Kyy manan together forever (Episode 22)

New entry , Manik come to know that nandini is same party girl

Cabir : nandini is the same party girl
Manik casually : acha
When the realize what cabir said
Manik : WWWwwhhhhattt???????
Navya: yes ! She is
Manik get a huge shock …..he remember telling her about her self only the mentally slap himself for doing that
Manik thinks : what I have done …..I feel like killing my self ……what was need to tell her that u like a girl if u haven’t seen her face……what will she thing about me …such an idiot I am …..wait I called myself idiot for her …….eeuuhhh …..manik get up … From when she came into my life my life turn in to LIFE FULL OF SHOCKS AND SURPRISES God knows what will happen next

Nandini : guys ……if Maasi is manik’s mom then I am definitely connected to malhotra’s And then question is who actually I am ?????? I think I need to talk to Maasi
Cabir : wait …….
Manik : why ????
Cabir : I think this is well planed game
Manik : r u out of ur mind ……what r u saying
Cabir : Manik use ur brain ……..listen me very carefully …… never happen that our tickets get postpone but this time we reach direct in party
Nandini : wait ……ur tickets were not postpone u have some work na of ur dad in UK for which u went to UK
Manik: we do not have any work in UK
Nandini : Maasi told us that u have
Manik : it’s mean our tickets were intentionally postpone
Nandini : wait ……our tickets were preponed too
Cabir : look ……I told u ……plus I ask aunty about nandini in party but she diverted the topic …..
Manik : principal ….he was nervous too because he was asking me on mom’s order
Nandini : but why will Maasi do this …..let me ask her …..
She dials nyonika’s number but Manik snatch her phone
Nandini : now what ?????

Manik make nandini sit on couch .make her drink water
Manik : nandini I know it’s shocking……but relax ……even I am shock ……listen me care fully … U told me last night that u came here because mom call u here
Nandini nod Manik continue : I think we should drop this topic here only
Alya: why ????
Manik: I know guys …… If this a game then let it be ………because if mom is doing something then there is surely something serious …….look mom called nandini here ….. she not let us meet in party and make us specially meet here ….is connected …..guys plus mom knows that harshad is against us but she never took any step ……look when it comes to nandini she expelled him so save her as we al know harshad must take any step against her
Druv: buddy but how u r so sure that aunty expelled harshad
Manik : because nandini do not even know what she is capable of ………I never took this step so the one who left is my mom
Arjun : guys ……relax if u want to know about this than u have to wait
Manik : why
Arjun : this is a legal matter …..if u try even if u ask ur mom she will not tell u any thing ………but once baby turn to 18 every thing will be cleared …….till then have patience

Manik : ok ………every one forget what ever happen here …..and plz behave normally till her birthday then we will ask mom …….I think today I get too many shocks so I am going to sleep …..bye …….Han nandini don’t stress ur mind ….every thing is ok
Saying this he left for his room every one also leaves for their respective room

Every one sleeps any how but Manik and nandini were not able to sleep
Manik’s mind was running on different things like his jealousy toward Arjun ,nandini is same party girl ,his feeling toward her ,nandini’s attachment toward Arjun ,nandini’s identity,her connection with him ,his mom and malhotra’s ……in short his mind was fully occupied with nandini
Manik to him self : stop running ur mind else it will blast …. I think I should check nandini that she is slept or not
He moves toward nandini’s room .he opens the door slowly that could not disturb her sleep but he find her crying .he run toward her and give a bone crushing hug she burry her face in his chest and start crying more.he rub her Back to calm her down after a long session of crying she finally stop
Manik lose his grip but felt her grip more strong
Manik : nandini …..I am here na ….don’t worry u r safe if my mom have done something There must be some reason na ….look at me
Manik made her look into his eyes .he wipe her tears with his thumb .cupped her face
Manik : we r friends na ……and u said u trust me ….right
Nandini nod in yes
Manik : then leave every thing on me ……I will make every thing ok ……and I promise I will never leave u in any situation …..promise
Nandini hugs him tight
Nandini : u know what I feel safe when u r around
Manik smiles : don’t u feel sleepy or u r a vampire
Nandini shows fake anger : what do u mean ???
Manik : u did not slept last night because u were making the painting and tonight u r quiet busy in crying and should I say I have taken ur sleeps
Nandini hits his shoulder playfully
Manik : nandini
Nandini: hmmm
Manik: don’t ever cry agin …….ur tears kill me
Nandini look in his eyes she could sense truth in them she nod
Nandini keeps her head in manik’s lap ,manik sits on bed with support of beds back and patt her head to make her sleep after some time both fell asleep

