Kyy manan together forever (Episode 9)


Mrs kapoor :there she is
Pointing toward nandini till then nandini , she had her back toward manik , she reached to the door manik without thinking follows her…… Every one is stunned by manik’s move

Manik follows nandini both came out of house she is at some distance to him ,
Manik(to him self )i should call her … But i dont know her name
Nandini’s mobile rings
Nandini :hello

Navya in anger ??:where r u ?
Nandini starts walking again but her scarf untie a fall she did not notice as she was busy with navya
Nandini :wait na i am coming in 2 mins
Navya :i am already waiting

Manik notice nandini’s scarf and picks
Manik to nandini :excuse me
Nandini doesnot listen as she was on phone , she sits in car and drove away
Manik still holding scarf , he looks at the scarf and see “MANAN” written on it an unknown smile appear on his face

Manik : how beautiful the scarf is and it smell so sweet…… Mrs kapoor was right her everything is amazing Suddenly his smile vanish when he realize that she left….. He felt sad and came back with heavy heart… As he enterd he found fab5 , piya, Mrs kapoor with question mark faces ….
Manik ( to him self ) why they are looking me like school’s kharoos principal ……. The realize how he followed her …… Now Iam dead for sure he thinks a plan and smirks
Manik joyfully : what happened guys ???? I haven’t seen fab5 so serious in any party …… Wait …. U didn’t like the party ?????? Not fair ?????
Druv : yeah u r right…..
Manik : look i told u
Alya : u r right we too haven’t see u so desperate????
Mukti : what’s going on ???
Cabir : why u followed her
Piya : cabir bhaii not her its bhabi ..isn’t it manik bhaii????
All shooted question but manik stayed calm because i knew it very well so he prepare for this
Manik: answer of all questions is very simple that….

Cabir cuts
Cabir : that u love her ?
Piya :not fair bhaii ?
Alya :really ?
Mukti : how meanDruv was about to speak some thing but manik says
Manik :enough ! Shut up u guys this is just that she …. She is not my types and u stop using ur minds
Saying this he left and other laugh
Manik meets other guests but his mind was just full of nandini he feel restess so he left the party and goes toward his room
The room opposite to nandini is manik’s room manik turns and enter in nandini’s room he feel her presence in the room he takes out the scarf from his pocket and get more rest less
He move toward his room and on shover and stand under it his mind was full of nandini and her song still echoing in his ears

Boondh ma ek samander sa ha
Do dillon ma haseen ghar sa ha

Ishq bin maangy mill jaay toh kahin ruthy na mukadar mera
Farz ho apny ma khud hi chunu
Phir jo ketha ha bas woh karu
Ishq ha rasta na chunu

Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoonManik came out of washroom he sitts on bed and thinks
This girl is something i havent even seen her face but she has the power to make me restless…. No … Actually crazy….. She in a few seconds took my control ……. I never get attracted to any girl but this girl ……… OH MY GOD …… i will die if i kept thinking like this
He took his gutair and tries to play nandini’s songs tune but fails because they came when it was last stanza …. Manik thinks i should go to the party to divert my attention
He came to the hall , everyone left the party and others were peacefully sleeping but manik’s sleep and peace was taken away by nandini , he left the mansion in his car and drive without any destination for time pass

Mumbai airport
Navni reached the airport and is surprised to see neither abhi nor aryaman … Navya called abhi
Abhi : hi nandu missing us
Nandu : how mean ?? U havent came to recive us
Abhi in confusion : but u were supposed to come tommarow naNandini :sent me address we r coming
Abhi sends the address and navni came to their place navni took their room nandini’s rooms decorated as per her choice and her room has a small terrace from which she can see sky, road ,and neighbour house

After 2 days fab 5 came back to Mumbai

Nandini and gang decide to party
Nandini : we should not party alone we should invite our neighbours for party
Navya : good idea
Abhi : frist we will go to invite neighbours then me and ayraman will buy drinks and alland both of u will get some kitchen stuff
All nod in agreement
Nandini went to left house she ring the bell after some time a servant opens the door
Servant : hello ma’am who r u ?
Nandini : i am ur neighbour… Is anyone is at home

Servant: ma’am no everyone is out except sir he is in back side
Servant tells her the way and he leaves
Nandini went back side of house and see none she looks there and there but no use she was standing at the edge of swimming pool wearing black top andand blue pant with her hairs open
Suddenly someone speak so close in the ear she get scared , lost her balance and fell in pool she start screaming the man turned out to be manik
(Manik and nandini turns out be neighbours as planed by nyonika )
Manik is mesmerized by nandini’s beauty
Manik thinks : she is so beautiful even in fear

Manik jump in pool as she was screaming which can cleary seen that she doesn’t know swimming
Nandini holds manik and hugs him she was shivering with fear and breathing heavily her eyes were still closed manik hold nandini from waist
Manik: relax …. It is not that deep ….relax
Nandini opens her eyes with a jerk and find her self in manik’s arms
She look at manik they have an intense eye look for some time
Which is broken by nandini
Nandini :leave me

Manik :ok
And He leaves her she again start screaming and hold him again manik pass a smile , he help her to get out of pool
Manik :by the way who r u ? Nandini: I’m ur neighbour, i just came to invite u and u made me wet while saying she was trying to dry her hairs and manik was just starring at her without blinking his eye
Manik : invite for what ?
Nandini : for party …. Actually we have arranged a party tonight …
Manik :ohh
Nandini :i have to do much arrangements and u made me wet
Manik : ?i made u wet its u whi made me wet … I was just leaving not i have to change
Nandini : ok i say sorry now tell me how many peoples u r ?
Manik :me and 5 others

Nandini : u r 6 in this house
Manik :actually no me , my sister and two friend lives here but we do not party without other two
Nandini : ok then see u soon bye
Manik : bye
She leaves and he smile

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. Manik nd nandani are neighbors…….
    Aww yar….
    Its really amazing…….
    But its plan by niyonika……kyu….????

    1. Moazama Sohail

      It will reveal later that why Nyonika put that much efforts to stop their meeting in Delhi and made them neighbour in mumbai

      1. Okkkkkk…….
        I m waiting for that part……but for now…..
        U r too good yar….
        Keep going….

  2. wow tdy’s episode ws amazing..js enjoyed imagining ur ff

  3. Awesome…… Finally manan forever…..
    Waiting for next epi egarly…..

  4. Manik u r unbelievable yaar

  5. Update soon na I love ur ff

  6. It’s awesome manan neighbours and party in nandu place its going to be rocking

  7. Rohama Maghfoor

    Amazing storry yaaar….

  8. Moazama Sohail

    Thanks ruhi

  9. Awesome, wowwww moazama, it’s superbbbbb n lovelyyyyyy. …manik got nandini’s so sweeeeeet. ..he is so restless n crazyyyyy for her..very interesting plot…now manan r neighbors…all planned by nyo n harsh… so lovelyyyyyy…..I was thinking nyo as negative n planning something against manan but it’s a good surprise for me. …can’t wait for the party now…plz upload next episode soooooooon. …love you loads

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