KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 10) (Our Adventure)

Okay so Ty for waiting guys. And yeah exams were perfect. I wished it was not prelims and the real boards. Anyways. I just want to say you sorry for these irregular and short updates. And I know my updates are short. Can’t help it. I have two ffs so it’s difficult to manage both at a time plus my studies. Hope you all understand. Again BIG THANK YOU for ur support.
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Manik asks Nandini “How I know your address?”

Nandini : That’s what I wondered? How you know my address? Mr. Manik Malhotra were you following me the other night? Tell me the truth.

Manik was totally dumb struck. The girl to whom he questioned had laid a question before him and he didn’t know what to answer. Nandini quietly giggled and then burst out into laughter. “I was kidding. Someone must have told you.”

Manik : Yeah. Maybe.

Nandini sits in the driver seat “Today I will drive.” she shouted.

Manik : Fine .

Nandini drives the car and switches on the music system. The music playing was Zehnaseeb.

“That’s my favourite song!” Both exclaimed followed by a slight blush.

Manik : I love such soothing slow and soulful music.

Nandini : Hmm..

They reach the Sports Adventure Club.
The scenic beach stole Manik’s eyes and attention. Nandini tried hard appearing before him by doing dance, waving her hands before his eyes but none worked. Finally she started going back. Manik holds back her wrists and pulls her closer towards him.

Manik : Wont you tell me why we are we here?

Nandini : Paragliding.
Nandini remembers her wish list which Manik had promised they would do together and Paragliding was one of her wishes.

Manik : That’s a crazy idea. Please.. No way!

Nandini makes an innocent puppy face and shows her eyes to Manik blinking them occasionally to melt the heart of her monster. But the monster was adamant.

Nandini : Fine you do your Mumbai Darshan all alone.

Manik : Fine my drama queen! Lets go!

Both head to the para gliding club. “Sir, you have to be in pairs.”

Manik : Are you okay with it?

Nandini : No problem. After all you are hot and handsome No girl would have problem to share a few moments with you.

Manik : Really?

Nandini : No just kidding. You are no way hot and handsome my foot..

Manik : Very funny. So you still want to do this.

Nandini : Being out of choice Nandini Murthy is agreeing but don’t take it in any other way. Alright?

Manik : Fine (Turning to the manager) Make the arrangements.

The fab five who were following them signalled a man. The man showed thumbs up.

They had a devilish grin. “Manan a surprise for you guys.” said Cabir.

Manik and Nandini set themselves for Paragliding. Slowly their bodies rise and a thrill of excitement appeared on their faces. They felt the gushing air on their open mouth. Nandini’s hair swirled in air often falling on Manik’s face.

Manik : It feels so good. The environment and the positive vibe. Feels awesome.

Nandini : Yup. Its lovely.. Looks like I would never land down.

Manik : Listen I can’t stay here forever with you.

Nandini : Even I can’t.

Fab five signalled the helicopter and the helicopter man again gives him a thumbs up again. In a minute rose petals fell on Manik and Nandini. Nandini thinks “Aw. This is super romantic. But who has done this. If its not Manik it must be ..” She sees around and sees Fab five laughing.

Manik : What is this? I didn’t know about the rose petals shower . Is it an added package?

His statement made Nandini frown.
Manik sees her frowned face.
Manik : What happened?
Nandini didnt respond. Manik started tickling.
Nandini : Manik stop or else.
The hook comes out and Nandini panics. “don’t worry” says Manik grabbing her tightly. Both of them are landed down. Nandini gives Manik a tight and warm hug. She felt safe in the arms of his dear monster. Manik nonetheless loved her hug but wondered why. “This girl is something yaar. I don’t know. It feels as if I know her since ages. Oh Manik! Close your thought box.” He slowly separates from Nandini. The manager comes there running.

Manager : We are thankful to god. You both are safe. But please don’t do all these stupid things while adventure sports.

Nandini : We are extremely sorry for breaching the rules.

Manager : No its okay.

Nandini and Manik soon vanish from the place to stay away from further embarrassment.

Nandini again drives the car. “Now which place?” asks Manik.

Nandini : Surprise surprise.
She smiles thinking “I m dead sure now Manik that you would remember everything today itself. It is my believe. I trust in our love and I trust god. ”

Precap : Manan visiting SPACE store room cafeteria. Manik falls unconscious.

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