Kyy manan together forever (Episode 8)


Party’s day :
Navni come to the hall and discuss random topics nyonika came wearing dark green shafoon saree with golden border
Navya :wow u look stunning
Nyonika :thanks dear
Nandini : mom ! Normally u wear dresses…..and today saree…is anything special
Nyonika :yes ! My husband is coming ?
Nanvni :ohhh
Nandini :u love him so much na
Nyonika: he love me so much even he stood by me in yhe worst stage if my life
(She remind some thing from past that bought tears in her eyes)
I think i should leave to recive him
Saying this she left
At air port :
Nyonika sees harsh coming and hugs him both happily came back to malhotra mansion
Navni welcome them
Navya : both of u look perfect together
Nyonika blush at her compliment and harsh thanks her
Nyonika ask harsh : which is nandini ??
Harsh without wasting a sec point toward Nandini
Navni gets shock while nyonika nodes happily
Nandini :how do u know
Harsh :because u r just like ur mom Nandini gets emotional and nyonika hugs her

Harshika went to check preparation
Nandini gets a call after the call
Navya :who was there?
Nandini :i was from air lines our flight have been preponed we will leave tonight …. But who might have done this ???
Navya : who else ? It must be our bhaii …..whose golden days r not passing ?
Nandini :may be
nyonika asked harsh
How u stopped manik ??
Harsh: i postponed their tickets and i know him very well he wouldn’t come by road………same i did with nandini i preponed her ticket…… So when manik will come by then she will left
Nyonika :thank god u handeled
Harsh :dont worry….. Once both left delhi …….then every thing will be fine
Nyonika :plus i don’t want them to meet official i will make them meet as strangers Else they will panic and thing will become ugle but harsh how u get to know that he is spying on manik
Harsh : i did security arrangements for both families,manik’s guard told me that someone is spying manik
Nyonika gets a huge shock: what ?
Harsh: dont worry ! That man has been arrested and i have tight the security then i call you to tell u not to speak about manik and fab5
Nyonika : i have done the rest arrangements , kids will be safe in mumbai
Both relief and went for party arrangements
Nandini tells nyonika about flight and she says enjoy the party till then
FAB5 left for delhi
Nandini and navya came down stairs
Nandini wore black derss with golden chain on her waist , she did light makeup with hairs have light curls
Navya wore purple frock with light makeup and hairs tied in lose bun
Both were looking awesome
Guests start coming nyonika introduce nandini to every one

Everyone like nandini and give compliment . navya and nandini were talking with each other
When they heard convo of some ladies
Lady1 : Mrs malhotra is introducing that girl to every one (pointing towards nandini )
Lady 2:why ???
Lady 3 :i think she selected her
Lady 1 :for what ??
Lady 3 :she have a son
Lady 2:that one na who is so hot and handsome
Lady 3 : so many girls are after him but he is not even interested in any girl
Lady 2: he is diamond woh bhi rare
Lady 1 :if this is like that then this girl is best for him
Lady 3 :she will be lucky to have him….. Just like match made in haven
Navni look at each other in shock
Nandini was about to speak just then nyonika speaks the ladies turn and see nyonika boiling in anger
Nyonika ???: mrs kapoor (lady 3 ) stop assuming any thing and get one thing very clearly neither i can hear anything about nandini nor my son…. So… Stop your match making
Mrs kapoor : I was telling them what it seems
Nyonika ?what evey u think i do not care….
Mrs kapoor: reality will not change if u deny
Nyonika was about to say some thing when nandini stops her and take her to a side
Nandini :maasi why u r getting hyper…. Calm down people use to say things we should not get effect by that …… I think u should go and attend other guests and donot spoil ur mood for others
Nandini hugs nyonika and she leaves nandini took a deap breath and came back to the party

Fab5 and piya reach delhi air port
2 Cars were waiting for them they leave for malhotra mansion
Nyonika request nandini to sing song
Navya : masi we had to leave now
Nandini u take the luggage i will just come it will not take much time navya left to bring luggage and nandini gets her gutair , she start playing and sings