Both r in same condition but sun rays disturb manik sleep he open his eyes and sees nandini burry her face in his lap to avoid sunshine and with her one hand she held manik’s hand tightly as if she lose the grip then he will go away .and with other hand she held his shirt tightly .manik smiles at her possessiveness
He tries to leave her hand but it disturb her sleep .she open her eyes and find manik staring at her .she blushes .manik notice her blushing and smile which make her. Blush even more hard .she tries to leave but manik hold her hand and pull it that make her fall on him
Manik pins her hair behind her ears : good morning nandini
Nandini : I think I should get fresh else we will late as every one must have come to hall till now
She straight her self before she could go manik pins her to near by wall .they do not have any distance between them nandini tries to go but manik block her way by placing hands on wall
Nandini : m…
Manik puts finger on he r lips
Manik : sSSssshhhh…..why u always call me monster ……..I love my name when u call
…… me by my name

Nandini: but….
Manik : call my name
Nandini : ma…ma….nik
Manik : again
Nandini: manik
Manik rubs his cheeks with her : again
Nandini breath become heavy by his touch : ma…n….ik
She held his shirt tightly
Manik smiles at her response and whisper in her ear : u know ur response on my touch make me even more crazy
Mean while he move his hand on her waist that make her body feel like current pass through it . She hold his arm tightly and close her eyes to reduce her nervousness
Manik enjoy her condition even more . He kiss her cheek
Nandini dig her nails in his arms which he ignore
Nandini : ma…nik…….pl….z…..Lea….ve……me….
Manik whisper : I stick by my words ……. I promised to that I won’t leave u ……even if u…..want
Both share an intense eye lock which is broken by manik’s phone
Manik moves back .nandini rush to washroom
Manik picks the call without seeing the name
Manik : hello
Cabir : where r u ?
Manik thinks :what a timming ……he have ……sala ……every time spoils my moments
Cabir : manik
Manik : Bol ……what happened
Cabir : nothing …..yaar ……I was just thinking that to check on Nandini ……if she is alright
Manik : she is fine ….she is in washroom
Cabir : how u know ????
Manik : because i was with her
Cabir : oOooOoHhhhhHhHh
Manik : shut up I think we. Should continue alya’s plan ….may be this could help to divert her attention
Cabir : ok ….bye
Manik cuts the call and turns just then Arjun enter in the room
Arjun suspectiously : good morning what r u doing here ????
Manik murmur : here comes chipko again ……it I beautiful morning thi but he spoiled
Arjun : did u said something ???.
Manik : nothing …… I was just leaving ……she is taking shower …..come with me
Arjun : I will wait
Manik unwillingly leaves in anger while Arjun smiles
Manik gets fresh and came to table
Manik : good morning
Alya :good morning
Manik : where is everyone
Alya : druv went to bye some thing and cabir and navya went to make around outside and nandini and Arjun …..I don’t know
Nandini cheerfully : and here I am

