Kyy manan together forever (Episode 5)


Nyonika’s mobile rings
Nandini looks at nyonika she turn her mobile in order to avoid nandini to see manik’s name
Nyonika:i have to recive this call excuse me
She leaves but nandini find its weird and get thinking
she picks the call
Nyonika :he…Hello… Ma..Nik
She is extreamly nervous
Manik:mom are u alright u seems very tensed
Nyo: te..tense no not at all
She tries to calm herself down

Nyo: leave all that tell me what r u doing
Manik: nothing just driving toward druv’s house then we will take our flight for delhi
Nyo:de..Delhi why r u coming to delhi
Piya snatch mobile from manik and put on loud speaker
Piya: why? U don’t want u to come ? Nyo:i will call u later I’m very busy
She ends call
Piya surprised:bhaii don’t u think mom behaved weird
Manik:yeah when ever we call she leaves her work and chat with us and moreover she sound very tense
I hope every thing is fine
Piya : i hope so
Nyonika to her self i have to stop manik
from coming, What should i do? She drank a glass full of water in one breath
Nyo:i think i should call harsh
She dials a number bell rings but no one picks
Nyo:answer my call harsh

She dials again this time a man picks
Harsh in a cheerfull voice:good morning my dear sweet wife
Nyonika in worried voice :good morning harsh
Harshvardhan senses Nyonika’s worry
Harsh:what happened Nyonika?
Nyonika: nothing is alright , Manik with piya and fab5 r coming with tonight’s flight is coming . what will we do ?
Harsh in a bit worried voice :Nyonika have patience , calm down i will handle , u go and make kids enjoy , i will manage the rest matter and make sure no body enters in piya and manik’s room .
Nyonika :r u sure u will manage manik
Harsh :yeah i will and u don’t worry .i promise this time i wont let any thing bad happen ok bye
Nyonika : bye
She ends the call gets fresh in order to let no body know about her worry
Nyonika comes and see hall empty she ask a maid and Ask about navni and abhiman
Maid: mam they went to garden
Nyonika reliefs
Manik and piya came to a big mansion the guard open the gate to let car in
manik and piya knocked at the door after some time a girl opens door with a beautiful smile she was wearing a red dress barely reaching her knees with her hairs tied in a bun , she look like a Barbie
Piya in angry tone :what was u doing? We r knocking door from 5 mins
Girl’s smile vanish in confusion: frist come inside then tell me what happened?
Manik :we can’t come inside
Girl in shock : what????? I mean why wont u come inside
Piya nd manik look at each other and burst out laughing
Girl is hell confused with their behavior

Piya tries to control her laugh: alya di because u blocked our way
Alya understand their prank and hitted manik twice
Manik :why u hitted me twice and u haven’t hitted piya even a single time
Alya :because u deserve it and she is my princess
Piya give a sweet smileManik : if you don’t mind please take a side because i dont want to stand here anymore
Trio went inside
Manik: where is druv ???
Alya : he is in room getting ready u go i will make some snack’s
Piya : i will come with u
Alya and piya left hall and went toward kitchen
Manik was about to go to druv when he gets a call from unknown number manik picks the call
Manik: hello
Other side : hello sir ! Good afternoon
Manik in confusion : sorry but who are u?
Other side : sir i am from airlines , u booked 7 tickets from Mumbai to dehli
Manik : yes i did
Other side: sir those tockets have been postponed
Manik : what ???
Other side : yes sir … Now it is a day after tommarow’s evening
Manik : who asked u to postpone our tickets…. I want my todays tickets
Other side : sorry sir ! your seats are already given to some other person
manik: how can u do this ?? This is ridiculous , know tell me which is the soonest flight u have
Other side : sorry sir but all flights

r full
Manik : thanks
And cuts the call and went toward druv’s room
manik opens the door and find a boy setting his hairs
Manik: druv what r u doing?
Druv : if u use ur eyes and brains then u won’t ask such questions
Manik sits on bed
Manik:Buddy i just was saying that u r look good lets go out….
I have a idea lets go to the beach and play music

Druv : buddy r u out of ur mind …..
If u forgot …. Let me remind u we have a flight in evening
Manik: ur flight is cancelled
Druv , alya and piya says in union
Manik turn and see alya and piya standing at door with trays in their Hands and shocked faces

NEXT EPISODE :- manik call MM delhi and nandini picks the call

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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