Kyy manan together forever (Episode 23)

Manik smiles
Manik : come fast every one is waiting nandini nods but still busy in phone
Manik leaves and thinks : miss nandini it is impossible to ignore me specially for u because we r in same college, partners , neighbours ,friends , and now in same house and trip…….. how u will u ignore me
Nandini message Nyonika about mothers day and ask her to call when she is free

After breakfast
Alya: guys ……pack ur stuff we will leave in sometime
Nandini : u leave I have to go to orphanage …..
Druv : why??
Nandini: vo…..actually for my mom ……she love childrens na
navya : OK u go we will wait

Nandini : no u go ….I will join u by evening
Manik : yeah ….I will accompany her
nandini looks at him …he smirk
Nandini : no need …
Arjun : there is baby …… firstly u will be save …..
Whisper in nandini’s ear : I have proves ….pointing toward phone
Secondly u dont know Mumbai then u need some one
Manik thinks : for the first time he spoke something which like Nandini nods unwillingly
Nandini thinks : again … …..god plz ….no ……and that too alone ……
Nandini : fine …..I will get my bag
Both leave for orphanage rest everyone gets ready for trip
In car :

Both sits in car and drive off manik in confusion to talk her or maintain silence
Manik thinks: should I start conversation or not …….I think I should keep silence ….wait if I do not speak then she will not talk ….but what will I say ……oh god … those days came I which manik malhotra has to think before speak to some one …..but ….she is not some one ……she is my friend …..friend ?????…….then why I kissed her ……I mean that was not a friend thing …..and now she is ignoring me which make me restless ……why ?????…..yesterday I was stressed but I slept peacefully ….even more then usual …..may be she was with me ……..
His thoughts disturbed by nandini’s voice .she was talking with some one
nandini : hi kora
Kora : hi nands… what’s up ???
Nandini : kora …..its not nands its nandini ……I told u many time
Kora : ur name is difficult na so that why I call u nands
Nandini : fine …….u reached

Kora : yep…..what about u ?
nandini : kora we will reach in some time…
Kora : we ????? Who ????? Let me guess ……ur boyfriend ….is he handsome
Nandini angrily : koraaa
manik stops the car
Manik : r u OK ??
Nandini : yes I am fine
manik drives again
Kora : he cares a lot
Nandini : kora will u plz shut up
Kora : bring him …..if he is not ur boy friend then I will try ….I want to meet him
Nandini : kora ….I will make u meet him …but……plz not him atleast …. and get this straight in ur mind ……dont even look at him …..get it …..or else ….
Kora : possessive possessive …
Nandini : kora …..I dont want any rubbish in front of him …..
kora : OK …..dear dont get angry….. I will not snatch ur Mr hottie …but atleast tell me his name only

Nandini gives phone to manik :monster ask her not to talk to me
Manik : if u dont want to talk u can cut the call
Nandini to kora :anything else
Kora : when u will come only then I will tell u
Nandini : bye
She cuts the call
Nandini murmur : god ….why this happens to me only …..first Arjun and then kora …I mean they do not have other things to do then relating me and monster
Manik sees her tensed face : nandini u r worring as if she asked about ur boy friend
Nandini who was already angry on kora …..blast in sec
nandini : stop the car

Manik : why
Nandini firmly :I said stop the car right now …..
Manik stops the car she gets out ….opens manik’s door and pull him out of the car
Nandini : what is ur problem ????
manik confused : what I did ???
Nandini exhaustedly : wow …
Push him toward car and come close to him point finger toward him
Nandini : u…..u r my problem
Manik : me
Nandini : yes u ….. vo Arjun he says there is something btw u and me and u r jealous if he call me baby …..he teases me with pictures …..and znow this kora she said u r my boyfriend …..if u r not then she will make u her boyfriend ….tum pr line mar rahi thi….
Manik : we r friends na …
Nandini : seriously ….then why u kissed me…..bolo
Manik pins her to the car : Tum bolo …..if u were irritated then u would have punched me like u did with harshad ….. and that Arjun….vo…..har waqat tum she chipka rehta ha tum se … tum ko baby q kehta ha …. har waqat tum se batain karta rehta ha ….jab se vo aaya nak main dam kar rakha ha mere ….
Nandini : what he have done ???
Manik step back : we r getting late
Sit in car

Nandini holds manik’s hand to stop him : sorry
Manik : for what ??
Nandini : vo….actually na I was angry u asked me so I burst on u …..actually u r not at fault …I am messed up so sorry
Manik pass smile : its OK nandini
Both sits in car
Nandini : so u r actually jealous
Manik : scores settled
Nandini : how ???
Manik : u r jealous of kora
Nandini : I am not jealous
Manik : good for u …..then I will try for her
Nandini : no….u won’t
Manik : why ???
Nandini : we reached
Both get down

