager?” He asks looking at Nandini’s frowned face.

Nandini quietly gets into the car. “First my place ! I need to change and freshen up.”

Manik : Fine!

Manan reach Nandini’s place. “Manik you stay here. I will come right away!”
says Nandini.

Manik finds her rude but agrees. Nandini rushes inside and tells Chachi A to Z every little thing. “Now get him inside. I don’t want him to stand outside! And remember Chachi. Not a word about past.”

Chachi : Okay Nandu. I ll bring him. You go and have a bath.

Nandini gets into her room and quickly takes a shower and changes her clothes. Meanwhile Chachi tries to talk to Manik.

“So you came from London. ”

Manik : Yes.

Chachi : Hungry? I ll get some food.

Chachi goes and brings Manik’s favourite Lady’s finger with Pasta. Manik sees this and makes a disgusting face. He eats it. “Oh look Nandini has come. Bye aunty.” Says Manik

Nandini: No Manik. We can wait. Fab five will be late as they slept late yesterday. You carry on with your breakfast.

Manik : You want some.

Nandini : No my stomach is full already . I had those cookies kept on the kitchen table and my apple cider.

Manik gets jealous “I have to eat this bull shit and she had cookies wow. Why this discrimination god?”

Nandini teases Manik as he has his breakfast. As Manik takes the last bite of the wonderful dish fab five appear before him.

Manik : Couldn’t you guys come before . I would not have eaten this.

Chachi looks at Manik in disbelief.
Chachi : What do you mean ?

Manik : Chachi what I meant was They could also have a bite of your wonderful dish.

Cabir : Oh Manik. They are not lucky enough.

Mukti : Lets go now. We are already late.

Dhruv : Are you feeling better Manik now ?

Aliya : Can’t you see. He is perfectly alright. Now lets get going. Or else…

All four of them get on the jeep and Manan in the car. They drive to SPACE where they would practice.

They reach SPACE. All the boys and girls look at the reunited Fab five.

Everyone gossip “Cant believe. First Manik and now Cabir. All is good for them now. The old lost fab five is back. But they are not monsters anymore.”

They get into their Music room.

Aliya : A picture before practice.

Everyone : Sure!

All pose for a selfie. Caption : Beware! The old fab five is back.

Aliya posts it on Instagram. They start their first jamming session. First they work on the music. While doing their USUAL task Manik occasionally stares Nandini and Nandini eyes him back. Manik immediately shifts his eyes pretending to see the wall.

Manik : This isn’t working!

Nandini : I think you should go for something grooving. The way fab five always do !!

Nandini gets a call. It was from O2 manager. “I will catch you guys later. Its urgent .” says Nandini immediately leaves after getting the call.

The practice goes on and they had their music ready. It was perfect but Manik wasn’t happy l. He was missing someone.
“Why am I missing Nandini ?” He wondered.

Nandini comes back after two hours. And a smile appears on Manik’s face post her arrival.

Nandini : Guys O2 has got us a challenge. He wants us to compete with a newbie.

Mukti : Who is the sick man who wants to fight with us ?

Cabir : Really lame idea to compete with us.

Aliya : Now we would show the power of Fab Five.. (looking at Dhruv) Its high time we have not shown any loser his true face .

Nandini : Okay okay ! I think for today the practice was enough. You guys should relax.

All look at Aliya.
Mukti goes and wraps her arms around her shoulder.

Mukti : What can be a better place to relax than her house.?

Aliya : Alright ! We will have lots of fun.

Mukti : Give me a second. I will call Abhi.

Cabir : And I will call Aryaman and Navya.

Mukti doesn’t return and everyone assume her to be with Abhi and she was indeed with the love of here life.

Manik and Nandini go together. Manik asks where was Aliya’s place. Nandini wonders why he doesn’t remember Aliya’s address. Aliya instructs Manik to follow her car. They follow her car and reach her place. There they are surprised to see Mukbhi already standing with their faces red as they were really angry on their late arrival.

Mukti : Guys how can you be so late ? I m here dying to dip into the swimming pool.

Everyone rush beside the swimming pool. Dhruv tries to interact with Aliya but she ignores him. Nandini signals Manik to come near the bar counter. Manik goes over there.

Nandini : Manik we have to do something about Aliya and Dhruv. They fight for the silliest reason now a days. I miss my love birds

Manik : Like seriously. You like to intrude into everybody’s life.

Nandini : So you think I m an intruder. You know what just get lost ! I dont want to talk to you.

She leaves in anger. She stands adjacent to Cabir who was desperately waiting for Navya. They see Mukbhi playfully splashing water on each other. They smile looking at this.

Cabir: I miss love. So much happened. It seems there’s no time left. Nandini you know what we should do whatever our heart says and not wait for the CORRECT time as it never comes. Just look at me . I have learnt a lot from my life and I have promised myself that I would never stop !

Nandini : I think you are right but sometimes its better to stop and go with the flow because if we dont then our dear ones might be affected and we can never see others affected by our own decisions.

Cabir : Maybe you are correct too. Lets see what has life stored for us.
(In mind) Its high time I think I should disclose my feelings to Navya and that will be on the special day… The Valentine’s Day !

Nandini sees Manik really unaffected by their fight and this angers her even more. She sees Aryaman coming and rushes to her. “Hey Aryaman !”

Manik now felt jealous seeing them together. “No Manik no way ! Manik Malhotra can never be jealous.”

Aryaman pulls Nandini into the pool but thankfully she saves her life. Nandini dips her leg in the pool. “Omg ! This is way too cold. I will not come there. No way!” shouts Nandini.

Cabir says in Mukti’s ears “Time for some prank!” He goes near Nandini and pushes her inside the pool. Nandini screams aloud as she falls in the pool. Mukti and Cabir have a great laugh. Nandini is all drenched.

Aliya (to mukbir) : Stop laughing guys. Its not funny.

Cabir gives his hand to Nandini and as she holds his hand, she pulls him inside the pool with all her force. Cabir falls in the pool badly and Nandini teases Cabir.

Manik sees all of this and laughs. Mukti pushes him inside the pool. He lands beside Nandini. They both look at each others eyes but Manik turns his eyes away and so does Nandini.

Mukti (to Aliya) : Now what happened to these kids ? (pointing towards Manan)

Aliya: You know how they are like. Really childish fighting in the craziest topics. Leave them alone. they would definitely work out on their differences

Mukti : Okay ! Abhi come lets go.

Abhi : Where?

Mukti : Just follow me ! Not a question.
She pulls him closer and takes him to the room and the rest you can guess.

Back in the pool Nandini splashes some water on Manik.
Manik : How dare you Nandini !

Nandini runs away and Manik follows her. Manik gets a mineral water bottle. Nandini I the process of running gets all the dust on her her and face which was already drenched.

Manik sees her face and starts laughing.

Nandini : It’s not that hilarious to laugh on.

Manik : Really I think you should check out your face on the mirror.

Nandini checks her face through her phone and then looks at Manik who still laughed.

She kneels down and takes some mud on her hand and tries to throw it on Manik but he is saved by god’s grace.

Manik : Good try Nandini ! But its impossible to defeat me. Just quit.

Nandini catches hold of him and brings him closer. Manik now couldn’t move as he feels senseless whenever he is near her. Nandini slowly rubs her cheeks over his face applying the same mud on his face. Now she laughed like a kid.

Aliya sees them laughing and thinks “See these can never stay apart and angry ! I knew it.” exclaims Aliya.

Dhruv comes and says “Excuse me miss Know It All. Can we talk ?”

Precap : Dhruv tries to patch up. Will Aliya agree or make him wait more !

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