Kyy manan together forever episode no 12


all of them take their places all sit opposite to their couple
Cabir -navya
Piya -aryaman
Mukti -abhi
Manik- nandini
Nadini serves the food
Cabir :yummy food
Nandini :i don’t know what u like so… I made it
Cabir :well i am surprised ….. All dishes r favourite of
Nandini :of??
Piya notice dishes
Piya :mine
Cabir made a face and in low voice to piya
Cabir : they all r manik’s favorite then why u said that urs
Piya : look at him ….. He will kill u if u say any thing about it
Cabir : he can just give me dead glare because he will need me in near future
Piya : why ???
Manik :piya and cabir do u have manners
Piya: yes bhaii
Ayraman :doesn’t seem like
Piya looks at him with anger
Abhi : don’t be formal ….. Feel free as ur house
Mukti :can’t u see they already did ?
Alya:stop it guys….. Enjoy the food u won’t find it any where
Druv : yeah… alya is always right
Cabir :han….. U will say like that … Do u have option to deny alya.
That’s why i don’t have any gf
Ayraman : yeah … I am also free of this tension
Druv : this is not tension ….. All of u will know when u will fall in love
Abhi :yeah i agree….
Mukti :so… I have
Nandini :he never had any girlfriend
Manik :good and u in college
Nandini : no
Navya : kisi ki itni himat hi kahan is to propose kary
Cabir : why
Navya :we r neighbors na then u will so see the reason
Navni smirks
Abhi : ok … We had the dinner …. Now its play
All move and navni clean the dinner table helped by other girls

Hall :
Boys were talking to each other when girls came
Nandini :lets go to the terrace today is full moon night
Mukti :good idea
Nandini :u go i will serve dessert
Mukti : i will come with u
Navya and alya :me too
Piya: then what will i do in boys
Girls move toward kitchen
And boys toward terrace
Mukti , alya and piya bring dessert and serve it
They make a circle in which boys are on one side and girls on other side
Abhi shouts :navni come fast
Manik :who is navni ??
Navni comes:us
Mukti : but u r navya , nandini na
Navya:yeah navya , nandini =navni
Cabir : nice lets make our name like this …… Lets start
Abhi :i and ayraman r abhiman
Cabir :what will be mine with manik
Navya :ofcours manbir
Cabir :mukti and i
Mukti :mukbir ….. Right
Druv :we r here also
Piya :yeah ….. Lets one by one starts with the leader
Navya :leader ????
Cabir :simply manik
Manik :ok me and cabir -manbir
Me and druv -?
Alya :drnik ….. So funny
Manik: ok
Cabir :manik and nandini will be MANAN
Manik looks at cabir angerly
Nandini with jerk :no
Cabir :what happened guys its just a name
Navya : its ok don’t worry…… She did not mean
Nandini wipes her tear :no its ok…. I overreacted actually my parents name the same
Mukti :means ??
Abhi :our mom mansi and dad ansh
Which is MANAN together they died in accident …
Cabir :ok we will play some thing else
Nandini excited :what???
Cabir : ok lets make pairs then i will tell u Druv :me and alya
Cabir :i and navya
Navya :u have good choice
Abhi :i and mukti
Mukti :fine
Cabir : now piya u with ayraman
Manik :then i
Cabir :can’t u see nandini
Nandini :i have no problem
Manik :fine… But whats the game ??
Cabir : ok the game is to ask ur partner a question about ur self and who win… will enter in next round
Next round : the girls will stand in line and the boy who have blind fold have to find his girl
The couple who will win dance with partner and match the steps with partner
Manik: we met them frist time…. How we will know each other
Cabir :shut up manik …. Just try … Once if u won’t like it we will change ok
Manik unwillingly :ok
Mukti : thing i hate the most
Abhi :love
Mukti : right…. But how
Cabir :only one question
Mukti :ok
Abhi :what i like the most ?
Mukti :smile ….. U always smile and make other smile
Abhi : impressed