Orphanage :
Some kids were playing in ground ……some big girls were making round on them
A young girl came to them
nandini immediatly hugged her
Nandini : hi kora …..he is manik ……
Manik : hi
Kora pass a smile
Nandini : he is all urs……entertain him ….as he was asking for u desperately ….I will just come

Nandini look at manik pass an evil smile and whisper in manik’s ear : all the best monster
Before he could say any thing she went inside the orphanage Manik watch her with full concentration her expression, the way she playing with kids ,talking with heads of orphanage ,giving them instructions ….he was continuously smiling and thankfully kora did not disturbed him all the while
Kora witness the whole situation hold manik’s hand and drag him to garden away from nandini
Kora smiles : hi…I am kora ….nandini’s friend …..u can consider me ur friend as well…… actually a well wisher ……I can help u
Manik is totally confuse: help?????
what help ??
kora : u do not look like a dumbo…. I thought u r smart but I was wrong I guess
manik : how dare u call me dumbo?
Kora : chill….. the way u look at her na …..she will kill u …..I am sure u must have taste her punch till now
Manik : why do u think she will punch me ???
kora : u r starring her like this ….she never let any one Starr her …..but I guess u r different because is never reacted with me in that way …..reason was u…..there is some thing fishy..
Kora continued : it is an advise for u …if u have any feeling….then confirm it first and take any step else u would be in grave danger …..I advise u as a friend and one more thing dont try jealous tip … doesn’t work ….

Manik : thanks for advise but any reason for this
Kora : nothing special ….. I feel like sharing with u
Manik: thanks
Kora : u enjoy ur scene …(pointing toward nandini who was busy with kids )I need a rush …..bye
Manik smile and she leaves
Kora and nandini gets busy with each other meanwhile manik takes a lot of pictures of nandini without her notice …
Nearly 12 o’clock nandini completed arrangements of orphanage and walks towards manik
nandini : getting bore??
Manik nodes no : I never ever seen such a beautiful scene
Nandini confused: what scene???
Manik realize : WO…kids ..
Nandini : ohhh
She sees a lady passing nearby with a baby of almost 4months in her arms nandini call the lady
Nandini : excuse me ma’am
Lady : yes
Both went to murthy mansion :
Nandini : manik I will take a nap then we will go …is it OK??
manik : yeah …cabir called me .they reached there ….u sleep I will enjoy weather
Nandini : I would have join u if I ..
Manik : its OK
She leaves and soon fell in deep sleep.she wakes up nearly 5pm and found the weather very dark
.she looks around find none and start running here and there shouting everyone’s name .she walk toward the hall and sees manik sitting on couch .she hugs him tight manik due to her sudden reaction taken a back
Manik : what happened ???
Nandini calm herself down compose her self : nothing ….woh its too dark na…..I find none when I woke so I get scared
Manik : u mean …..u r afraid of raining
Nandini :no no….I love rain but I am afraid of dark and thunder lightening….
Manik : its OK I am here na ….relax

nandini : where r the rest ???
Manik : madam they left for lonavala in morning ……now its 5 pm
Nandini almost shout : diverse
manik : yep…..
Nandini : this mean I slept for 5hours ….oh god…can’t u wake me
Manik : how could I ???? U were damn tired na so I didn’t disturbed
Nandini : now how we will go to lonavala???
Manik : I told then we can’t come because it is rain heavily and I have been instructed not to leave u alone by navya and Arjun
Nandini : yeah ….they know na I am afraid of thunder and lightening
Manik : we will leave in morning
Nandini : OK….now come with me
And drags manik with her in rain
Manik : u r afraid of thunder na…so
nandini : but I love rain ….
She start dancing and playing in rain .manik was starring her without blinking his eyes
Manik thought : she looks damn beautiful …..her long wet hairs stick to her body and face …….her eyes ….no no ….her big eyes filled with rain water look breath taking beautiful …..her long wet eyelashes help her eyes to look killer ……her soft cheeks make me even more crazy …..her lips …..aaahhhh….. rose pink and most delicious lips
water running from her face to neck make me skip my several breaths and her wet dress stick to her body lose my control on my self

Manik talk toward nandini and drags her inside
nandini : what is this manik ???let me enjoy na…
Manik : this is enough …..
Nandini : what is enough???
manik : seriously…… if u did not changed in 2 mins then I can’t control
Nandini pleading: manik …..let me enjoy na….. I am small now when I will grow up into a big girl then I won’t be able to enjoy like a baby
Manik’s eyes wide on “small”
Manik moves close : seriously
Nandini moves back
He moves close and pins her to the wall blocking her ways out with his hands and moves more close making her sandwich between him and wall
Nandini feel like dying at the moment due to his closeness
Nandini : ma….nik….….r….u…do…ing
Manik smiles feeling her nervousness on his touch : really want to know
Nandini just nod her head

