Kyy manan together forever (Episode 26)

piya walks out and bump into abhi
abhi : what happened dear ???
piya : vo navya na
abhi : i will see her come
both walk into girls dressing room
abhi : navya what u have done ??
navya dramatically: what i have done ??? i just said nandini is ur best friend and i am ur just friend
abhi : piya navya is right …..u r just friend for navya but u r bestest friend nandini
piya think something : abhi bhai u r right
navya : this is not fair yaar
abhi : stop crying piya ur make up will spoil
piya : bhai…
alya : what r u doing here i mean it us girls room ??
abhi : i wanna talk to nandini by the way where is mukti
alya : i dont know ….she went out 15 mins back
nandini : come
out side girls room
abhi : nandu … i wanna talk to manik about some thing important if possible then fab5 except of mukti …do something that mukti leave after proformance …its important
nandini : ok i will tell manik
abhi : thanks nandu
nandini : no need bhai
nandini leaves for boys dressing room
nandini enters and get surprise seeing the scene infront of her everyone is in hurry druv was sturggling with blazer cabir and arjun with their hairs and ayraman was searching for his blazer and whole room was messed up
nandini : what the hell is this ???
everyone looks her
cabir : nandu …plz blazer find karne main help karo na
nandini : cabir ….it is on chair
cabir : thanks now its time to help u ….manik went his house
nandini : how u know i am gonna ask about manik
cabir : this is cabir baba’s magic by the whats the emergency he will vbe here in 10 mins
nandini : oh ….. then cabir baba tell me where is abhi ????
cabir : vo…vo hamari range se bahar ha
arjun : cabir baba kripa kr k ap navya devi se door hi raha karain
druv : madhubala ji ka asar ho raha ha kuch zayada hi
cabir : yaar i am original
aryaman : inspired by madhubala ji
cabir : it is not madhubala ji it is black and white madhubala …ha na nandini

and find nandini missing
druv : she is gone cabir long time back
arjun : eager to meet manik
arjun give hifi to druv

in corridor

nandini thinks : what is so important that bhai need to tell manik ….i guess itr is related to mukti i hope every thing is fine ….but where is manik

just then she saw him passing wearing black shirt with black blazer and black jeans and as usual looks killer
nandini : manik
manik turns and get mesmerized seeing nandini
manik : beautifull
nandini : thanks
manik : what r u doing here???
nandini : i came to tell u that abhi want to talk to fab4 about something in absence of mukti after musicana opening
manik : ok come its time for our performance

both move toward their green rooms
At stage
Host: hello every one welcome to musicana as u all know that this year musicana will held in space do we have arrranged an opening performance for u guys by music worriors and fab 5
crowd hooted for them

( note : mukti was paired up with some random guy who left due to mukti as he was affraid of mukti later she was paired up with arjun )

soon the atmosphere was completely dark suddenly song start playing it is adhoore hum from movie break ke baad and spot light fall on manan they they perform few steps then spot light fall on drulya and cavya followed by mukun and piyaman . they set fire on stage which was enjoyed by every one meanwhile our couples also stole some moments between their perfomance
at the end crowd cheered fir them and they left the stage

piya : we gave a rocking performance …i am very happy
arjun : now what to do ???
mukti : as per tradition ….party
manik : yeah ….mukti u go with piya and arjun arrange party we will come soon
piya : but bhai i want to stay with u all
mukti : why u dont want to come with me
piya : fine come
trio left manik come to abhi : tell me what do u wanna talk
abhi : sit frist
every one take place
manik: bolo bhi
abhi : i dont know guys that u know or not
cabir : what we dont know ….
abhi : that …..
alya : that
abhi : i dont know how to say …..but
he took a deep breath
abhi : frist thing plz dont panic
manik : if u tell us like this we will surely panic
abhi : mukti is on pills

