Kyy manan together forever (Episode 25)

Kyy Manan together forever episode 25
Malhotra mansion Mumbai After the break fast
Cabir: Manik tu kuch batana chata tha na
Nandini : guys tomorrow we have to register our bands so
Navy’s : yep and what will be our band name
Nandini : do I need to say
Navya nandini aryaman and Arjun shout : music warriors
Manik : why music warriors ????
Nandini : music give us peace and fight against tension and depression
Navya : we create music
Aryaman : that’s mean we fight against tension and depression
Arjun : so we r music warriors

Alya : nice
Mukti: it impressive
Nandini : piya do u like it
Piya : yeah it’s nice u guys will rock it
Navya : what do u mean by u guys will rock it
Nandini : we will rock
Piya : u guys r a band na
Navya : yes I, nandini ,aryaman ,Arjun and u r band
Piya : really
Arjun : if u don’t want then it’s ok
Piya : no …..I would love to ……Bhai now I can challenge u …..u gonna lose now
Druv: acha bachu …..vo mile to party change
Abhi : I pity myself

Mukti : why ???
Abhi dramatically : there every one is musician and one alone doctor ….Kya hoga mera????
Mukti pull his cheeks : awe cute
Abhi : mukti it is paining
Everyone laughs after some time Manik takes mukti with him
Mukti : what happened???
Manik : mukti I am afraid for u
Mukti : for me ….why??
Manik : listen …..vo
Mukti : Bol na
Manik : u r getting much attach with Abhi ……I don’t want history to repeat itself ….u know na what I mean ???
Mukti : Manik u r right ….it has been only few days I met Abhi …..I understand ur worry …..I think I should take a step back
Manik : mukti don’t take me wrong ….. It is not like that k I don’t want ur happiness …..I don’t want u to suffer again what u suffer because of that jerk harshad
Mukti : I know Manik u care for me ….I will keep myself away from Abhi
Manik hugs mukti and thinks : I won’t let anything harm u again
Manik : mukti if u ever feel anything share it with me I am always there with u in any condition
Mukti : I know

From next day there practice started they worked hard for musicana their routine became very much boring practice practice and practice

Two months pass just as wink of eye at here it is musicana opening night
Nandini wore white gown her hairs were curled
Nandini : guys hurry up
Alya: nandini help karo na …..
Nandini : what happened ???
Alya : this zip is troubling me
Nandini helps her
Nandini : done ….

She looks around and find piya struggling with her sandles and navya with her hairs
Nandini : oh my god ……Alya help navya I will help piya
Nandini to piya : give me …..
Piya : it’s ok I will manage
Nandini : I am ur friend na
Piya in her ear : best friend
Nandini : so u won’t let ur best friend do ur help
Navya hears : piya nandini is ur best friend then what I am to u only friend
Alya and nandini giggle

Piya try to explain : no this is not like that
Navya : I know it is like that
Piya being so sensitive was just about to cry
Navya : arey I was just kidding
Piya got angry : u r so mean I am not going to talk u
She leaves room with Teary eyes

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