KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 12)

Next update might turn up late as my final exams are going on which will end by 20 March. So sorry for this inconvenience. Hope u all understand. Still I will try to update as much as possible

The doctor comes out of the emergency room.
Doc : Everything is fine now. But we cant predict the future.

Cabir : What do you mean sir ?

Doc : Listen ! I m not trying to scare you people but its a piece of advise or rather an instruction. Please take care that no one brings his past memories all together. His mind cant handle it. If you don’t take care he might slip into coma to the worst. Or even turn lunatic.

All were shocked hearing this.

Mukti : (Sobbing) Don’t worry doc . We will take care.

Doc : Okay now anyone person among you all can go and meet Manik.

(Lovely hospital and doctor as they call patients by their name and not number)

Mukti : Nandini. You go !
She looks at them and then Manik.

She runs to the room and sees an unconscious Manik. She holds his hands and caresses his face.

“Why Manik. Why you always end up in the hospital? Sometimes give me also a chance. (Manik holds her hands in the unconscious state. Nandini holds it tighter)
Doctor told you want to forget our past. And I grant you this wish. From today Mission Make Manik remember everything is forgotten forever. We will make new memories Manik. You will fall in love with me again. This is a challenge not to you Manik but to god. He always tries to separate us. But this time I will prove.. it is always and will always be Manan ..humesha..”

She sees Manik opening his eyes.
Manik sees his hand clenched with Nandini’s.

Manik : What had happen to me. Why am I here again in the hospital. God knows when I will get permanently rid of this place !

Nandini : Today’s lesson. Manik Malhotra and hospital don’t get well along. (she smiles)

Manik gives her the so annoyed look.

Nandini : I know that was bad one.
You say you want to get rid of this place. But how would you ?

Manik : What do you mean ?

Nandini : Why you think so hard. Just let yourself free like a bird.

Manik : It’s easy to preach but difficult to practice Nandini. Be in my position then you will understand. A human without memories of hid past sounds so dreadful! It hurts…

Nandini : At least try once ? Tell me why you came India. Just to get rid of your usual routine. Then why are you again trying to unravel the mystery. Just let it go . If it wants to coke back to you it will find its course. You don’t have to do something..

Manik : Fine ! I will try. Now please get me some food. I m still hungry.

Nandini smiles remembering how they went to the canteen for food. Nandini tells Manik “I will get boiled vegetables and healthy soup.” She winks at Manik.

Manik : No way !

Nandini : Yes . Now statue ! Don’t move. I will bring your friends. The fab five now needs some time together. Why should I be always the bone in the kebab.? Till then I will bring your seven course meal.

She laughs. Manik throws a pillow at her. Nandini runs right away !


Delhi. R.C. College.
A boy is shown. He is playing all the music instruments. The students are shout “0ne Man Band!”
The boy starts singing “Jee Karda.”

His concert is over. All go crazy behind him.
“Madhyam I want to marry you!” shouts a girl

Maddy Maddy all cheer in chorus. Maddy had become a sensation. He had proved to Delhi that ONE MB can exist and that rock music is really rocking. He was happiest due to failure of his GD who always forced him to pursue classical music.

“Time to face the whole world. Fab five! Oops it wont be fab five. Wait Manik Aliya Mukti here I come to defeat you all. My penance has given me enough strength. Not to face you fools but to answer that Nandini who always gave me lecture on friendship. See Nandini what has friendship done. It has made Fab five reduced to Fab three. And now Maddy would destroy that too !” He smirks..

Fab five and Manik were talking and no one discussed anything related to Manik’s past

Mukti : So we will practice tomorrow.

Manik : How was your meeting with O2 manager?

Cabir : It was great.

Nandini enter. “Here is the soup and boiled veggies.” tells Nandini.
“Guys you should have told me. I would have brought this for you all too.” tells Nandini facing the Cavya Mukbhi and Dhrulya.

All in chorus : No thanks ! All get tensed seeing the ugly hospital food.

Mukti : I and Abhi have a date today. See you guys.

Cabir : And I just forgot to tell you I have prepared the dinner all by myself. Come Navya lets have it. I need a company

Aliya : And I will have a stomach upset if I have outside food! Sorry you carry on guys.

Outside the hospital gate Mukbhi go for their romantic date together. Cavya also head home as fast as possible. Dhruv gets on his bike and starts it. Aliya sees her car’s tyre punctured. She hits the tyres hard with her legs and in the process gets hurt. Dhruv comes to rescue.
“I will drop you home.” says Dhruv

Aliya : No thank you !

Dhruv : Just do as i say or else you would hurt yourself even more than this.

Aliya : I m already broken into as many small pieces as possible. Now its impossible even for god to break me further and no one can hurt me now. I m used to all that pain everyone gave me. Especially you.

Dhruv takes Aliya in his arms. “Dhruv! What are you doing?” Aliya shouts.

Dhruv : You will never grow up. Now sit here quietly.

They drive to Aliya’s place. Aliya walks slow towards her home as soon as they reach. Dhruv wishes her “God night and take care!”

Aliya answers back “Bad night! I hope you get to see dreadful monsters in your dream today.”

Dhruv laughs at her cute curse. “You even dont know how to curse someone. Oh my adorable Aliya!” He thinks and drives to his home.


Manan had their dinner. Manik says “I m not able to sleep. Help me na. What kind of friend you are!”

Nandini comes closer to him and starts playing his hair. She realises soon what she had been doing. She tries to remove it but Manik holds her hands back.

Manik : I don’t know why but I m liking it. Continue. This might help me to sleep.

Manik sleeps soon peacefully and Nandini after seeing his white serene gives him peck on his cheek.
“Good night monster! Hope I meet you in our dreams.”

She falls asleep dreaming about her monster.

Mukbhi return from their lovely date and were walking on the road with their arms wrapped in each others shoulders.

Mukti : Promise me Abhi you will never leave me again ?

Abhi : Promise baby! I love you to infinity square and I will not even think of a single day without hugging you and kissing you.

Mukti : So what’s stopping you now ?

Abhi comes closer to her. Mukti closes her eyes. Abhi first moves his lips towards hers but soon fools her and gives her a peck on his cheek.

Mukti : Abhi that was not a kiss!
Wait I will show you how real couples madly in love kiss.

She gives him passionate kiss on his lips and soon Abhi also comes out with the same passion and they only stop when they go out of breath.

Cavya had their dinner talking about Abeer. Navya sleeps on the bed. Cabir stares at her. “Looks like I am in love with you Madhubala !” he says to himself.


So here I bring the end to this season. Just kidding. Not quitting and leaving you guys so easily. Tell me did you like this episode or not. And if yes. What did you like and what you dislike. And I know you all must be wondering when Soha will return..
So just to keep you updated it will only be on Valentines day. It will be a special episode.
Talking about Maddy he is coming in Fab five’s life soon . Competition between fab five and 1 MB would definitely be interesting.

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