Kyy manan together forever (Episode 20)


Manan together forever episode 20

Manik took his painting and bouquet and kept them in his room and leave for murthy mansion to pick nandini .he wait out side for almost an hour
Manik thinks : wow manik malhotra ……Kya din aa gy hain that u r waiting for some one from one hour and that too outside …..and she….
His chain of thoughts r broken when someone patted at his shoulder
Nandini : where u lost ?????

Manik : nothing lets go …..others r waiting
Both sits in car
Nandini : manik how much time it will take to reach alya’s place ??
Manik : 15 Mins
Both reach alya’s place and they ring the bell for several times but none opens the door it is almost dark outside
Manik : wait ….I have spare key
He opens the door
Manik loudly : cabir …..alya……druv
But no response
Nandini : let me call navya and ask her where they r now
She calls her and navya’s phone rings
Nandini : manik find her phone

Both search and find the phone in kitchen but none around
Manik : where is every one ????? Let me call druv
After 2 bells he picks
Druv : hey buddy ……what’s up ????
Manik : where r u ????
Druv :I and alya came to bye some accessories
Man:and cabir
Druv : he is with navya at alya’s place
Man: no they r not here
Druv : then I don’t know ……why don’t u call cabir
Manik : ok …..bye
Manik calls cabir he picks on one bell
Cabir : manik where r u ???????
Manik : don’t u think it should be I who asking this question ??????
Cabir : at park near alya’s place
Manik: acha we r at alya’s place

Cabir : bye
And ends call without listening manik
Manik : why ????hello….hello …
Manik tells nandini about others
Nandini nods and take a chocolate from her bag and start eating
Manik looks at her she is quit busy in eating chocolate.
Manik clears his throat to get her attention ….nandini looks at manik and then her chocolate manik raise his eyebrow .nandini forward her chocolate manik takes a small bite . Nandini takes a little chocolate in her finger move closer to manik and apply on his cheeks and start running
Manik angrily : nandini
And start following her both run in the whole house finally nandini enters in room and was about to lock it but manik forcefully opens it
Before she could start running angin manik holds her and pins her to the door
Nandini : ma..
He place his finger on her lips

Manik : Ssshhhh….
Move a little closer
Manik : u said na as thanks ….u will fulfill …….what I will ask….
Nandini : y….yes
Manik : will u stick by ur words ????
Nandini become more nervous : wh……what…..u …..wa….want???
Manik moves more closer enjoying her nervousness : this is not the answer of my question
Nandini : u said …..u will ask in right time
Manik : this is the right time …..tell me
Nandini : if it is affordable for me then I won’t think twice
Manik : affordable???? But said anything ….. after all I save ur life?
Nandini : ok tell me
Manik : correction not tell me ask me
Nandini : what ever
manik comes more closer that she could feel his breath

Manik : 3 wishes
Nandini : th…three
Manik whisper in her ear: first …..u …..will…..
Nandini : I……w….will….wh….what ???
Manik : u will always trust me
Nandini without waiting a sec : trust need to earn and u already did….and I do
Manik in confusion : why??? I mean u said na that it need to be earn ….then what made u trust me
Nandini :’I have many reason to trust u
Manik : like
Nandini : firstly u save me twice ……from pool and from car secondly I spend much time with u in which I was quit safe …..thirdly any other boy in ur place ask me for some rubbish thing but u ask the most precious thing plus I also saw the video in which I punched harshad ….I reacted in right way ….I mean if there would any girl in my place u try to save her ….plus u r not playboy u respect girls and care for ur friends
To give these many reason to trust and that too in 2 days is not easy
Manik was surprised because she noticed every single thing about him
Manik : u r more smart then I thought ….
Nandini with confidence : next wish

