KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 1)

So here is the first episode of the my ff the season 3. It might be a bit depressing at the start but the story starts like that. From sad to happy.

# She is not the one!

Manik who had left for Denmark didnt return for six months. Mukti, Nandini and Aliya didnt know where he went?

They searched him in Denmark but he was nowhere to be found. All had emptiness in their life especially Aliya. Varun who she thought was the man of his dreams turned out to be a cheat.

Mukti was still missing her love Abhimanyu. She always thought why he left her and broke all the promises.

Nandini couldn’t stop crying. She always hoped Manik is fine and is enjoying wherever he is. “But how could he enjoy without her? What if Manik had done this purposefully because she knew Manik couldn’t see her in slightest pain! Come back Manik. I want to see you feel you love you. I know l m being so selfish but if this hidden love is selfishness I m a selfish person. ! She caresses his photo and looks at the stars.


A guy is shown wearing spectacles. He sees his face in the mirror. A lady enters with a doctor and a young girl.
The lady is none other than Nyonika.
Nyonika : Alas! You came out of coma. That operation might have killed you!

Manik : I don’t remember anyone of you.
The girl smirks and says.
“You don’t remember me too? I m your girlfriend Soha Khurana? Don’t tell me that you don’t remember even your name? You are Manik Malhotra the son of a billionaire? You had an accident sometime ago and I fear you lost your memory.

Nyonika : Doc. Can we take Manik back to home?

Doc : Sure just get the formalities done and your son is ready to go.

Nyonika : Sure. I ll just br back in a minute. Soha take care of him.

Soha : Sure aunty.

Soha tries to make him remember all the fake memories she made up like..
“Her first proposal. Their first kiss. They both singing. Etc etc.”

Manik : I don’t remember any of the things you told me. Now stop playing with my mind. I want some alone time.

Soha : Sure Manik. I ll give you your personal space. I hope you get well soon.

She leaves and Nyonika asks her “Does he remember anything?”

Soha : Not at all. I m happy today. Finally I ll get everything I dreamed of! What did Nandini think? She would get rid of me so easily. No I m Soha Khurana . And soha does not give up so easily. Poor she!

Nyonika : Don’t forget we have to keep Manik away from his past. I don’t want a trace of Nandini or Fab five on his present and future.

Soha : Sure aunty. I ll never leave him alone.

Manik, Nyonika and Soha go to their London Mansion. It was night. Manik looks at the sky. He remembers faintly a girl saying “I ll be your star Manik and shine for you.” He thinks “She cannot be the one!” looking at Soha.

Soha : Don’t think so hard Manik. Its not good for your health.

Manik : I don’t need any advices. Just leave me.
He leaves in anger.
Manik : God! I don’t know. It seems as if something wrong is happening out here. It seems to me I broke a promise I made to someone dear. What’s happening to me? I m going to hysterical.
He throws the vase on the mirror. Soha rushes to his room and tries to call him down. She gets his dinner and tells him “You will be normal after few days. My love will make you normal.”

Precap : Some guy follows Manik and turns him around and gives him a tight hug.

And the guy is….(suspense to be revealed in the next episode)

I m a bog kyy lover and I know kyy s3 is a dream which will never be true so here I bring my story. I don’t know if you like it or not. But I want to know. Your feedbacks will definitely help me a lot. So do comment and let me know. ?

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  1. Anu u r so good.i love u for kyy3

    1. Ty dea. Luv u too ?

    2. ty sm… kyy3 was a dream alwayzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Anu… r too good dr…..
    Thanx for this kyy3 ff update Karen ke liye….
    Plz keep updated daily…..
    Plz plz…..
    Its just an amazing start…..
    Kyy rockzz…..always…..nd forever…..

    1. sure sure!!! tysm

  3. This was a sweet gesture. S3.. I always wanted this!

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  4. This is going to be interesting..I want make a request..Please Bring Maddy back..It would be interesting?

    1. sure..tysm

  5. Superb yar…. Kyy3 thought is so nice…. But so sad manik lost his memory…

    1. ty yaar…love u..

  6. Dear…its too good..
    Plzz dont stop!!!
    U r gng gr8!!!!!!
    I hope its Dhruv or ranbir(cabir’s twin)..
    Or someone like dat…
    Plzzz update soon!!!!
    Really liked d whoole concept of kyy3!!!

    1. tysm!!! it meens a lot to me,,,

  7. Oh no manik ka yaardash chal gaya no way

    1. thats what the story will be abt..

  8. It’s good

  9. Drishti JaShnani

    Heart wrenching. Still happy to see Manik is fine..

    1. awwh luvli tysm!

  10. S3 what a lovely start! I just love it. Manik still hates soha even though he is unaware of his past. That’s true love! Keep it up Anu…

  11. It was my big dream to have kyy season 3 and tanqu for writing that dear??

    1. aww mah plsr!!! ty

  12. ur anu too… anyways tysm!

  13. O my anu dearyyyyyy, it’s mind blowing. ..the season 3 ….I’m loving your ff … so sweeeeeet start of this season. …manik lost his memory and soha n nyonika trying to manipulate him with fake past…but he still getting glimpse of nandini. ….wowww…interesting story…precap very interesting. ..keep it up dearrryy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  14. Awwh tysm

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