Manik : making u realize that u r not small ……infact u r young enough that any one could forget his breath ……I do not want any one to see u like this not even me ….
Saying this he drag her and make her stand in front of mirror
Manik : look ur self from top to bottom carefully and then change ur cloths…..I am waiting
He leaves and shuts the door behind him
Nandini looks her self in mirror and find herself fully wet …..her dress sticked dress on her body …..she remember Manik’s words”u r young enough that any one could forget his breath I donot want any one to see u like this not even me”she blushed like hell close her face with palm and run inside washroom
After taking a bath she came out wearing red top and black long skirt .she stands in front of mirror rubs her hair with towel ,dry them and leave them open and walk toward hall but do not find manik she panics and start searching him here and there and at last find him in abbi’s room
She immediately hugs him
Manik : what happened ????why r u sweating ???
Nandini stand straight : sorry ….actually I did not found in hall so I panicked …..u know I hate loneliness
Manik : sorry ….actually I came here to change my clothes ……and sorry I haven’t asked u for clothes
Nandini : its OK ….u don’t need any permission ….I am going to make dinner come fast
Manik : OK
both had their dinner and off to bed nandini in her room while manik in abhi’s room
Manik was sitting on bed by supporting his back thinking about nandini
There nandini could not sleep due to fear of darkness ,thunder and lightening .she slowly walks towards abhi’s room
Nandini : manik u r awake
Manik :yeah ….
Nandini ; WO …can….u sleep in my room plz
Manik : miss murthy u r offering and boy to stay in ur room with u for the whole night and that too alone …….not even in room ….in whole house not u feel fear of this
Nandini : no….because I trust u
Mankk smiles : I promise I will never break ur trust Nandini smile : I know ….that’s why I trust u
Manik : come …..its late night
Manik enters in nandini’s room
Manik : ur room is quite pretty …..

Nandini : u came here second time
Manik : yep but first time I did not noticed
Nandini : OK …..
she went to wash room came after changing in night suit
She sleeps on beds while manik on couch

A jungle is set on fire nandini is running here and there madly shouting for help
Suddenly she see a shadow she runs toward the shadow
As soon as she come Close she realise he is a man ….. indeed a hot man …. she could not take her eyes off……she see a tattoo in his back she place her hand on his right shoulder and gets shock seeing fire extinguishing. she removes her hand and fire set again this process repeat several times but the man does not move .she removes her hand but this time a big fire blasts and gets afraid
Nandini wake up with a jerk her hairs blows due to wind she was badly sweating breathing heavily
Manik runs toward her
Manik : what happen ???nightmare
Nandini smile : I don’t know
Manik : what
Nandini: may be it was a nightmare but a beautiful one
Manik : what u saw
Nandini : jungle on fire …..
Manik : what’s beautiful in that??
Nandini : that man …..u know when I touch him the whole fire disappeared in a sec…..but when i remove my hand the fire sets again
Manik : strange
Nandini : the most beautiful thing is his tattoo

Manik : tattoo
nandini : yeah tattoo on his back
Manik : u mean he was shirtless
Nandini : yes
manik teases : look u r grown up that u dream a shirtless man
Nandini : shut up …..this is an old dream …..I saw it a lot of time …..even i made that tattoo….wait I will show u
She walks towards her cupboard and takes a sketch book
nandini : in this sketch book I made my whole dream
Manik looks the sketch book after some pages he looks the tattoo and shocks
manik : r u sure it is same tattoo
nandini : yes i am damn sure

Manik gives her sketch book and start un button his shirt
Nandini : what r u doing ???
Manik : relax …I just want to show u something
H remove his shirt ..nandini immediately close her eyes manik turns his back toward her
Manik : open ur eyes
Nandini : wear ur shirt first

Manik : just look once
Nandini : u r shirt less
Manik : if u can see in dream ….then why can’t here
nandini : I …..I can’t
Manik firmly : open ur eyes right now or else
Nandini gets scared opens her eyes and shock to see his Back
she moves close touch his back
Nandini : impossible……this is same tattoo
manik turns
Nandini : plz waear ur shirt
Manik wear his shirt
Nandini : I thought none exist with this tattoo …tell me when u made it
Manik : my mom made it when i was a 5 years old … one knows about this tattoo not even fab5
Nandini : strange
Manik : yeah … is
Nandini : manik should I say some thing
Manik sits on bed and nods his headNandini sits beside him : jab se hum mile hain na……every day we come to know something new
Manik : yes
Nandini : do u noticed …..every thing which happens or we come to know is only related to both

of us which shows connection between us …..but I can understand why only u and me …..what is connection ….

manik : I know its complicated but we have to wait for right time
Both talk with each other and sleep in each others arms
Sorry guys for late update ….I am out of station but give u a long update …..sorry

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