Kyy manan together forever (Episode 4)


AT dinning table
Nandini lost in thoughts
Nyonika puts hand on nandini’s shoulder to bring back in the world
Nyonika: what happened?
Nandini : nothing
Abhi : then answer our question
Nandini : hmm….. About my Prince
Well…. I don’t dream a prince…my demand is not very big but now a days it is very rare to find such a person …… His richness does not matter
A luxurious car is shown with high speed
Nandini : he always look good
A man came out of car with full style , remove his sun glasses , he have dark deep brown eyes filled with anger ,he took a deep breath to calm himself and start walking with full attitude, he wore a gery t shirt , with shot of black color and black blazer
Nandini : he could do any thing to save some one
he pat at a shoulder of a guy who was troubling a girl
Guy: who are u? And what’s your problem
Man : well I’m not in mood to introduce my self but I’m in full mood to listen your intro
Guy : sut up and mind your business
Man signle the girl whom the guy disturbed
Girl move and came back side of man
Man :piya call police
With a very calm style
Guy : i am not scared of you by the way who us she to you
Man : she is my sister and let me inform you who trouble my sister . i take no time to dig his grave
Man said with full anger the guy was about to run when he hold him from collar
Man : where are u going wait a minute i have a gift for u
In a quite calm tone and then dragged him followed by piya
Man hand over the guy to police and instructed them to teach him a good lesson that he never try to trouble any girl
Police :ok sir as u say
Police left with guy
Man turn to piya
Man :are u ok piya
Piya with broad smile: yeah manik bahii i am absolutely fine . nothing can happen to me till you are here with me
Yes the man is our own manik
Manik : if any one hurt u will kill him
Piya :calm down lets go otherwise we will be dead

They left the place
Nandini : he should be calm and smart , cares and understand others and one last thing he respect girls
Abhi: nandu ur demand is too high ayraman i think nandu will be unmarried all her life
Abhi and navya and ayraman start laughing
Nyonika passed a simle : if we qish some thing with core of our heart we must get it
Nyonika’s mobile start ringing and mobile flash manik
Nandini looks at Nyonika

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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  8. Rohama Maghfoor

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  9. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding, wowwww moazama darling….it’s really superbbbb n blasting entry of our hero manik….loved it to the core….nandini ‘s description for her prince suits exactly on manik….wowwww what a lovely narration n your imagination mind blowing. …keep it up, can’t wait for manan first meeting. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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