Manik turns toward nandini her smile turns into nervousness
Nandini sits on the table avoiding manik …manik took a chance to sit with nandini so he quickly sits beside nandini
Alya : vo actually I want to say sorry for night ……I was too rude
Nandini : it’s ok alya ….. Actually thanks
Alya : for what ????
Nandini : for asking me …….else may be I would never be able to know about this
Manik irritated : if ur sorry and thank u session is finished then can get my breakfast
Just then Arjun comes and sits on other side of nandini
Arjun : good morning BABY
He pressed the word baby and looks at manik who was boiling with anger
Nandini : good morning handsome
Arjun : did u call mom
Nandini hits her head : I forgot ……… Today is mother day and I forgot to wish them
Nandini excuse her self and Arjun go after her
Arjun : baby ….
Nandini : yes
Arjun : what’s cooking
Nandini casually : alya must know ……she was cooking
Arjun : baby don’t try too be smart ……I mean between u and ur dear monster
Nandini who was busy in phone suddenly looks up
Nandini : wh…what do u mean by cooking ??????
Arjun : what I mean is this
He show her picture on his phone
Nandini : when u clicked it
Arjun hits her head : obviously ……when both of u were hugging last night ……I just came to see u but I was surprise someone was already there to console un
Nandini smile
Arjun : I have more …..look
Next photo when both r sleeping peacefully …..nandini’s head in manik’s lap
Nandini : when u took it
Arjun : I left after clicking first photo …..and the other one I clicked nearly 6 am……. It’s mean he was with u all night Haan…..
Nandini blushes hard
Arjun : baby ……. He is jealous tooo
Nandini confuse : jealous ??????with whom?????
Arjun laugh loudly : with me
Nandini : what ??????

Arjun put his hand around her shoulder : when I call u baby na ……his face turn red with jealousy
Nandini : no ……u must be mistaken …….he never jealous with any one
Arjun : I will prove …….just do as I say ……..
Nandini : ok … let me call my beloved mothers
Arjun leaves
Nandini calls Chachi
Nandini : good morning Chachi ……very very happy Mother’s Day ……..I love u most in the world ……..thanks for being always there with me …..supporting me and giving me strength and every thing …….I love u that much which can’t be defined
Chachi : thank u so much Nandu…….thanks for being best ever daughter ……..Chachi prouds u beta
Nandini : ok Chachi …… U received my gift ……
Chachi : yeah …… The most beautiful neckless and anklets I ever have
Nandini : ok Chachi ……bye …..and once again happy Mother’s Day
Chachi : ok bye ….take care
She ends the call and calls preeti ( Arjun’s mother )
Preeti : hello beta …..
Nandini : hi beautiful …… Most happy Mother’s Day ………thanks for such a wonderful bonding we share …….the grace of our bond is just because of u ……May God give u a lot of happiness ,long life with same beauty and love u have now
Preeti : thanks for being like my daughter
Nandini : like ?????
Preeti : sorry …..thanks for being most best and supportive daughter
Nandini : my pleasure ….. How is every one ????
Preeti : every thing is fine ……
Nandini : did u receive my gift
Preeti : yeah ……I like it
Nandini : yeah ……I think this saree will be enough to flat my buddy
Preeti blush : he is already
Nandini oOoOOoooohhhh
Preeti : acha …. Maa sahib is waiting …..
Preeti pass the phone to maa sahib ( mother of dev )
MS : beta
Nandini : happy Mother’s Day DS
DS : beta …..these r just two small words dadi sahib ……
Nandini : dadi sahib sounds old but u r still young
DS : thanks for the compliment beta…..and for the gift too
Nandini : did u like it ???
DS : yeah …..I. Like the shawl its color is amazing
Nandini : amazing like me…..
DS : any doubt
Nandini turns and find manik at door step
Nandini : ok DS …… I will call u later … u

She cuts the call
Nandini ignores manik and call nyonika but her phone is engage
Manik : u wished my mom too
Nandini : her phone is engage
Manik : acha u send every one gifts na ….what u send my mom
Nandini : black saree
Manik : u wish her every year or this is first time
Nandini : every year
Manik : why u r ignoring me
Nandini with out noticing as he was asking question and she was answering in flow
Nandini : because of morning
Manik smiles

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