KYY season 3 (different ff) episode 1


Hello guys.. this is Lara again… Am presently writing an ff named Ada ishq Ada hain Ada ho jayega for tashan e ishq airing on zee tv…
I really felt dat our fav kaisi yeh yaariyaan didn’t have an appropriate ending I mean I felt the story to be incomplete….
So am here with the continuation of kyy season 2..

So this is my first episode….

The morning sun rose along with it woke up nandu… She got fresh n went down…
By that time manik had already come…
N-manik, u? This early??
M- wt do u mean?
N- I mean dat u woke up so early n got ready too! Not bad am impressed…
M- oh hello madam, do u have any copyrites of waking up early?? And get this thing into ur brain that I am d manik Malhotra.. N I don need to impress any one.. N smirks..
N-acha?? N she smiles like he’s not gng to change types…
They had breakfast n left from home to the hospital to meet Dr.mukherjee…
Dr- yes manik com sit.. So all set for leaving to Denmark?
M- yes Dr. All set..

N- actually Dr. V needed some more details and guiadence about the therapy and treatment I mean i needed some more instructions for manik how to take care… And..
Dr- realax, Nandini.. U don need to worry cuz I already said u der r no side effects of this therapy… U just take care of him like u have been doing all these days..just ensure that manik doesn’t take stress n try to recollect anything forcefully if he isn’t able to do without any stress..
N-thank u Dr.. Thank u so much..
All the tym manik was just staring nandu dat how concerned she is for him.. I really love her .. I really really love her a lot..
M- ok den dr. V vil leave..
Dr- ya sure n keep updating me n however ill keep in touch wid ur Dr. There.. So happy journey both of you..
Manan- ty Dr..

They left from there and went to Malhotra mansion and they also called all navya alya n mukhti there..
They all chit chatted..
A- so for how many days r u guys gng…
Ma- probably for 2 months..
Nav- kya? 2 mnths.. This long trreatment..
Mu- ya it quite long tym..
Nan- no no.. The treatment is just for 35 days.. Den y 2 mnths manik?
Man- y matlab? V r gng to Denmark.. After treatment v vil roam u c like site ceing!
Nav- oho nandu.. Kya plan hai ha? N winks n teases them…
A- ya srsly.. Am very happy for u both..

Muk- ya n I really wish ki cabir aur druv wer wid us.. I really miss them..
Man- cabir… Hmm.. Us raat kash I cud have saved him.. I just don even remember wt hapened that nite.. Wt hpnned?? Aaa.. N holds his head n tries recollecting..
Nandini who’s was sitting just beside him held his hand and shoulder n siad – manik… Realx..c..plz.. Don’t stress urself.. Manik plz.. Stop thinking about that.. Plz… Manik plzz… For me.. Plz…plzzz….

Manik some how manges to control himself n say- am fyn Nandini just chill.. Ok.. And..
Suddenly navya starts laughing….

All luk at her like is she gone mad types…
Muk- navya tum thik toh ho na.. Kahi cabir ka naam sun the hi sadma toh nahi lag gaya na? ( r u fyn.. Or did u get any attack by listening to cabirs name?)
Nav- no am perfectly fyn… I was just laughing at manik..
A- manik pe kyun?( at manik? Y?)
Nav- just luk at Nandini now itself she’s so possesive for manik then just imagine after marriage HW wud she b? N she laughs again…
Nan- navya tum..
Man- ya navya u r absolutely right.. For the first tym u have used ur brain… U r srsly madhubala…
Nandini was luking at navya and manike in disbelive n surprise..
Muk- manik tumne abhi Jo kuch bhi kaha was that supporting navya or else marriage proposal for Nandini??
N she giggles…
Nandini luked at manik n before he cud say she said..
None of them.. He’s just supporting truth..

A- Nandini… Wat Eva u said now for covering up manik or a yes for his proposal..
She n mukhti gave hifi to each other….
Manik looked at Nandini n smiled…
Nandini luked at manik n blushed a bit..
Nav- ahemmm… Ahemmm…
Am very hungry.. Plz lets go n have lunch.. Plz.. Cum na mukhti..
She dragged mukti n alya..wid her n winked at Nandini….
Nadini was about to leave when manik stood up n held her Hand n pulled her… She landed in his arms.. His both hands on her waist n her both hands on his chest…
Manik tucked her hair behain her ear n leaned forward for a kiss.. But nandu put her hand on manik mouth n she bend backwards.. N said.. Manik now stop it ok.. V have 2 mnths to enjoy n ntng rite now ok…. N she bit her tounge realizing what she said….
M- ha? Wt did u say? Say again…
Nandini turned her head shy n said- manik… I ment to say ki… Ki… Actually.. Voh…umm… Am hungry si shall v have lunch…
Manik chuckled n joined his forehead with the side of nandinis head as she turned her head to the other side..
She smiled n hugged him..

He too hugged her n gave a peck on her head…
The screen freeze on the adorable position of manan…

So guys this was my first episode.. Plz do comment n only if u like it ill continue n it being a first episode I didn’t put any precap.. But if u wish me rocontinue then ill put a precap from next episode….
Luv u guys..
Take care?

Credit to: Lara

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  5. It was nice…
    I also was disappointed about kyy’s ending….but now i feel somehow relief
    Can you bring mukthi and aryamann together…i think that would be good
    And also taking back cabir….i love him most in this entire kyy crew…even than manan
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  6. Awesome start dear…..
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    1. Hey i am also a priyanka…..aka priya…generally am glad to meet ppl with my name…so nice to meet u…

  8. Lara its good and being a good fan of manan….i managed to read all the ffs written over this page in my busy schedule…so start writing i will start reading….keep updating….

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  10. If you want to write please write in full forms. The story is good but there should be proper punctuation marks and full stops. Don’t mind me saying this. You got to be fully engrossed where you dedicate the time for writing. You almost did but the cut short word hindered everything.

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  12. It’s nice update but one request don’t make manik to forget nandu plz

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