Kyy manan together forever (Episode 7)


Episode 7
nandini and gang enjoyed alot they went to historic and other places along with nyonika they had their lunch in a hotel and came back late night

an isotated road two bikes were parked and two people were standing nearby talking to each other
They both were drssed in black pants and black jackets they wore helmets so their faces are invisible
Boy : don’t challenge me u gonna lose today
Girl : lets take a view on our race history…… As far as i remember i have record of 2 years of racing winning and u have a record of 2 years race losing ….. Am i right cabir
The boy is none other than cabir

Cabir : my dear mukti , dont forget time never same ….U gonna lose today
Mukti : dreaming is good but only at night….But u r dreaming in broad day light with open eyes
Saying his she start laughing loudly
Cabir :ok then lets bet
Mukti : ok….. If u wanna lose bet.. what can i do then …Ok if u lose then u will steal manik’s gutair for 1 day

Cabir :if u lose then u will ask manik for a road trip
Mukti : done
Cabir : ok done
They sits on their bikes and race starts
Mukti: get set go
Race starts ,both drive very fast and rash , both cross each other many times but at the end mukti wins
She remove her helmet and her long and heavy hairs wavys , she have a pair of big,black eyes which looks more beautiful by her maskara and kajal
Just then cabir comes with fast speed and apply break , he remove his helmet
He have attractive eyes and a cool hair style
Cabir :i was about to win ?
Mukti : cabir…….win and lose is not almost and about to , either it is or it is not
Cabir :fine…..lets go , other wise we will be late for flight…and manik will kill us
Mukti :whats about gutair? ??
Cabir :i will steal …. Dont worry
Mukti : all the best cabir
Mukti thinks it is not so easy to get manik’s gutair
They left for MM Mumbai

MM Mumbai
mukti and cabir enter and surprised to see manik,piya, druv, alya waiting With their musical instruments
Mukti : hi guys… Lets go… Wait where is your luggage
Cabir : why u all have musical instruments in your hands
Manik :actually our flight is cancelled .. So we will go direct in party.
Mukti: but why?
Cabir in angry tone ?:what the hell is this? Manik u r informing me now… I am angry at u
Manik :oh melodrama , this doesn’t suit u
Cabir :what doesn’t suit ? ?
Manik: anger
Cabir in painful voice (acting):dost dost naa raha…. Yaar yaar na raha ma dut gaya ma barbad ho gaya
Every one smile on his acting
Manik:what do u want ???
Cabir suddenly change his mood :so u understood…. Lets come to the point
Every one wided eye on his reaction
Alya :u such a drama queen
Cabir : i have right on u
Manik: yeah
Cabir : so manik….u have two options….u have no third option
Manik :ok
Cabir : come to me (in a low voice )
1 option :-we will go delhi by road
Manik :not even a single chance
Cabir:option 2 fulfill my one desire

Manik : what is ur desire ?
Cabir : have Patience….. Time will tell
Manik :done
Cabir (in normal tone ) :guys u all are witness that Manik agreed on my second option ….. Now….. Whats the plan?
Druv tells the plan
Mukti: sounds good
(In low voice that only cabir cold hear) i am excited to play manik’s gutair on beach
Cabir give a wicked smile : i have almost done my work
Mukti :guys lets leave
They leave for the beach
they set up their musical instruments
Manik is busy in phone
Cabir take advantage of situation
Cabir : manik my desire is to take your gutair for one day…… can i take ….
Manik without listening : yeah
Cabir :can u pass the gutair
Manik passes unintentionally
Cabir took the gutair and handover to mukti
Mukti was surprise because manik never ever let any one touch his gutair but take happily because this is the most rarest opportunity
Manik was still busy in phone he was texting someone
Druv:we will give a killer performance
Druv signal every one to observe manik

Manik: yeah cabir is right
(He was that much in phone that he even doesn’t realized what he just said)
He turned his head and see piya, alya, druv , cabir were standing in line as they are going to kill him.he get tense seeing them like that because he knows they r going to beat him and in tension he mistakely called Nyonika
Manik:ok ok no phones sorry lets jam
He kept his phone in pocket
nandini and gang were in shopping mall Nyonika went for trying dress .
Nandini have Nyonika’s phone . phone rings she picks after two rings
Nandini: hello … Hello
She was about to cut when music beguns she stops and listens the music
Music begun
After some moments manik sings
Yaro dosti barhi hi haseen ha
Nandini is mesmerized by the meledious voice she listens the whole song
fab5 and piya share a group hug
Piya :i love the song

Manik : thanks dear
He notice his gutair in mukti’s hand Manik: mukti ! Why did u played my gutair
U know na i never let anyone touch
Cabir(emotional black mails ):i thought manik will stick by his words but i was wrong
Manik :what do u mean??
Cabir: what i mean is……. this
He played the audio in which cabir asked manik for gutair and he agrees
Manik :cabirr…….
He runs behind cabir followed by piya and fab3
They played with water , swim and did a lot of fun
They had their dinner and went back to their places
Drulya at s*xsena mansion
Fab 3 and piya at malhotra mansion
nandini and gang did a lot of shopping and visited a lot of places but her mind was still stuck in same song

They returned home late they were about to go when Nyonika asked abhi
Nyo:abhi! Did u fixed any thing with broker
Abhi:yeah ! I forgot to tell u that he have a house,i have to go tomorrow by 6 amwith ayraman
Navni and ayraman give him a dead glare
Navya :bhaii we r going and u r telling u now
Nandini :if mom haven’t asked we were supported to know after we miss the flight

Abhi: nandu we r not going just i and ayraman
Ayraman: why???
Abhi : if u use ur brain then u wont ask such questions
Navya : i also want to know
Nyonika: because u both r safe here
U do not have any property in Mumbai then where will u stay i will book room for them in Mumbai hotal , they will find house tbem navni can go
Abhi :look mom is so smart and u fools

Nandu : actually we r following u so…
Navya : fine u go and work. wewill enjoy here
Abhi :I’m gonna love there 2 days
Navya : why????
Ayraman: because we dont have to bear u
Navni give him what-the-hell look
Nyonika: navni r such asweet girls i would love to live with them
Navya: look……. The jeweler knows the dimond well
Their cute fight continue then ends up when abhi says
Abhi :ayraman lets go and sleep otherwise we will miss flight nd 2 golden days
They left , navni and nyonika also left
In nyonika’s room
Nyonika calls the broker
Nyo :hello
Broker :hello ma’am how r u?

Nyo:come to the point

Broker : ma’am….. My job is almost done. I have already prepared the papers as per ur instructions
Nyonika: good job
Nyonika uts the call with relief
Abhiman left malhotra mansion in early morning they finalized the deal and do shopping for their house
Fab5 do shopping for party in delhi

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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