Kyy manan together forever (Episode 21)


Manik and nandini went air port to receive nandini’s handsome

Nandini : let’s go na
Manik : yeah …..after u
Nandini goes manik thinks: manik malhotra be ready for the life full of surprises because she will never stop surprising me …….with in two days she gave u that much surprises
nandini : he is handsome
Manik : r u sure …….we r facing his back
Nandini : yeah sure now follow me

Nandini start walking toward that man
Manik to him self : wow manik malhotra …… a girl ordered u to follow her ………wait ……why will I follow …..I am manik malhotra na then why I follow some one ……I am going back to car
Before he turn he saw nandini hugs the man from back side the man turns and hugs her more tight she was smiling brightly
Manik : how dare he touched her …I will kill him …..And look at her smile as if she is meeting him after ages ….
Manik’s face turned with anger and jealousy he clutch his fist to controll his anger
Nandini and handsome separate them self and walk toward car but still in side hug and talking ….as soon as they reach manik
Nandini : guys let me introduce urselves … he is arjun singhania and my handsome and arjun he is manik ……manik malhotra … new friend
both manik and Arjun greet each other
( u can imagine Arjun of main lakshmi tere aangan ki as arjun singhania)
Nandini : let’s go we r already late and I am hungry too
nandini opens back door

Manik murmur : now she will sit back side and that …
Before he could complete Arjun sits on back side and she close the door
Manik sign relief but soon get tense as she open driving seat’s door
Without wasting a sec manik close the door
Nandini looks at manik : what ????
Manik : I will drive ……because. or skills are quite dangerous
Nandini pass a big smile

Nandini :chill monster …..I will drive slow ….because now there is no hurry
Manik : no I will drive
Arjun : manik let her drive na ….
Manik unwillingly agrees and sits in front seat .this time nandini drives at normal speed
Arjun :baby … is Mumbai ???and people ?????looking at manik
nandini understands : Mumbai I amazing and people …..
Nandini looks at manik who is desperately waiting for answer
Nandini : people r friendly and caring
Looking at manik
Arjun : acha …..more than us

Nandini stops car with jerk looks at back
Nandini with big beautiful smile and wink at Arjun : basically u to belong from Mumbai
Arjun : yeah … what’s about collage
Manik murmur :what he is calling her baby again and again
Jealousy was damn clear on his face
Nandini starts driving again : it is good
Both start talking ignoring manik and manik was burning like hot sun because of jealousy and anger on their conversation and calling nandini baby again and again
They reach alya’s house nandini park the car
Nandini to Arjun :handsome …..plz…..not this time ….plz …..specially with my friends plz
Manik : what
Arjun : dont worry baby …..or wish is my command
Manik full jealous : here comes baby again
Nandini : did u said some time thing
Manik : nothing
They ring the bell
Arjun gets a call he goes to a side
manik thanks god just than druv d opens door and manan enter
Navya : ap aye Bahar ai
(U came spring)

Just then Arjun enters
Navya sees Arjun : yeh alya k Chaman main Arjun naam ki khizan kahan she ai
(From where autumn of arjun name came in alya’s garden)
Every one looks on surprize and manik smile
Arjun hugs navya and cabir fumes with jealousy
Cabir : kripa kar k apna intro karwa dain
Nandini : he is Arjun singhania …..
He came from US
druv happily greets him same as alya but cabir un happily greets him but does not show
Alya: OK guys come let’s dinner
All move toward dinning table
Alya serves the foodArjun : what happened baby ????
Cabir who was drinking water splits and start coughing manik who was sitting next to him pat at his back to make him normal while every one looks on shock at Arjun
Nandini to avoid situation : nothing …

Arjun : then eat na…. wait
He start feeding her manik who was trying hard to be normal again start burning with jealousy
drulya and navya does not take it serious but cabir was shock and manik was burning with jealously

Cabir whisper in manik’s ear : what is going here ????? New scene or should I say very new scene …….
manik who was already much angry gets even more by cabir’s question
Manik :excuse me guys I am done …..
Druv : but buddy u haven’t eaten any thing
Cabir : yeah druv he had enough….
( pointing toward Arjun and nandini none could understand except manik)
Manik :shut up cabir or else ….
Nandini cuts manik : I am also done Arjun : me too
Alya : OK guys …go I just come after cleaning the table
Arjun : I will help u
Druv ,manik and cabir looks at him
Nandini hits at his foot Arjun : aaahhh

nandini : no need I will help her
None could understand what’s going on except navya
Navya : yeah …..I am here na

