Kyy manan together forever (Prologue)



Manik malhotra:- A handsome,hot young man,only son of malhotra industries,lives in Mumbai, founder, leader and main vocalist of fab5, loves music specially gutair well he respect girls,very possessive about fab5 and his only little sister piya
Nandini murthy:- A beautiful and sweet girl,only daughter of murthy group of companies,lives in new york,she also love music specially gutair and also a vocalist,she known’s how to deal with world well she is soft and kind hearted
Navya navali :- A pretty and sweet girl,lives in new york,bestie of nandini,she plays drums she belives in true love she love music and also poetry
Cabir dhavan:- A cool and handsome young man,drummer of fab5,belives in true love live in Mumbai with his mother,main pranker of fab 5 but good at heart
Mukti vedhant:- A hot and beautiful girl,electronic guitarist of fab5,very short temper well good at heart,does not belives in love

Alya s*xsena:- A hot and beautiful girl,keyboard player of fab5, she plays keyboard she is gf of druv , lives in Mumbai she is also a fashion designer
Druv vardhan :- he is a smart, hot boy. he is bf of alya he also play gutair in fab 5 . he live with alya im mumbai. He live life whole heartedly
Piya malhotra:- she is sweet, innocent and sweet girl , little sister manik she plays gutair she is considered as princess of fab 5
Nyonika malhotra:- a graceful and successful business women live in Delhi mother of manik and piya trustee of space academy

Abhimanyu murthy:- handsome and hot man , elder son of murthy’s he is a neurologist in U.S
Arayman murthy:- cool and dashing boy , younger son of murthy’s he plays keyboard
Fab5 :- 2 year students at space, most famous and telented band of space but the are the worst prankers , live for each other they are more than friends they are family for each other

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. Nice.. Seems interesting.. Carry on..??

  2. Cool keep it up waiting for next episode and yes it was awesome..amazing and u think by ur self……………(_)

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thanks your comments means alot

  3. Interesting……
    Plz plz plz….continue…..

  4. Eagerly waiting for coming episodes…kya cool intro hai yaar

  5. Moazama Sohail

    Thank u so much i will try my best

  6. Superb…. A good start yaar….

  7. Superb…. interesting…

  8. seems interesting

  9. Carry on na plzz it’s amazing

  10. Rohama Maghfoor

    Sooo nice story moazma sohail…. So intresting story… Keep it up

  11. Awesome intro…wowwww another ff on kyy…loved it …plzzzz continue dear. ..all the best. .love you loads

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