KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 20) (Jealousy)

Nandini searches for Manik in the woods and returns the mansion in disappointment. She didn’t know what to do. She hardly knew anyone. Actually to be precise she knew none.

Just then doorbell rings. She runs to open the door. She sees Manik coming with a wounded forehead.

Nandini : Manik. What us all this ? Who did this ? Come fast. I ll give you a first aid.

She takes him to the bedroom and applies an ointment on his wound. Manik was quiet..

Manik : Do I know you ? Have we ever met before ?

Nandini : What are you asking ? Are you out of your mind. Ofcourse we know each other.

Manik looks at her startled.

Nandini : You only made me stuck here. Forgot ? And we have met before in the party? You forgot or what ?

Manik : No Nandini. I m asking have we ever met before my accident ? (Nyonika had fooled Manik telling he met with an accident and lost his memory.)

Nandini (nervously) : No. I think we should sleep. Go to your bedroom. We will be flying tomorrow to India. So we need some rest.

Manik : Yeah sure. (he leaves)

Manik was in her bedroom and he closes his eyes thinking hard where he met Nandini. “I know it Nandini I have met you before. And I can clearly catch your lies. I have to find out soon. And this quest will start from my own mansion.”

The next day Manan reach the airport and board their flight. The whole flight Nandini ignored Manik as she was worried . She knew she couldn’t lie him. And he catches her lies easily.

They reach India. In the airport they meet their friends.

Cabir : So you guys totally forgot us in each others company ?

Mukti : Ahem ahem !! See who is telling. The one who is totally ignoring us since V day.

Nandini was puzzled.

Nandini : What’s the scene guys.? Tell me in detail !

Aliya starts her chatter box telling A to Z. Nandini was shocked and she looks at Navya who lowers her face, facing the ground. Nandini hugs her tightly. “I m so happy for you !” says Nandini to Navya.

They head to their new jamming room in the O2 office.

Manik tells them he will be back in a second. He was not able to take it. ‘Nandini’s ignorance’

He goes to the fresh air.

Nandini on the other hand tells Fab four everything.

Cabir : Nandini stop ignoring him or else he will get even more suspicious.

Manik was in the terrace. He feels a hand on his back and thinks the person was going to push him down the terrace so he grabs his hand and twists it.

The guy was none other than Maddy.

Manik : Who are you ?

Maddy realises something was not okay. He thinks about their fight and just then Fab four and Nandini come there.

Nandini : Maddy you ?

Maddy : Hi guys. So you all remember me ?

Nandini : Of course.

Manik : So he is Maddy.

Maddy was now sure something was not okay. He asks Nandini “I need to talk to you. ”

Maddy holds her hand and leaves. Manik sees this and fumes in jealousy. First she was ignoring me. And now this old lover ! Wait what am I thinking ?

Nandini pleads Maddy not to discuss any past thing as Manik had lost his memory. Maddy feels he is guilty as he had hit Maddy then. “Okay. I will not trouble you guys. But listen when it comes to music. I m sorry ! And yeah. I want to help you guys. So whenever you need my help just ask.”
He gives her a smile and keeps his hand on his shoulder.

Just then Manik enters and coughs hard.

Maddy : Okay ! So I need to practice as the competition is not easy.

Manik : Dont worry its very easy for us. You know. We even don’t take you as a competition. (smirks)

Maddy leaves feeling offended

Nandini : You shouldn’t have talked to him like that. He is really a nice guy.

Manik : You are telling me this ? I suppose it was you who told me that he left your friends when they needed him the most. Coward !

Nandini : Forget it. You will never understand.

Manik : Now miss manager. You leave. Its our practice time.

Nandini : Okay then !

Nandini goes to the other room and sees Maddy there practicing. She goes there and stands beside him.

Maddy : What are you being a detective and checking if my music has that power ?

Nandini : Look I m in no mood to fight. So you carry on.

Maddy sees her upset behaviour and cracks a joke. Nandini starts laughing like a maniac. Manik hears them laughing. He rushes to Maddy’s room.

Manik : Miss manager. I need your presence in my room right now. And by the way your are our band manager and not his !

Nandini sees the hidden love in his outer jealousy and smiles.

Precap : Maddy vs Fab five first face off. Who wins ??

Hope you guys liked this episode. And the Maddy’s new character. I have to find a girl for him. I think Fenil (Sanjana of BFF) would be perfect. What you guys think ??

Drop down your feedback !

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