Cabir :look manik its intresting.. Now ur turn

Manik : most important thing in my life
Nandini :friends and piya
Manik is stunned by the fast reply
Cabir :good shot
Manik :correct
Nandini : the thing which is most dearly to me
manik: must be related to ur parents
Nandini :yeah i want to tell u some thing but i haven’t courage
Navya :what
Nandini :i….i lost my scarf
Abhi :when
Nandini :i don’t know
Ayraman :its ok don’t worry …. Plz come back to the game
Cabir : what i love to do
Navya :to pull manik’s leg
Cabir :right
Navya : do i have boyfriend
Cabir : ofcours …. U r so pretty … U must have at least one
Navya : wrong
Everyone laugh and navya hits him
Cabir: so we r out
Piya :which musical instrument i love the most ?
Ayraman :u must be drums or gutair types
Piya :absolutely wrong
Ayraman :and i
Piya :must be drums and gutair as u said
ayraman :u r wrong to … Congrats we r out too
Druv : favourite flower
Alya :me
Druv :alya u r a human…i thought
Alya :shut up i was saying u and i like roses druv :right …..
Alya: which place i love the most
Druv : Switzerland
Alya :right dear
Cabir :so… We have 4couples
Manan , mukhbi, drlya
Girls make a line and boys tie ur folds …
They did as per cabir’s instructions
Cabir :first abhi
Abhi touch each girl and hold nandini’s hand he untie the cloth and see nandini
Cabir :mukbhi u lost now manik’s turn and girls change ur place and piya , mukti and navya u also stand in line
Manik walk among girls without touching anyone he hold nandini’s hand and pull her and hold her tight from her waist untie his fold
Evey one claps but nandini is shock
Nandini POV
how he know without touching ?? And so sure it is me?
Manik’s POV
How i came to know ?? It wasn’t coincidence because i haven’t touch any one
Manan share eye lock which is again disturbed by cabir manik leaves nandini
Cabir :so u win 2 round
Manik’s POV
Manik don’t look into her eyes she will hypnotise u with her magical eyes
Manik gets serious
Drulya round Druv touch every girl and stops at alya , he hold her hand and says alya i can find u in milions of people because u r my lady love …. Alya hugs druv
Alya :i love u druv
Druv :i love u more
Cabir : enough of ur romance …. Plz give chance to others … I have to do alot of hard work for that because they r not smart as u
Manik give cabir a dead glare
Nandini :for whom
Cabir : every thing cant be explain like right here right now ……….
Manik : cabir u r dead
Navya : why
Cabir with evil smile:u r new to this nau will take some time to understand can we plz continue our game
Piya shouts :shooting star
Ayraman :then why r u shouting we can hear
Piya :first make a wish
All close their eyes and mke their wishes
Cabir :what is ur wish manik?
Manik : same ….. That u all and piya get all the happiness and always stay together
Nandini :nice wish
Cabir :tell me ur wishes
Navya: why u will fulfill them
Cabir :maybe
Mukti :i wish to be with u all…. together forever
Alya : i wished we all love each other like this only
Druv: i wished god plz make a girl for whom manik fall
Piya :i wished that bhaii fall in love
Cabir :even i wished the manik found that girl
Abhi :why u all wish to manik fall for someone
Cabir : till now not even a single girl is able to attract manik except for one
Nandini :who ??
Cabir :yeah ..Because she was so pretty but including manik we never saw her face
Nandini :sad love story
Manik gets angry :cabir i told u not to drag this ……. U r dead now and this is for sure
Cabir : chill manik …. Lets continue wishes
Navya : we all get our true love
Nandini :i wished jo mera ha mera hi rahy or mujh ko mil jae
Cabir : kya?
Nandini :u won’t understand
Abhiman :we wished our sisters live always happy
Everyone smiles
Cabir :now its time to dance… Manan and drulya
Manik ofer his hand but cabir says
Cabir :sorry to tell u uboh have to dance on newspaper with every song ur newspaper will be folded then u have to manage

The one who step out will lose the game
Manan and drulya start dancing on newspaper nandini kept her one hand on manik’s arm and other in manik’s hand , manik hold nandini’s hand in one and rest on nandini’s waist both look in eachothers eyes. same as drulya after some move newspaper was too small for them manik pick nandini in arms so drulya did the same but alya lost her balance and both fell evey one laught and mukti jokes at them
Cabir :so guys manan is today’s winner
Everyone congratulated them
Piya: guys i think it is more than enough late so we have to go
Cabir :right it too late
Fab5and piya greets murthy’s and leave
Manik :druv alya its too late stay at my place na
Druv : i already decided
Manik :ok

Credit to: Mehar

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