Kyy manan together forever (Episode 6)

Alya and piya were standing in shock at the door
Manik:what happened ?koi mar gaya ha kiya ? Dont worry i will manage we will reach in party on time
Alya :what nonsense… can they do this ?I mean …it is
Druv cuts alya in between
Druv : i think manik’s idea is best
Piya :what idea ???
Manik : lets go to beach , play some music this is todays plan
And…Tommarow we will do shopping for Nyonika and get dresses for party and watch movie what say ??
Alya:I think we should in form mukti and cabir
Piya :yeah other wise cabir baba will give gayan

Every one smiles on her statement
Manik: then lets leave for my place
They leave s*xsena mansion
Nyonika came to the garden and saw four of them playing with plants a smile appears on nyonika’s face
Nyonika : abhi i need to talk to u
Abhi : yeah sure
Nyonika : do u have any arrangements in Mumbai for stay
Abhi: i forgot….. Chacha asked me to buy a house in Mumbai
Nyonika gives abhi a number Nyonika: this is a broker’s number. U can talk to him
Abhi: thanks maa…. U remided me else we were going to land up in a big trouble
Nyonika: no need to thank…. Its my duty to make u comfortable
Nyonika calls aryaman , nandini and navya
Nyonika :get ready we r going out to roam around delhi
All left for their rooms
Abhi calls the broker
Abhi :hello
Broker : hello who r u?
Abhi : I’m abhimanyu murthy, i need a house in Mumbai
Broker : u called at a good time , i have a house , well… It is big and its owner want to
sell it as soon as possible because he needs money

Abhi :hmm…. When i can see that house
broker :tommarow at any time but do it as soon as possible .. U wont get this chance again
Abhi : tommarow ….but
Broker:sir its a golen chance
Abhi : ok i will be there by tommarow
Abhi ends the call and went to change
nandini came wearing blue jeans , white top she looks stunning
And start waiting for others
Manik was calling Nyonika but she does not picks he calls on landline
MM :
nandini was waiting for other just then landline rings nandini looks around but find none than she attends the call
Nandini: hello
Manik’s heart skip beat
Manik to him self who is she ? She have such a sweet voice
Manik came out of his dreaming when nandini spoke again
Manik : who r u ? Why did u picked up the call

Nandini : the one who asking this question should be i……. U called na than tell me to whom u want a talk

Nandini saw nyonika comming and says wait i will pass your call
Manik thinks strange girl but she have such a lovely and melodious voice
Nandini :maa…..
Nyonika: yes beta
Nandini :a call for u
Nandini pass the phone to nyonika
Nyonika :hello
Manik : hello mom
Nyonika thinks they talked each other on phone , i think i should not worryit is just the matter of few days
Manik: mom….r u there
Nyonika: yes i m…. Tell me whats going on
Manik: why u r not answering my calls ….
I called u several times
Nyonika: actually i haven’t checked my phone…… If there any emergency

Manik: i called to tell u…. We won’t be able to come tonight ….. We will reach direct to the
party …
Nyonika smiled with satisfaction
Nyonika : why ??
Manik : our fight got postpone at last moment
Nyonika : ok see u soon …… I am going out ….. Take care your self , piya and fab 5 bye
Manik : bye mom… Miss u
She ends the call
Nyonika :where is every one
Abhi , navya and ayraman says we are here
Nyonika : lets leave
They all went to enjoy


Credit to: Moazama Sohail


  1. Ollie

    Oh wow they talked good……. u ryt very interesting story I will be waiting for next episode plzz update it fast as I cant wait for it and yes little longer plz

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode, manik liked nandini’s voice…hmmm….liked their convo…short but sweeeeeet. ….what’s nyo hiding?… n why…lovely friendship bonds n their awesome convo…waiting for manan face of….keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.