Kyy manan together forever (Episode 24)


Manan wake up and find them selves in each other arms
Nandini : don’t u think it is awkward
Manik : yeah
Both compose them selves but avoid eye contact
Nandini : I am going to fresh up then u go
Manik : ok
Nandini leaves
Manik’s phone rings
Manik : good morning mom
Nyonika : good morning son …..what’s up ?????
Manik : every thing is fine ……. U never call this early something is bothering u
Nyonika : Manik …I know u come to know about nandini
Manik : yes I know ……
Nyonika : manik I will tell u every thing on right time …..till then I need a promise
Manik : what promise ?????
Nyonika : manik u know na business is a game of snakes
Manik : I know
Nyonika : business is important but not more than u both …..I want nandini to be safe promise me u will be with her all time ,ur first priority will be nandini ,wether she like it or not stay with her , if u find any thing fishy then let me know ….and I have arranged security too ,support her in every matter one last thing control ur anger if she got hurt because of u I will kill u with my own hands and don’t trouble her
Manik : mom u r threading me
Nyonika : manik it’s not like that k I don’t love u I fact I love both Of u equally
Manik : so this is like that
Nyonika : ok …..take care of ur selves and my daughters as well
Manik : daughters ?????i thought u have one daughter
Nyonika : manik I mean nandini and piya
Manik : mom nandini ko to daughter na bolo n
Nyonika : then should I call her daughter in law
Manik smiles? : mom I mean if u cal nandini ur daughter then u should also call alya mukti and navya daughter
Nyonika : ok …..ok take care of my daughters specially daughter in law
Manik? : mom
Nyonika : ok bye ….
Manik : bye

Manik : nandini how much time u will take ????
Nandini : manik u will use my washroom …..don’t u have urs I mean go to ur house change in ur clothes in ur room
Manik : when u come out I will go just then
Nandini : ok fine
After nandini changes both went to malhotra mansion where Manik changes and nandini prepare breakfast
Manik : nandini hurry up we have to leave ….
Door bell rings
Nandini : manik who is at the door ???
Manik: check by ur self
Nandini : manik i am busy …..plz
Manik : no
Nandini. : manik
Manik was about to say no again when he remember his promise : fine
He opens the door and find drulya cavya and Arjun
Cabir : Bhai to Kar Kya raga tha ?
Navya : cabir Tum main kitni energy ha pura ek din Tum ne hamara sar khaya ab Manik ka bhi
Cabir : aarey kitna drama karti ho madhubala
Navya : hum ne Kya kiya ???
And their never ending nokjhok starts
Alya ? : shut up both of u …..I swear if anyone of u spoke again I am gonna kill both of u … pity ur lives and close ur mouths …..I have bad headache just because both of u
Druv : come baby

Alya and druv walk inside followed by Arjun and navya
Cabir : she agreed ur still ignoring
Manik : she agreed but
Cabir : but???
Manik : mom ka call aaya tha she asked me to take care of her and said if I hurt her she will kill me and no pranks on her
Cabir : how was time with her ???
Manik : awkward
Cabir : yet romantic?
Manik thinks of rain scene and the scene in which he make her realize that she is quit young ? a smile appear on his face : yeah …
Cabir : what’s the story bro love or attraction
Manik smile vanish : neither love nor attraction
Cabir : don’t say that u r only friends
Manik :yes we r just friends ….
Arjun from behind : cabir
Comes forward keep his arm around cabir’s shoulder : I never ever seen romance between just friends
Manik : there is nothing like that ok
Arjun : look Manik what ever u say but once my kiddo got hurt because of u I never ever let u close to her again ….I treat her like a baby …. U can say I am her adopted dad so beware
Manik start laughing loudly : ok ok ….u r second person who is giving me dead warning I guess abhi ,ayraman and navya left
Cabir : don’t worry Arjun Manik har cheez extreme. Main karta and he cares very much about nandini ….he can do anything for his love
Manik : cabir there is no love plz
Cabir : then what is there ????
Manik : care ,friendship ,trust and understanding only
Arjun winks : these r only requirements for love
Manik :this is not love

Cabir : then what is love ????
Manik pass a broad smile as he saw mukbhi and piyaman coming
Arjun : is he gone mad ????
Arjun and cabir could not see them coming as they were facing their back to ward main door
Manik : I will tell u what is love later then we will ask every one what love is for them????
Manik welcome four of them with a hug
Manik side hug piya : how was it ???
Excited piya : Bhai it was amazing I loved it and u know what ayraman is a
Manik : ayraman is what piya ????
Piya : I use to thought he is idiot but he is very nice person
Ayraman : u thought I am idiot……wait
Piya start running followed by ayraman
Manik : yeh Kya ???
Abhi : leave it …they will be same in few mins
Mukti : I am tired yaar
Manik side hug mukti every one leaves
Manik : mukti tu ne abhi ko bhi nah it chora Kya ???
Mukti : he is a nice man …..I love to spend time with him .he is not like other boys to me in fact when he is with me i do not need to do
Manik : something special ???
Mukti : don’t know even I am confused

Next episode : what will be their pov on love??? , mukti in love???? Band name ,practice,two months leap musicana opening night …. A couple of them got drink ….guess who ???

From now onward I will try my best to update one episode every day …. Plz do comments ……and sorry for late update

Credit to: Moazama sohail

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  7. Loved the episode!! I just love the character of cabin! How he teases manik is just sooooo good! But love manan hamesha!! N the precap was sooooooo exciting n equally suspense wala two months leap!!! OMG. U seriously rock it!!!!

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  9. Why didn’t you update it regularly yaar….make it lengthy also

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