every one gets shock : what
nandini : pills
alya : form when??
manik : how u know ???
abhi : i came to know on dehradun
manik : and u r telling us now
abhi : manik i think u forgot i am doctor
manik : i know
abhi : now listen to me very carefully … when i saw her taking pills … i collected information about them they r very high power anti depressive pills if they r taken in much quantity that may cause addiction and mukti is addicted to those pills and those pills r also not available in india .i changed her pills with some other medicines that r also anti depressive pills but less power and they also work to remove addiction of previous pills …..
this was the pills stroy now come to mukti’s depression …. i am observing her from long time she is not a normal girl she is a wild cat with full of anger and aggressiveness …in dehradun i tried to calm her down even she respond me well but when we came back she start avoiding me …no she is running from me …so i have two questions
1: why she is running ???
2: why she is depressed ???

manik slap his head ..all look at him
alya : tum ko kya hua??
manik : actually guys when they came from dehradun mukti told me that she feels good and peacefull when abhi is around and i
alya : dont tell me manik actually u …o my god
abhi : what ??? manik …what is alya saying
manik : i ask mukti to maintain distance with u because of her past …i dont want her to get hurt again …..and the pill thing i seriously dont know about it
abhi : ok 1 answer is manik ask her ti stay away …..i will handle that ….now second question why she is depressed??alya can u shortly tell me her life story???
alya: yeah sure….i met mukti when we both were 9 years old …her parents ever cared about her .she was in relationship with harshad 2 years back in which he cheated her …she was shattered totally…. now she change boyfriend like colthes ….she is never serious about any guy …but she loves us like true family
abhi : now i know ….her life is full of negativity …. thank u guys i can handle her now if i need u i will disturb u again and one think dont tell her u know about her pill else we will feel guilty

alya : ur welcome … but i have a question ???
abhi :ask
alya :why u r doing this much for mukti??? any doctor in ur place have told us and kept himself a side ….do u like her

abhi smiles :firstly i am not that type doctor …i am ur friend …and
manik curiously :and???
abhi nervously: i…..i love her
nandini and navya fully shock :what???
aryaman wisper : he is dead ….
cabir wisper : why ??
aryaman : just wait and watch
abhi swallow and tries to say : navya ….nandini
nandini : enough bhai
navya wipes her fake tears : bas …hum to yehi din dekhne k liye zinda the ….
cabir : arey madhubala …. u r saing as if mukti is ur daughter whom abhi make run on her wedding day
nandini angerily : idiot ….and u bhai …who confess like this ??? how unromantic ??? if u have told me before i should have ..
manik : madam …he didnt confessed to mukti …what do u think he should pick flowers bend infront of u and say that he loves mukti …
abhi : thank u guys for understanding
manik : i am happy for mukti she deserves best
abhi and manik hug each other
every one leaves for their respective houses to sleep as they have a big day tomarrow


manik’s phone rings
irritated manik picks it : hello
nyonika : manik …get up
manik : mom it is still night
nyonika : shut up manik …go to murthy mansion and bring everyone to malhotra mansion fast …listen dont let any one alone for i minute …..divide everyone in couples and keep me updated….and u dont leave nandini fo a min …i am coming mumbai …..
manik : why ???
nyo : i will tell every thing once i am there
manik : ok and cuts the call
manik wake cabir and went toward murthy mansion and bring abhi , aryaman ,arjun , navni to malhotra mansion
manik : guys ….we have to sleep in same room
nandini : why??
manik : lets do one thing we r eleven people mukti ,navya , piya will sleep on piya’s bed and abhi ,aryaman and cabir will sleep on mattress in piya’s room …..ok
manik : cabir …call druv to come there right now with alya ….nandini and alya will sleep on bed in my room while i, druv and arjun will adjust there on mattress
everyones leaves for there respective rooms except of manan
nandini : manik will u mind to explain it
manik : what ???
nandini : i mid night u bought us here and these arrangements …. is some thing wrong ????
manik : nandini ….do u trust me ???
nandini is taken a back by sudden question
manik seeing her lost : u….dont
nandini : no….i do more then anything
manik : then believe me i dont let any thing bad happen

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