Manik : yeah ….second wish I want u to be my friend ….
Nandini : u r already my friend
Manik : no….the friend which shares happiness ,sorrow ,roam with me , cares for me and support me and most important always with me
Nandini happily : done
Manik : last wish is I want to know about the song
Nandini : which song ???
Manik : which U sang in music room
Nandini : that song ….. It is my favourite song … was written on a page which I took from my mothers room when she died
Manik : this is the same song which the girl in party sang
Nandini : there is possibility that she too sang the same song …..but this is my special song because it is one of the last memories of my mother
Manik not satisfied : yeah right

Nandini : any thing else
Manik : yeah …..this is not wish but I want to know ……..that……these many skills r God gifted or ur hardwork
Nandini : voice and gutair skills r god gifted while dancing ,painting ,cooking r a hard work …..actually when mom dad died na then I was too much shock and hurt to reduce these I start dancing and cooking to divert my attention and at night when I miss them I started sketching and none knows about it that I can do painting and fighting is just for protection
A tear rolled from her eye saying this .manik feels pain in her voice without realizing he wipe her tears and hugs her tight she too response …both remain in same condition for some time but nandini’s phone rings to make them realize the condition .they separate them selves and move toward hall .nandini picks her phone
Nandini cheerfully : hello Buddy …..what’s up ?????

Manik keenly listen to her conversation
On the other side there is forty five plus man his name is dev singhania( u can imagine as ram kapoor)
Dev : hey princess …..I am fine ..what about u…. Enjoying India
Nan: fine buddy ….every thing is good in India ….just u r missing ….miss u
Dev : owwww…. Miss u too ….u know our house is empty without u and I lose in every fight with preeti ( preeti dev singhania ) because u r not with me …. Plus u know preeti and her Saas ( dev’s mother ) r in one pair now
Nandini shocked : what ??? I mean how????
Dev : both want me to take them for shopping …..and u know na if I did this then they will chop me with their argument

Nandini laugh loudly : my buddy got scared
Manik murmur in jealousy : my buddy …..seriously
Dev makes face : don’t laugh na princess …. And save me from this grave danger
Nandini : buddy this is simple na …..u book some hotel in some other city and tell them u have meeting
Manik looks on shock

Dev : I can’t …..because my two lovely sons already Did this …..shavan ( elder son ) said he has meeting so he left last night by showing me back and ur handsome Arjun ( (younger son ) already left for India as he took admission in space
Nandini : what handsome left for India and u r telling me now ……not fair buddy
Dev bit his tongue : he ask me to zip my mouth but u know na I can’t hide any thing from u
Nandini : when he will reach India
Dev : in 15 min his flight will land
Nandini : ok buddy I will leave to receive him u go to ur office and sent parineta with them …..ok
Dev : ok bye princess … u
Nan: love u more …..bye
Nandini cuts the call
Nandini : manik how far the airport is ??
Manik : one hour
Nandini : let’s go

Manik : where ?????
Nandini : airport ……where else
Manik thinks : I want to know about handsome and he is here …..thank you God
He follows nandini
Out side s*xsena mansion
Nandini : I have texted alya that we r leaving …..give me keys of car I will drive put address in gps …
Nandini sits in driving seat and manik on passenger seat ..he puts address she drives the car in full speed

Manik : what r u doing ????? Reduce the speed I said …….drive slow
Nandini: and this is how I drive
Manik : Nandini I don’t want to die so soon …….so stop the car I will drive
Nandini : silence manik ……please just more five mins
Manik shocked : what ?????it is the way of 1 hour and u covered it in 15mins
Nandini : because today there is less traffic and not 15 mins it is exactly 13 mins and 25 sec
Nandini stops the car and manik realize they reached the airport
She steps out of car opens manik’s door and give him water bottle

Nandini : it happens with the person who sits first time with me
Manik : oh god …….plz give this girl some brains else she will end up in a big accident
Nandini: manik we r safe and now plz come out of the car ……my handsome must be waiting …..lets go give him a big surprise ….I look handsome even in shocked face
Manik : I have doubt that u r a normal human na
Nandini : acha come out na ….


Credit to: Moazama sohail

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