Yeh safar ha k kata nahi
Tanha tanha guzarta nahi
Ishq e mamnoon ha phir bhi
Yeh dil ishq karny sy darta nahi
Kin khayalon me kohayai rahu
Phir umeedon sy jurti chalo
Kash is dil ki ek na sunu
Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoon…

Manik is on his way……..
Everyone loved the song
Song continued
Phool kaliyon sa yeh maan khila
Tum sy ma khud sy mili
Youn lagy k naya ha safar
Han purana ha pr silsila
Mera armaan ho mera junoon
Tere pehlo ma aaya sukoon……
Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoon..

Gate opens and two black cars came

Song continued
Boond ma ki samandar saa ha

Manik hears the song and ask driver to stop the car

Do dillon ma haseen ghar sa ha

Manik mesmerized by the song othet also gets out of the cars and stand beside manik

Ishq bin maangy mil jaay toh
Kahain ruthay na muqadar mera
Farz ko apny ma khud hi chunu
Phir jo kehta ha bas woh karu
Ishq ka rasta na chunu
Ishq e mamnoon ishq e mamnoon….
Song ends

Every one praise nandini for her voice
Just then fab5 enters and everyone’s attentions converts to them
Nandini leave the hall to get her bag from the room meanwhile fab5 and piya greed everyone
Mrs kapoor came to them
Mrs kapoor : hello manik
Manik :hello Mrs kapoor how r u ?? Mrs kapoor :fine and tell me nice song na
Manik:yeah….. Very nice song …. But … Who sung ?????
(He was trying to get about the voice and want to meet her without telling anyone but cabir noticed )
Mrs kapoor found it a good opportunity for her gossip
Mrs kapoor: you r too funny…..
Manik : what’s funny
Mrs kapoor: that u wont know the voice of your would be wife
Every one shocked with mouth open after some time cabir gather courage
Cabir :u mean my would be bhabhi ?
Mrs kapoor :yeah…. Who else?? She is so beautiful her every thing is amazing
Manik in shock :u must be mistaken Mrs kapoor : no i am not
She sees nandini passing on manik’s back with her hand bag in one arm on which the same scarf is losely tied
Mrs kapoor: there she is
She point toward nandini tillthen nandini reached till door
Manik without thinking follows her


Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  1. woooowwwwwwww…..Mrs kapoor was so cool and funny….doesn’t even no what actually she did…..seriously fantastically plotted and written…. just can’t wait 4 the next epi…..

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thanks dear

  2. Superb update but confusion why harsh and nyonika trying to stop manik and nandini to get confronts each other why they want to manan meet as strangers.

    1. Moazama Sohail

      U will get to about it in coming episodes

  3. Omg manik and Nandini so cute.pls update fast .excited

    1. Moazama Sohail

      I will try to update soon

  4. Omg I’m mesmerized with your amazing writing skills. …the episode was awesoooooome. …the song n lyrics very beautiful. …precap is very exciting. ..can’t wait for the next episode, eagerly waiting. you loads

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thank u so much , its my frist ff

  5. The episode was awesome…. It’s superb…..
    Keep updating but update soon yar I am dying to read it….

    1. Moazama Sohail

      I will update as soon as possible

  6. Seriously awesome the waiting for next update impatiently

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thanks dear

  7. Superb yar……
    Eagerly waiting for manan first face off……

  8. So cute n sweet moment when they had a face off plzzz update d next episode fast restlessly waiting

  9. Rohama Maghfoor

    Mind blowing…. This episode was sooo nice

    1. Moazama Sohail

      Thanks ruhi ….. ?

      1. Rohama Maghfoor

        Welcm ?

  10. nestle joseph

    sohali,kalakki,pls update soon

  11. Love this ff very much. I like the name mukti. B’coz it’s my real name. Love manan… Love kyy… Very much…….
    Really… Cant wait for next epi…

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