Girls clean the table and boys goes towards hall
Alya : guys its quite late …..I think we should sleep ……and tommarow e will go for tried of two days because its weekend ….
Arjun : good idea …..and baby call ur buddy and han plz talk to mom as well she was asking about u
Nandini : yeah …..u come with me I need to talk
Arjun : I am feeling sleepy
Nandini serious tone : now means now
Arjun : OK
Both leave others looks on
Navya : he is gone
Everyone looks at her
Cabir : who is he to u and nandini
navya : he was nanadu’s neighbor but they shifted at some distance of her house but both families have strong relations and nandu is like their daughter both nandini and Arjun r so Close to each other and share a good bond ….that’s all
Manik was still jealous but cabir was calm
Arjun : what’s up ????

nandini :u were flirting????
Arjun : when I flirted with u ……u know na I never ever flirted with u
Nandini : I am not talking about u
Arjun innocently : then who ??
Nandini : Arjun …..plz yaar Alya ko to chod do ……
Arjun : when I started
Nandini : mere har friend har cousin se tho flirt kr chuke ho ever u didn’t left my aunt and that too on her husband’s death
Arjun : I was just telling her that there r a lot of reasons to live
Nandini hits her head in disbelief :OK …..but plz stay away From Alya as she is druv’s cf and there r two more girls who r out of town one is manik’s sister and other is his friend and he is damn possessive about them and the most important thing if u flirted with them na then my monster will not waste a sec to dig or grave
Arjun raise his eyebrow :my monster…….what’s cooking

Nandini : what ?????? Wait…..actually…..shut up
Arjun : acha tell me he is like that only …..i mean angry young manNandini : no….. he is damn cute , caring and loveable …..yeah he is a little angry ……actually when u will spend time with him na then u will find him very good
a smile occupied on her face
.manik who was observing her from terrace fumes in anger
Arjun : then why u call him monster
nandini ; just for fun ….I like to irritate him na… that’s why ….now let’s go
Both move inside the mansion
They enter and find every one still in hall
nandini : what happened
Alya : who r u ??
Nandini surprised : m….mean ????
Alya : who r u ???

Manik : what happened Alya ????
Alya : manik malhotra ….. ask her na ……who is she ???? I mean she can enter in mid session …….plus principal ask manik malhotra ……the most powerful student to take special care of her ……and cherry on the top just on her second day of college harshad is expelled just to trouble ……in which u r failed in these many years …….in simple words she is not an ordinary student……..

Nandini shocked : what ???? harshad is expelled
Druv : not only that he is jailed too on charge of troubling u and on other things too ….which management use to ignore early
Navya : r u serious
Arjun : not again
Everyone’s attention diverted to Arjun
manik : what do u mean by not again ????
Arjun : woh the student who use to trouble u in US was also expelled without ur complain
nandini : what ???I mean how is it possible
Alya : this is why I am asking who r u ????
Manik : wait……u dont know about any thing about this
nandini: definitely no
manik : there is possibility na aryaman did complane
Alya : not even a single chance ……because every thing is on nandini’s name
Manik : OK ……I can get information about any student …..5 mins and then evey thing will be clear
Manik call some one
Manik : hello manik malhotra here
OS: yes sir …..
Man : I need each and every information about new student of first year nandini murthy in five mins
OS: OK sir
After 2 mins manik’s phone ring

Manik : hello
OS : sorry sir I can’t give u any information about her because it is strickly instructed to keep her information secure as ur informations are kept highly secure
Manik : what ????why????
OS : I can tell u just one thing …..
Manik :what ?
OS : both of u r equal powerfull in rights on malhotra’s
Manik gets a huge shock : how ???
OS : both of u have same contacts
Manik : how is it possible …even piya have not that much rights
OS : I dont know but this information is 1000%true
Manik : bye
He cuts the call
Alya : information????
Manik : Alya u r right ……she is not an ordinary girl ……even I can’t get information about her
All in Union :what
Manik : guys…..I have even more shocking news ……that she have same right as mine in malhotra industry ……and her information is more secure then mine ..
Nandini : u must be mistaken ….I am not even connected to malhotra’s ….either I met them before Manik : I mean u met malhotra’s before
Navya : cabir
Cabir : manik she is the same girl
Manik : which???

Cabir :whom we met in party
manik casually : acha…
When he realize : WWwwhhhhattt??

Credit to: Moazama Sohail

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